Happy Sugar Life Episode 1: Madness Returns to The Yuri Nation

We have already delved into the dark world this year with Magical Girl Site and to an extent Lostorage WIXOSS (WIXOSS 2). Now those brave enough to join me down the path to the realm of chaos once more are free to do so. As for the “EWWW! Yandere Lolicon Yuri” crowd, allow me to be blunt. I’m not concerned with your complaints. You know this show isn’t for you so don’t waste my time ranting about it.

Also, as always, no manga spoilers.

Dark Love.jpg

We kick things off with a flash forward of our heroines witnessing a hellish scene as our yandere heroine narrates about her journey through the madness and having found love at long last before seemingly plunging downwards to a fiery grave, though let’s not jump the gun just yet. Let’s find out how they got to this point.

Shoko hugging Sato.jpg

Shoko hugging Satou.

Our story began with Satou shutting down a guy’s confession telling him she already had someone. As soon as she left we immediately found out the guy was trash…along with every other guy she cavorted with. Her friend Shoko was also shocked when she found out she had someone.

Sato and Shio.jpg

Satou and Shio.

After finishing her job at a bear maid cafe for the day she went home to meet her beloved, a cute little girl named Shio.

Satou and Shio saying their vows

Satou and Shio saying their vows.

A brief moment of sweetness followed as Satou thought about working to afford a living for the two.

Vindictive Manager and pretty boy.jpg

Vindictive manager and pretty boy.

Apparently Satou stopped working at the maid cafe and move on to another one. Probably because it paid more. Anyway there was a pretty boy who liked her there and confessed. She rejected him the same way. The manager didn’t like the attention she was getting so she did something to the boy and forced her to work overtime for the next couple of days. Heck one of her coworkers was an accomplice.

Satou feeling her sanity breaking.jpg

Satou’s sanity meter breaking.

Day after day she came home late and the less time she got to spend with her little love the closer she came to losing her sanity.

Manager's jealousy slipping through.jpg

The bitter truth.

Payday had arrived. To the surprise of no one Satou got far less pay than her hours accounted for. The manager let out her jealousy. Satou had an “Are you serious right now?” expression all the while. However, when the manager said she did it “in the name of love”…

Satou's Doomsday Lecture.jpg

The Doomsday Lecture.

Satou remembered something from her past and unleashed her signature technique on the manager. This is what I like to call (While I read the manga before I stopped due to translations taking too long), the “Doomsday Lecture”, where Satou would call out the enemy for their wrongdoings by revealing every single detail in their face and the way she did it would make even Batman poop his pants. Remember that little “something” I mentioned earlier?…Yeah.

Oh and should the enemy provoke her…

Yandere Satou.jpg

Don’t do it. Seriously. Don’t provoke her.

She won’t kill you if she doesn’t need to…but she will ruin you and lecture you on how her love is greater than yours.

Satou's sanity restored.jpg

Satou’s sanity meter is refilled.

Satou's crime.jpg

Satou’s crime.

The reason behind her having to work is revealed, this ain’t their house…

And so begins the twisted tale of a pretty girl who escaped hell and brought forth chaos before finding the happiness she had long sought after and what she’s willing to do to protect this Happy Sugar Life with the one she loves.


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40 Responses to Happy Sugar Life Episode 1: Madness Returns to The Yuri Nation

  1. Platon says:

    Watched the episode, can´t say I enjoyed it, but it got me interested, not talking about the yuri part there. The mood switches between sanity and the obvious psychopathic behaviour are done better than manga, for me. That is most likely the reason I´ll keep watching, the lolicon love is nothing to complain about in this show. When you watch anime like this, you expect disturbing images and something what western culture has a big issue with to air. In anime/manga you can´t be really suprised to see or read something like that.

    Spoiler Alert !!! I liked the way how the wiixoss series ended, if they are not going to continue and I did not expect positive ending.

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  2. KZO says:

    I really liked the foreshadowing with the TV having already programmed channels they can’t afford to pay now. It’s the little details what make a show good.

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  3. Reapy_s0ul says:

    I love the manga a lot (I’m at chapter 37 rn), but I might hold off on the anime, mostly because I know what happens along the way and I don’t really want to relive it, the only way for me is forward regarding Happy Sugar Life, I’ll probably still check the weekly posts on it tho.

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  4. Dreamleaf says:

    Just got caught up in the manga. As absolutely twisted as this story gets it definitely is a fascinating one and very unique. Despite the fact that most people will probably be watching this for the yuri/loli aspects I think the psychological aspect also gets rather interesting.

