Hugtto! PreCure Episodes 6-16 Lightning Round

Felt like catching up with Hugtto! PreCure finally so I figured why not give my brief thoughts on episodes 6-16 just for kicks. This post will contain LOTS OF CLIFF NOTES up until episode 16.


First up is episode 6. Hana wanted to take Saaya and Homare on a “date”. We’re introduced to Hana’s Dad and his job as the manager of the Hug Man Home Center. So yeah, not an actual date but they had a fun time regardless.


We also learned Saaya likes tools.


This episode also introduced Charaleet’s (The blonde guy from the first five episodes) replacement as the troublemaker for the Power Rangers.

Solid episode overall.


veggie girl.png

This was a Saaya episode. We learned last time that Saaya was the poster girl of a cute Veggie Girl commercial.


Turns out she’s the daughter of a famous actor Reira Yakushiji. Saaya’s obstacle was, put simply, lacking confidence in public, affecting her line delivery and memorization. Luckily her brahs were there to help her out. She didn’t get the part due to improvising but she got a much appreciated confidence boost.

Ranze and Saaya.png

Oh and Saaya had a one-sided rival in Ranze Ichijou. She’s the classic tsundere ojou-sama who pesters (one of) the lead to get their attention. Here Ranze is the 2nd best and is constantly competing with Saaya to beat her. However, deep down she respects Saaya and wants to beat her at the top of her game.

Lulu inside her space ship.jpg

This episode was notable for being Lulu’s debut on the battlefield where she channeled her inner Dr Eggman while observing and analyzing the battle assisting the “Monster of the Week” inside her old-school UFO. She also has the best monster summoning dance/ritual/pose thing of the Dark Corporation.



Normally one would brush this off as a “Oh no! One of the Rangers may leave to go abroad!” episode and it kinda was but more importantly it was a Homare episode. Long story short some guy Homare knew wanted her to come with him to Moscow so she could receive proper training for her ice skating. Thanks to her friends’ encouragement Homare was able to show and tell the guy she was doing just fine where she was and also overcame her fear and self-doubt once and for all.

Mystery Man.jpg

We were also introduced to a mystery man Hana runs into every now and then. Wonder who he could be? Speaking of Hana it seemed as though her usual “cheering” wasn’t enough to help Homare. This would be followed up on after the next episode.



Episode 9 featured arguably the best side-character of this season of PreCure, Emiru. She’s in the same class as Hana’s imouto and her thing is wanting to keep everyone safe from danger. She is both well-spoken and took her duty of protecting everyone VERY SERIOUSLY. A bit TOO seriously. This caused everyone to not resent her but talk less with her.


After some shenanigans involving music and monkeys Hana, Hugtan and Emiru fell in a deep hole. Emirun admitted to going overboard with protecting everyone buy Hana knew how hard she worked at it and called her a hidden hero. Emirun was so thankful for the acknowledgement she saved the day by revealing she’s a great singer, something she was nervous about before the “monkey business” came up.


The reason I’m showing Emiru watching Cure Yell in action will be brought up again in a later episode.



We now continue with the Hana thing I eluded to in episode 8. It all began with the Mirai Pad, like in previous episodes, granting our heroines costumes for the right occasion. This time it was to help at food festival. Unfortunately for Hana the Mirai Pad had different plans for her. Saaya and Homare turned into waitresses but Hana was a promoter at a takoyaki stand. Hana misinterpreted this as her being deemed less talented/capable than her brahs and it really got her down. It also had to do with her not having been bestowed with a power up Mirai Crystal yet like Saaya and Homare. Everyone tried telling her she had so many things she could do that others couldn’t (unlimited potential basically) but she’s too depressed to listen. Of course the enemy took advantage of the gloominess to make their move. Hana tried transforming but her depression drained her of her positive energy so she couldn’t. The other Rangers did their best but the monster was too strong.

hugtan's hidden power.jpg

All seemed lost when suddenly Hugtan used her hidden power to beat the monster…at a huge cost. Hugtan went into a coma…that’s hardcore for a kids show. Imagine being a young fan watching this scene and having to wait a week to find out what happens next. Dang. I’m sure some PreCure fans will bring up Pikario from last season. Here’s the difference, Pikario sucked and he’s an adolescent. Hugtan’s a baby. A magical baby but a baby nonetheless.


As if Hana didn’t feel bad before she blamed herself for what happened to Hugtan. She was so distraught she felt she was no longer worthy of being a Power Ranger and left the team.


Luckily for Hana her mom and friends helped show her all the good she’d done for everyone by being herself and giving everyone her support. She wasn’t back to being a Ranger yet but her resolve to never give up did return.


No surprise Hugtan’s coma was brief. It IS a kids show. Honestly I wouldn’t have liked her being unconscious for a long period. She’s a fun baby. So yeah the four coming together with their hearts as one was what reawakened Hugtan.


Cure Yell vs Monster Charaleet.jpg

Unfortunately that was the baddies’ cue to strike again. This however, one of them, Charaleet, was turned into an Oshimaidaa being dragged out of the deep darkness he was sentenced to for his many failures. Fortunately Hana was able to overcome whatever doubts she had left and once again join the battle as Cure Yell. This was a great fight with one of the highlights being this scene of Cure Yell catching part of broken building to protect Emiru and Kotori (Hana’s imouto).


