The Waters Above: Prelude Trailer

Consider this upcoming free prequel chapter a warmup for when the main game launches sometime after Heart in the Woods is released.

The Waters Above CG

For readers who are not aware this is the second title announced when Studio Élan introduced themselves to the world. To whet fans’ appetites for The Waters Above an upcoming free prequel game is in the works covering chapters that will set up the main story and be available to download soon. Till then check out this trailer.

Update: We have a release date. June 27th.

Plot Summary:

A giant dome called the Vault of Heaven covers the earth, separating it from the vast ocean of the heavens. In this world, sea nymphs care for the stars in the sky, dedicating their lives to it. However, magic is fading, the stars are dying, and no one knows why. No one even speaks of it, carrying on like they have for tens of thousands of years, as if nothing has changed. In these circumstances, three sea nymphs and the living embodiment of a star struggle to find meaning in their lives and their fading world.

“The Waters Above: Prelude” is a free prequel to the upcoming kinetic yuri novel, “The Waters Above” presenting four short episodes each starring a main character from the game. Maera: A young and well-respected starkeeper. Clio: Maera’s girlfriend and the head of maintenance for the Celestial authority. Iris: The assistant archivist and researcher trying desperately to save the stars. Apple: The star in Maera’s care, and the first in ten thousand years to have a human form.


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