Comic Girls Episode 8: Veteran Inexperience

We got a sweet treat this episode

KAOS depressed again.jpg

Along with more depressed KAOS.

There are two kinds of Sad KAOS on the show. First is the funny kind where her pessimism is presented in an amusing manner. Then there is the legitimately sad kind where most viewers, especially women, want to traverse their screens and give KAOS a BIIIIIIG HUG! This episode featured the latter Sad KAOS. Not only was her latest draft rejected once more by her editor Mayu but her manga didn’t have a single fan. Her mom didn’t count unfortunately.

Ruki comforting KAOS.jpg

Ruki doing what many women wanted to do.

Wanting to get bonus points after the events of the last episode Ruki was the first to comfort KAOS in her time of need. To add to the comfort the girls openly admitted that their minds are just as naughty as hers. This helped cheer our adorable lead up. They all told KAOS to never give up, never surrender!

Later that day the girls were all worried about KAOS and couldn’t concentrate on their manga nor their upcoming exams. Koyume was trying to focus on her work so KAOS suggested the two talk about it to lighten up the mood.

No explanation needed regarding what was on Koyume’s mind while drawing her manga. The two agreed they needed help with their studies and headed to the other room. When Ruki told Koyume the top two reasons she couldn’t focus on her studies KAOS and Koyume responded with the following.

Ahhh. To be a young sexy lesbian in love.

Matron to the rescue again!.jpg

Matron and NYAOS to the rescue!

Luckily the Matron was there to help lighten the mood once again. When Tsubasa didn’t feel like studying either she showed the girls a secret technique to help memorize difficult terms and names.

Pose Memorization.jpg

Of course Koyume was the only one to follow Tsubasa.

Flash forward a bit and Koyume tried applying Tsubasa’s technique during exams but she had the same old thing in mind. Hopefully she did well.

Meanwhile Miss Nijino had her own personal struggles being a teacher and fan of Tsubasa’s work.

Miss Nijino enthralled by Taubasa's drawing.jpg

Miss Nijino enthralled by Tsubasa’s drawing.

Suffice to say she felt ashamed but ultimately couldn’t hold back her fangirling throughout the episode.

Sexy Nijino.jpg

Looking good Miss Nijino.

On the evening before exams Miss Nijino called Matron Ririka to air her embarrassment leading to the latter inviting her out for drinks after exams. She would invite someone else. Someone familiar.

Editor Mayu moping.jpg

Editor Mayu moping.

At the bar Editor Mayu was the first to get drunk and aired her grievances about KAOS and herself. She felt horrible for constantly criticizing KAOS’ work but at the same time couldn’t sugarcoat the fact that KAOS’ manga weren’t very good.

Young Matron, Nijino and Editor Mayu.jpg

Matron Ririka, Miss Nijino and Editor Mayu in high school.

To lighten up the mood the Matron Ririka brought up their old high school manga they drew to reminisce about how “lame” their manga was back then. We learned that besides Matron Ririka being a retired Yuri mangaka Miss Nijino was a retired Yaoi mangaka and…Editor Mayu’s art style was similar to a certain #SpiritAnimal’s. She then invited the two to the dormitory.

Miss Nijino pinky swear.jpg

Drunken Yuri pinky swear.

At the dorms the two hotties couldn’t contain their urge for the booze, leading to a drunk Miss Nijino pinky swearing that should she not get married Matron would take care of her for the rest of their lives. Surprised but willing Matron Ririka accepted despite a jelly drunk editor warning Miss Nijino to not joke about that with the Matron.

After some fun scenes about Miss Nijino’s baby smooth face without makeup and her fangirling over Winged-V we got back to Editor Mayu still worried about KAOS. She went to her room so she could make sure she’s focusing on her manga and not slacking off watching anime as usual.

First of all Editor Mayu was right. Second magical girls are “usually” gay. Unfortunately some of them are straight and as we all know there are VERY FEW magical girl shows with good het romance subplots. VERY FEW.

Koyume and KAOS eating their worries away

Anyway Editor Mayu saw KAOS resisting the urge to relish the magical yuri goodness to focus on her manga, as much as it hurt her.

Wracked with guilt over her harshness and not wanting KAOS to give up on her dream like she (kinda) did Editor Mayu sent words of encouragement…in her own way. Like LuzeriP I too am not a fan of tough love but when it’s effective be sure not to overdo it.

Good episode.

Oh and there was also something about the dormitory closing down soon. We’ll see where that goes.


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20 Responses to Comic Girls Episode 8: Veteran Inexperience

  1. Jack Cactus says:

    Someone please protecc KAOS-sensei, she’s too frail and precious for this world (I’d trade the cure for my depression for her sake 🙂 ). And I can totally feel her agony, putting your hard work into something only to feel completely inferior to your kin, feelsbadman.

    With all the might of God, please give me an episode dedicated to Mayu and Nijino-sensei, that scene in the eyewear store clearly gave us something worth while and having Minami Tsuda playing her THIRD gay character in the Yuriverse 2018 is absolutely amazing.