Cure Yell’s resolve to never give up and protect everyone finally granted her her Mirai Crystal. It also transformed into the Sword of PreCure to take down Monster Charaleet. However, Cure Yell wasn’t going down that route when she heard Charaleet in great pain.

Mirai Crystal Wands.jpg

Seeing Hana choosing to qualm the darkness in his heart over destroying him the crystals turn the Cures’ weapons into classic Justice Wands complete with new special moves and a team finisher. We find out in a later episode that Charaleet is fine and found a new outlook on life.


Not much to talk about here. It’s for the most part a chill episode where our heroines had a pajama party. Of course there was the usual monster bashing and town saving. Surprisingly it was another really good fight. There were some things of note though:

Homare being called Mama.jpg

First of all Hana said her first word, “Mama” at the end of episode 11. The highlight was Homare yearning for and her reaction to being called Mama.

Harry had a flash.jpg

Harry had a “flash”. Sound familiar?

Second was Harry revealing Hugtan and him were from a world in the future. Of course the Dark Corporation took over said world. Harry’s confident from what he’s seen so far the Power Rangers will be able to change the future for the better.

Lulu's civilian clothes.jpg

Third and most importantly was Lulu’s plan to infiltrate “enemy camp” to find and analyze potential weaknesses to combat the Rangers. To do this she snuck inside Hana’s house and altered her mom’s mind in a very nice scene. I liked the music and the suspenseful mood. Hana arrived and was introduced to “the daughter of her mom’s friend”. Thus began the highly regarded Lulu Arc.


Lulu Amour.jpg

Lulu is fine.

Hana did not remember the “daughter from her mom’s friend” but happily welcomed her anyway. When they went to school it was the standard “super cool foreign student” fare with Lulu.

Lulu's strength.jpg

Best part was when a group tried asking her out and she responded by offering to “take them out”. Hana was quite impressed, possibly turned on.

Lulu and Cure Yell having a conversation.jpg

The problem that needed solving in this episode was Lulu being more social with others. Hana organized a surprise welcome party for Lulu but she thought it was a waste of time and resources. She was not insulting anyone, just thinking and responding logically. With the help of Hana’s dad she realized she needed to change the way she approached Lulu.

When Hana went looking for Lulu to talk things through she “left on an errand” but in actuality summoned the “monster of the week” to try and get the data she wanted from the Rangers through combat. However, during battle Cure Yell was calling out to her. Note that the Rangers had no idea their new friend was the one piloting the UFO. So Lulu took Cure Yell to somewhere where time seemed to be frozen. Long conversation short Hana offered Lulu to become part of her family. She didn’t quite get it but when Cure Yell said she liked her it briefly awakened what appeared to be a human side within her. Unable to concentrate afterward the Rangers finished off the monster.

Lulu sleeping next to Hana.jpg

Lulu didn’t get the data she was looking for but there was always next time.


Saaya's -not now Hana- face.jpg

Saaya’s “Not now Hana” face.

Long episode short our heroines and Lulu went to a daycare center. Saaya, always wanting to be prepared, studied up all night. However, when she saw how good Lulu was at analyzing the situation she revealed another side to her, being very competitive. So much so that she talked down Hana in a gentle yet very cold tone. It was awesome. The sad part was she didn’t show this side to Hana because she didn’t consider her a worthy opponent.

Saaya embarrassed by her competitiveness.jpg

When Homare called her out on it Saaya was embarrassed by this side of hers. Homare was all like “it’s okay to be competitive but don’t let it consume you”.

Lulu protecting the babies.jpg

When there was opening Lulu used the opportunity to resume her mission. “MOTW” showed up to cause trouble but when it was close to hurting the babies Lulu’s human side again emerged and she leapt in to protect the babies. While the monster was confused the Rangers finished it off. The day was saved and Lulu again closer to becoming more human like.

Lulu is not amused.jpg

I also need to mention two great scenes. The first was when Lulu was quickly memorizing the childcare manual Saaya brought but Hugtan slowed her down. Her reaction was priceless. Oh? You say all she did was stare? Exactly. The other scene involves Harry wanting her to jump and carry him like she did with the baby. That is all I will say.


Cure Emi-Ru.jpg

Cure Emi-Ru.

Lulu GET!.jpg


I’ll keep this episode short. Readers who share my way of thinking will come out of this episode DEMANDING a “Cure Emi-Ru and Lulu spinoff”. Put simply this is one the best episodes ever produced in the entirety of the Pretty Cure franchise. It is THAT. DAMN. GOOD! Readers will also leave the episode saying “Emiru’s brother is garbage” and “Lulu is love. Lulu if life”

Aki asking Homare to teach her.jpg

Episode 16 was about Aki wanting Homare to teach her the “way of the Homare”. Basically she wanted Homare to teach her how to skate. Yes, Homare is a professional ice skater while Aki rode roller skates. She still wanted Homare to teach her.