    Kind of funny for me going from the wonderful feel good fluff that was Yuru Camp down the rabbit hole that is Happy Sugar Life.

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  5. cirno9fan says:

    Zero disappointments, even though i read this part of the manga, it was still every bit as amazing,and I got every bit as much “this is going to end terribly” feelings

    ;_; this is going to be a tough watch…
    They casted everyone so well so far, really look forward to more!

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  6. tbiscut74 says:

    As someone who has watched his fair share of Yanderes, I know that they are indeed a scary bunch! Love this already! Looking forward to more!

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  7. Mauron says:

    I was worried about the loli aspect going in, but I refused to skip a show that explicitly calls itself yuri, and I’m glad I followed that policy.

    The whole yandere murderer/kidnapper aspect is interesting, and the whole “I’m a better crazy person than you” bit was an interesting watch, both in the serious dialogue and the crazy undertones.

    I went in wondering how long I’d be able to put up with it, and instead I’m probably going to pick up the manga after the anime ends. This was the best first episode of an anime I’ve seen this season.

    Episode 2 when? Oh right, Friday.

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  8. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    Somehow I have an idea how they got where they are in the first scene since I read the manga but of course, no spoilers 😛

    I really like how misleading the OP and ED tracks are LOL. They make it sound/look like its a cute and relaxing show. Anyway, I think Satou’s just hungry for some real and authentic love. After seeing the brief flashbacks it seems she didn’t receive any of that since she was a kid so she ended up empty. She can probably sense lies behind those “I love you”s she got from other guys since she had nothing but such things when she was a child. So when she met Shio-chan then I guess she felt the sincerity in her. She’s only a child, who btw is pure and yet to have any dark side. And of course, Satou likes the feeling so obviously she’d protect what she has with Shio-chan no matter what…and I mean no matter what. I understand her indifference with other people’s business since there’s already something more important for her than the safety and welfare of other people. As long as it doesn’t get in her way and her plans with Shio-chan like earning money for necessities and future purposes; however the moment it does…well good luck to whoever that person is LOL. And with that being said, I guess her love is greater because she goes yandere mode if you mess with her.

    I like her yandere side 😛 Also, I don’t blame Satou though, who wouldn’t want to come home to such cuteness overload which is Shio-chan 😀
    Oh man. I hope BOTH Satou and Shio-chan live at least later in the end.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yup. No spoilers around here please.

      Precisely why the story is interesting. It is much more than ” yandere lolicon yuri”. So much more. Heck she’s not even a lolicon when you think about it. The person she just so happened to fall in love with is a child, not because she’s a kid but a pure human being, as you said.

      Yandere Satou is AWESOME! Looking forward to seeing what other crazy people she’ll face next.

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  9. Giack31 says:

    Here we go. This is sure going to be quite the ride. This first episode definitely set the expectation for this series.
    Also it’s curious that they seem to have spoiled the ending but we’ll see.

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  10. LuzeriP says:

    I don’t read the manga, and maybe never will but the first episode was so good. This is going to be an interesting show, I can’t imagine what would happen to them. Also the wedding ceremony was so cute.

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  11. chikorita157 says:

    After looking at the first episode, it’s definitely something. Satou is cute, but she is definitely crazy and a yandere given her obsession over Shio and murdering the neighbor and cleaning her tracks. It makes me wonder why she keeps working at the same maid cafe even if the workplace is hostile. Still, it’s nice to see her curb stomp the manager and calling out on her, well you know. Shouldn’t have unpaid her and forced overtime work on her.

    Still, have to admit that Shio is adorable though. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yandere Satou is deliciously terrifying and Shio’s an adorable marshmallow filled with pure joy. As disturbing as it sounds I’m rooting for Satou to protect the small bit of bliss she has with her little love.

      The manager was scarred for life. That’ll teach her to mess with her employees, especially ones not afraid to fight back. As I said in the episode it was most likely because the second cafe paid more than the cosplay one, hence why she put up with the unfairness, for the big payday.

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  12. Nick says:

    That was… pretty twisted. I was kinda expecting a more yandere slasher type show with a little more blood but this works too. I’m picking up strong psychological vibes too, which is nice because those shows can be an interesting watch if done correctly. Overall though this premiere was a tense watch as I honestly really didn’t know what to expect from Satou and how far she’s willing to go to protect her happy sugar life. I’m looking forward to more insanity as things progress.

    Also, bonus points for Kana Hanazawa doing a great job on Satou’s voice. I’m sure as things progress we’ll get to hear her show why she’s such a talented voice actress. She’s doing a fantastic job so far.

