Tower of Five Hearts Now Available for Purchase

Tower of Five Hearts Leads.jpg

Friendly reminder that Tsukiware‘s animal eared 18+ Yuri VN Tower of Five Hearts is now available for purchase at Mangagamer.

Tower of Five Hearts Plot Summary

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8 Responses to Tower of Five Hearts Now Available for Purchase

  1. qorl says:

    The protagonist is really gay, I like it so far. Relatively cheap too.


  2. Princess marrying an animal girl sounds much cooler than the royal wedding.

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  3. Wanderer says:

    Just started playing this. It strikes me that, considering that all of the maids were expecting to be serving a prince rather than a princess, it’s astonishing just how gay they all are.

    …Not that I’m complaining.

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    • Wanderer says:

      One of the endings (the one I chose first) is bugged for me. When I try to choose Kiri (the foxgirl) at the end, the screen fades to black and the credits come up as soon as Marie says she has something to talk to Kiri about. That’s cleraly NOT the end: whether good or bad, each other choice has a result of you trying to choose someone. And if you set the dialogue to skip, you can see more lines going by, even as the screen is fading to black.



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