Hugtto! PreCure Episode 19: Fashion Rangers

This episode turned out to be much, MUCH better than I thought…though really I shouldn’t be surprised considering how great this installment of PreCure has been so far.

Emiru doubts walking the runway.jpg

Henri returns. Trust me. He’s definitely reformed since last we saw him.

As we recall from the last episode Henri took great notice of 2GB (2 Girl Band), aka EmiRuru’s singing. So much so he dropped by the Command Center to invite them to take part in an upcoming fashion show. Emiru did what she did best and imagined a hilariously over the top simulation of how the runway could be really dangerous capped off by Ruru’s lack of comprehension of the simulation. Even so Emiru still had doubts about whether she had what it took to participate. Ruru was all like “It’s cool little babe. I’ve got your back”. Then the unthinkable happened…

Lulu-Ruru cheering on Emiru.jpg

“Hurray! Hurray! Emiru!”

I lost it. I freakin’ lost it when Ruru did the signature cheer. Ruru’s top 3 best female characters of 2018. No one can tell me otherwise.

Hana asking Henri to be part of the fashion show.jpg

Hana asking Henri to be part of the fashion show.

The next day Hana pleaded with Henri to let her be part of the show. He was like “Sure. I like your spirit so you’re in after all.” His other reason for accepting was Power Rangers related hinting he too may know of our heroines’ secret identities. He most likely does. Then a familiar nuisance showed up. Jerk Bro chastised Henri for dressing like a girl. Henri was like “So what?” Jerk Bro was like “The other guys get freaked out when you do that.” Hana was about to stand up to Jerk Bro but Henri didn’t let it bother him, annoying Jerk Bro.

Rita Yoshimi.jpg

Rita Yoshimi.

Here’s a character who showed up as a “MOTW fuel source” a couple of times and is the host of the fashion show, Rita Yoshimi. Thanks to all that’s happened to her since then she came up with the theme of the show, “Girls can be heroes too!”.

Artist Costume.jpg

Looking good ladies.

Artist Hugtan.jpg

Lethally adorable as always. I bet she’d have been a shoe-in as a guest star in Gakuen Babysitters.

Lulu-Ruru supporting Emiru.jpg

Wait for her to grow older Ruru. Once she’s reached that age you two can get more…intimate.

On the day of the show Emiru still had doubts but again Ruru assured her she’d be there for her, giving Emiru great comfort.

Emiru's brother getting in her way.jpg

Jerk Bro getting in Emiru’s way.

Unfortunately Jerk Bro noticed her fawning over Ruru the day prior and learned of the show. He again shoved his dated misogyny down their throats saying girls can’t be heroes but instead are to be protected by big strong men. Ruru was about to oppose him again but remembered Pupple’s harsh words from their previous encounter, stunning her. Hana tried helping out too but Jerk Bro was stubborn.

Henri being cool

Henri being cool.

To be honest I was quite impressed Pretty Cure not only tackled misogyny but also freedom of expression and men with a strong feminine side in one episode. Sure it’s not as simple as was described in the episode but the fact they addressed these still ongoing issues on a kids show is awesome. Plus it fits the season’s main theme of “Girls can become anything they want to be when they grow up” from being a florist to a firefighter. Imagine if we get a firefighting episode. That would be SICK! Anyway Henri put on the dress he was wearing for the show and called out Jerk Bro for his jerkiness. He tried ridiculing Henri but he responded with “I dress however I want. Whining about it is a waste of life. #DealWithIt”, shocking Jerk Bro.

As soon as 2GB was about to wow the crowd with their awesomeness the MOTW showed up…but with a new employer. We’ll talk about that in a second.

Oshimaedaa captured Henri.jpg

To no one’s surprise the negative energy source this time was Jerk Bro. Henri got captured protecting 2GB. The Rangers did their thing but Jerk Bro’s negativity was really strong. Luckily Henri noticed the power source and somehow sensed what was bothering Jerk Bro deep down, calming him in the process. We’ll see where that goes some other time. The Rangers used the opening to save the day. Oh and there was a nice line by Cure Yell to Henri saying “Boys can be princesses too.”

Princess Cookie.jpg

This reminded me of the Adventure Time episode “Princess Cookie” that kinda tackled a similar topic about a male cookie named Cookie wanting to become a princess just like Princess Bubblegum.



After the battle the new baddie introduced herself, Gelos. And BOY WAS SHE WORTH THE WAIT. HOOO MAMA WHAT A BABE! She spouted the usual villain spiel about how love and friendship pissed her off while blessing us with her Engrish. I hope we’ll get some nice fanart of Pupple and Gelos. No need to pair them up as Pupple is already married or dating a guy, just sexy pics of the two. So hot.