    Oh and the whole loli aspect of the show didn’t really bother me. I know it’s a turn off for some, I mean I don’t blame you not wanting to get involved with lolis, but so far this is well in my tolerance of loli shows. It’s just when the lolis get lewd do I bail out, that’s where it gets dangerous.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Oh yes. This one is more psychological than psychotic but worry not. Best believe one of these fools will eventually push our delightfully creepy heroine over the edge and when that happens…

      She is a legend in the industry for a reason.

      I don’t think they’ll go the lewd route with Shio.

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  13. OtakuGamerGirlT says:

    This was an amazing first episode! The animation, the voice acting, the direction; I just loved everything about it! It’s following the manga well too, but I agree that the psychological aspect may be better done in the anime. That’s saying something because the manga was already intense and made me intrigued. The sheer insanity of this story coupled with the bubble of moe yuri sweetness is what got me interested and so I’m excited to see it all unravel in animation. I also stopped reading at a point due to slow translations, so eventually even I will not know what to expect and that is going to be a fun time. Definitely a strong contender for AotS already and definitely the best premiere so far this season and maybe all year.

    Also, for those a bit uncertain, don’t worry. Satou won’t go overboard with Shio. For any others however…all bets are off.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Like Citrus I’m certain the anime will do the manga justice.

      Same here. Looking forward to more.

      Of that I have no doubt. Like Shio herself Satou’s love for her is pure. I’m looking forward to what she does when an enemy pushes her over the limit.

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  14. jenetic6 says:

    Not a fan of violence or lolicon so I hated the premise but still ended up reading the manga anyway. It’s very much like School Live or Higurashi in that it’s not what it seems like at first and really surprised me with its depth. Add on an adorably pure but mysterious yuri ship front and center and I’m totally sold.

    Being one of my favorite series’ ever now, so you can bet I watched this just about as soon as Amazon video posted it. It ended up being even better than I expected, this seems like one of those series that translates incredibly well to full motion and color. Looks like this is the very first production from this animation studio (Ezo’la) but that’s all the info I could find on them, pretty impressive if so.


  15. x says:

    With the first episode done, all i can say is that it will only get darker.

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  16. automaticimperfection says:

    I”ve been reading the manga, I was very curious about how they would take it into anime. I have to say the seiyuus are on point, the “sound effects” for Sato lsoing it/feeling a bitter taste are pretty neat and overall, I dig it, I think they will keep it as dark and twisted as it has been so far, I also wonder why yandere girls favor pink hair and eyes? I like her cos, she’s not so maniac to kill EVERYONE right there and then, she makes them wish they wouldn’t had mess with her, that’s for sure hehe.


    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Not reading the manga but you know that by now.

      Probably because pink is a harmless color to hide a girl’s hidden dark side.

      Liked by 2 people

      • automaticimperfection says:

        Yes I know, but as a manga reader it’s awesome to see a good adaptation, hell, I think the whole vibe it’s even better in anime, so I am sure this well be welcomed, by people who like that kind of thing.

        Hmm I like your theory on the color pink, thank you.


  17. Liddo-kun says:

    Better than what I expected. This episode would shut up people who say “they are just good friends”. Satou-chan will really do anything for her love..

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  18. ArcaJ says:

    So, it’s Crazy Loli Yuri time!

    The manga tied me up in knots. (The translation’s caught up if you’re still interested) One of my favorite scenes was when Mitsuboshi confessed to Sato. She looked at him, like he’d just spoken Esperanto. That is the essence of Sato. She doesn’t get emotions, like “Love, Empathy, Kindness, Mercy.” All she knows is Shio. There is Shio, and there is everything else. God help you if you ever get between Sato and Shio.

    I like how the show mimics the manga. It starts out like high school romantic comedy. With a beloved heroine and her quirky friends. Until it isn’t.

    I loved how, towards the end of the episode, Sato was going dark,dark,dark,DARK, DARK, DCEU!!!!!!
    Then she sees Shio, and it’s Happy Happy Joy time again.

    So, yeah. It’s weird. It’s twisted and disturbing. The fact that Sato seems to have imprinted on a little girl (squick!) is evened out since she doesn’t (seem) to have any physical expectations of her.

    Believe it or not, Sato and Shio’s relationship may be the most healthy one in the series. (let that sink in.)

    Why can’t we just have Girl Friends?

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Kinda surprised you’d pick this one up but then I remembered you sometimes check out Moepocalypse shows…sometimes. It’s going to be another enjoyable one. I can tell without having read much of the manga.

      Liked by 1 person

  19. yurimylove says:

    well, next time my boss underpays me, I know who to call 😀


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