    Also, I think I’m the only one that prefers Fuura-senpai with her eyes glowing bright red, looks more…….exquisite that way 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  2. chikorita157 says:

    Definitely sad to see Kaoruko this depressed. Yes, she cries a lot in the manga, but this is a big downer. Thankfully, Mayu isn’t as mean as I thought and she seems to want Kaoruko to succeed.

    Nice to see more Koyume and Tsubasa moments. Liked how her characters are based off Tsubasa. Also, it’s not surprising that Nijino is a Yaoi fangirl.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Tough love isn’t a preferred method of support but it seems to be Mayu’s way of showing she cares.

      Koyume wants Tsubasa BAAAAD! Miss Nijino being a Yaoi fangirl is cool.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Mauron says:

    Ruki pervingly and lovingly cheers up Kaos. At least, I’m assuming the former is true.

    Is this a pen? No, it’s Koyume’s self insert.

    Nyaos-beret remains awesome.

    I wonder how long the dorm has left. It was next year in the first episode. Time for everyone to become idol manga artists and save their dorm?

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Alexis says:

    Ahora todo calza, entiendo por qué Ririka estaba tan entusiasmada con la idea de que Koyume salga con Tsubasa: es una de las nuestras, es por eso que le entusiasmó la idea de cuidar a Nijino-sensei, esto abre la posibilidad de que tengan una futura vida marital. El estilo de dibujo de Ririka era bueno.

    No lo había comentado pero mi personaje favorito es Fuura-sensei, aunque eventualmente es terrorífica, es una buena chica, me gusta cuando rodea con sus esqueletos a Kaos.

    Por cierto ¿por qué llama animal espiritual (#SpiritAnimal’s) a Kaos?
    Kaos es un Interesante personaje… estoy de acuerdo con su gusto por las mujeres mayores, pero no estoy de acuerdo en que se deprima fácilmente, pero me gusta su fijación por personajes que se parecen a Ruki y también me gusta Ruki.


    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Si. Esto episodio confirmo que Ririka es Yurista.

      Buena eleccion de chica favorita.

      Tiene que entender una persona como KAOS. Hay personas en este mundo que tambien se depiman como ella. No es bueno juzgar.


  5. tbiscut74 says:

    Another Amazing Episode! Of course Ruki-Chan would be the first to comfort her bae! And that “dead eye” comment was funny!

    Its okay Koyume, i never study for my tests, and i still got good grades. And that this is a pen scene was amazin.

    Nyaos-SAMA Saves the Day Again!

    Fuura-senpai was only in one scene and it was Amazing!

    And I Want to Hug Kaos-senpai ALL The Time, not just when she’s sad. SHE’S So Cuddly!

    Liked by 3 people

  6. Still more of all the good stuff! This is good.

    Koyume’s idea of what smart English sounds like makes me collapse in laughter. Also, she’s absolutely and clearly not inserting herself and Tsubasa into her manga. At all. Clearly.

    That memorizing technique through posing is certainly…interesting. Apparently useless if you’re doing learning it with your crush, however. Pretty sure she also failed her exams and had to do re-take exams, I think it was briefly stated there.

    Huh, so the older generation were all that kinds of manga artists. Interesting. Also, now I ship all 3 of them in an OT3, because it just seems to work, considering the eyewear store scene earlier, and now also the pinky swear.

    Nuu, sad KAOS-sensei is bad! But it’s good that her editor honestly wants her to succeed, and is just making sure her manga is good enough before she allows the public to see it as a published version.

    Nyaos-sensei again partly steals the show, and Fuura is again brilliant. Even (drunk) adults are affected by her presence.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Koyume’s just focused on her work. That’s all. Nothing more than that.


      I knew you’d go OT3.

      Let’s continue cheering on KAOS. KAOS-Sensei FIGHTO! Yup. Editor Mayu does care.

      NYAOS plushie WHEN!?

      Fuura is always amazing.

      Liked by 2 people

  7. yurimylove says:

    apparently, donuts are the source of power to manga artists and anime creators alike…

    Liked by 2 people

  8. ArcaJ says:

    “Young” Nijino-sensei could totally pass as a Tsubasa fangirl. (DO IT!)Matron is once again the best parental figure in the show. Editor Mayu seems to have fallen under Kaos-sensei’s spell. Could you even imagine? She certainly will have her fill of being scolded. ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Oh yes.

      Matron Ririka is a role model.

      It is possible. Ramp up her mature rating and Editor Mayu could be another one of the women who arouses KAOS with her scoldings.


  9. Is Kaos-chan really going to succeed at the end? Time and again, her countless mangas are rejected. At this point, it’s unlikely that even one manga of hers will be approved.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Giack31 says:

    Great episode as always.
    It was cool to see their past and especially how mayu feels about KAOS. During the scene when she goes to see KAOS in her room I wanted to hug KAOS so bad.

    Liked by 1 person

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