Emiru and Lulu-Ruru Pose.jpg

EmiRuru…future Power Rangers perhaps?

Moving right along we joined 2GB more determined than ever to become Power Rangers. Ruru originally planned on simply supporting Emiru in her endeavor but after seeing Henri’s self-acceptance in the face of danger she was all like “So what if I’m an android? I WILL become a Power Ranger together with my little babe.” There was one problem, Harry only had one morpher remaining. Hugtan didn’t seem worried.

Like I said this was a surprisingly great episode. Be sure to come back next time as there may be something extra special awaiting us…oh yes indeed.

PS: Yes I’ll stick with Ruru from now on because of a certain fan convincing me and the show pretty much spelling out her name as Ruru in a previous episode. Lastly when one stops to think about it Ruru makes more sense than Lulu. You know, “Rule”.

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8 Responses to Hugtto! PreCure Episode 19: Fashion Rangers

  1. cirno9fan says:

    It was amazing amazingness indeed~

    Toei have really touched upon some interesting things, and what they did with henri was really surprising, not to mention what they might do with Emiru’s brother.

    And the way they’ve handled Emiru AND Ruru is just amazing. obviously I haven’t seen all the precures, but I keep on hearing from people that have, that Ruru’s been the best example of a villain turn the series has done. And I believe it. This is one of the best handlings of a villain turn period. An android becoming “human” as well.

    Was amusing to see that fashion lady be so reoccurring XD So far this show has also really done a good job with keeping MotWs as something important, even though it might have seemed not so.

    The new villain is quite fun indeed.

    SO MUCH HYPE for the next episode!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Very cool how they tackled those real and ongoing subjects. Henri made a nice rebound because of it. We’ll have to wait and see what Jerk Bro’s deal is. If it IS what some of us think it is then that would be quite the development.

      Ruru’s arc is definitely one of the best in the franchise.

      EmiRuru is love. Nuff said.

      My body is ready for the next episode, so ready for it.


  2. Cytrus says:

    I don’t watch Precure, but the “boys can be princesses too” thing sure blew up on Japanese twitter. Not sure what it is about the magical girls genre that makes it seems like it should be all about playing it safe while in fact it consistently challenges its own and social/cultural boundaries.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Giack31 says:

    This was a great episode.

    When Henri was first introduced I though he was going to be an annoying love interest for Homare but he’s actually a really cool character.

    I love Emiru and Lulu’s relationship so much. The cheering scene was an unexpected delight.

    The new villains is cool but I don’t like Engrish (even though her pronunciation is actually pretty good)

    At first when they said that only one of them could become a Precure i thought they could do some kind of Dragon Ball like fusion. From the preview it looks like they will both be able to and they look AMAZING!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I think this may be my favourite episode the series so far…so many things done right! All I can I can say is just…yes! Yes to all of it! A perfect mix of cuteness, comedy, serious drama, cool fight, all the right messages that tie back to the show’s theme, more great bonus messages on top of that (like “Boys can be princesses too!”), and just…yes.

    Jerk Brother was annoying me supremely at the start, and as he came to “pick up” Emiru/drag her back, but then after the fight, it actually managed to show sympathetic qualities in him too! What is this? The Anti-MahoSite show? (Well, basically, yes.)

    Previous side-characters get their time to shine, yet don’t got the limelight too much either, and we get so much more of the JUSTICE that is EmiRuru. And next episode! Be still, my heart.

    Also, indeed, Ruru is amazing. She may already in fact be in my “top 3 characters voiced by Yukari Tamura” list…and trust me, that list isn’t easy to get on, since Nanoha is at #1 and unlikely to ever change. And Emiru is amazing too! Aaa.

    …This episode may have slightly made me ship Henri and Jerk Brother as well, though…maybe the “dream” Jerk Brother saw might be interesting in “that” kind of way, and maybe his misogyny is due to certain parts of himself he hasn’t yet accepted (but hopefully will after this episode, perhaps…)

    Gelos, on the other hand, didn’t interest me this episode much yet at least. She doesn’t have Pupple’s flair just yet, or Ruru’s awesome summoning moves, or any such. But we’ll see. Judging by the way the show has portrayed its antagonists so far, she might turn out interesting too, most likely.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Most of what I said to cirno9fan can be said here. So much win this arc has been and the main event is upon us. So ready for it!

      I just want hot Gelos and Pupple pics right now.

      Liked by 1 person

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