Aki and Junna arguing.jpg

This led to Aki and her best friend Junna getting into an argument. For viewers who forgot these two were the ones who were wrapped around the rumors of Homare being a delinquent.

Lulu and Papple-Pupple.jpg

I didn’t talk about her much in this long post but Papple/Pupple noticed Lulu acting strangely which led to her infiltrating the school to question her. Lulu pretty much said she had things under control. Papple/Pupple let her be for now.

Lulu sneaking up on Homare.jpg

After some more Aki and Junna stuff we moved on to Homare seeking Hugtan huggles. Basically she was puzzled on how to help Aki and Junna. After some Harry stuff he handed her an umbrella. Then Lulu stealthily arrived. She noticed Homare’s heart beating rapidly and took advantage of her lack of concentration to stealthily swipe her morpher, the PreHeart.

Aki and Junna captured.jpg

During the Aki and Junna stuff Papple/Pupple sensed their negative energy and used them to fuel the “MOTW”.

Schoolgirl Oshimaida.jpg

Speaking of the MOTW the fight in this episode is one of the best on the show by far. The choreography and camera work were MAGNIFICENT! A must see fight!

Lulu returning Homare's PreHeart.jpg

Lulu held on to the morpher. For those wondering why Homare was shocked when Lulu returned her morpher it was because up to that point she only knew that Hana was Power Ranger. She had just discovered Saaya and Homare were the Blue and Yellow Rangers.

Aki and Junna patch things up.jpg

Cure Etoile joined her teammates in battle and called out to Aki and Junna. Upon hearing her call the two patched things up with Junna admitting to being jealous of Homare and Aki admitting the reason she asked Homare to teach her was so she could learn how to not be a goofball. Junna said that that was what she liked most about Aki. The two held hands and held on tight even after the MOTW was defeated. Side-couple confirmed.

After the battle the Rangers confronted Lulu and were about to ask her questions when suddenly…








Lulu shot down.jpg

This was a brutal scene. Not bloody but the way Lulu was shut down…OOOOOOOF!

Papple/Pupple wasn’t happy the robo-intern disobeyed her protocol. The Rangers tried rescuing Lulu but Papple/Pupple created a whirlwind allowing her to escape with Lulu. Without watching the PV for the next episode viewers can already tell what will happen the next time the two sides meet.

So for the most part the Lulu Arc has been the standard “Android/Robot not getting ‘da hu-mahns’ but slowly becoming more like one themselves” but in her case it has been quite enjoyable. Lulu is currently the best character on the show followed by Hana and Hugtan for me. Pretty good stuff. Oh and apparently Hugtto! PreCure episode 16 was also the 700th televised episode of the Pretty Cure franchise and it’s a pretty good one.

Alright Rory. I summon thee!


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7 Responses to Hugtto! PreCure Episodes 6-16 Lightning Round

  1. Rory says:

    Hugtto! PreCure has been an amazing experience so far – a very worthy celebration of 15 years of PreCure.
    Lulu has been a real highlight for me so far. The arc that focuses on her is easily amongst the best that the entirety of the franchise has to offer. Needless to say, I am very excited to see its conclusion.
    Here’s some trivia for you: Lulu is voiced by Yukari Tamura. Yukari Tamura’s best known role is Nanoha Takamachi. Perhaps we will be seeing some ‘befriending’ in the not too distant future…

    Lulu has been stealing the show for me, but the other characters have all had some really good moments as well. Emiru is a great character, and Aki and Junna make a great couple.
    The main cast have all had great episodes dedicated to each of them as well.

    The unlikely friendship between Lulu and Emiru in episode 15 was brilliant, as too was the whole episode. Definitely up there as one of my favourites.

    What happened to Lulu in episode 16 is going to stick firmly in my mind for a long time to come. Things will work out for her in the end, though. It just seems inevitable at this point.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Robo-Nanoha FTW! And yes, Lulu’s more human than Mei-Tron ever was. Looking forward to future “befriending”.

      Emiru is a joy to watch and the side-couple is appreciated.

      Hugtto! PreCure episode 15 is a MUST WATCH for PreCure veterans and newcomers alike.

      Most likely it will. Would suck if it didn’t.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. As my first ever PreCure, I’ve quite been enjoying watching this. Can’t really put my thoughts into words well right now, but you and Rory pretty much said was needed to be said, and I agree with such wholeheartedly.

    Lulu needs to survive! And regain her memories/human-ness. Basically, I want her to get the “good” ending to the typical “villain wavering on whether they might be good after all” arc, where she joins the good side, rather than the “bad” ending, where she sacrifices herself to save the heroines.

    And she also is best character. I am not at all biased because Yukari Tamura and VA favoritism, not at all. Clearly.

    Emiru is also great, though, and I pretty much like all the characters, with the exception of Emiru’s brother. Even Pupple/Papple is at least better at her job than she initially seemed to be, and seems to be a pretty effective villain, at least.

    Definitely shipping Aki and Junna. ‘Tis clear as day they belong together.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Also good timing with this, I just caught up with Ep16 this morning myself.

      Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Welcome aboard the PreCure express lass. Hope you’ll continue enjoying the ride.

      She most likely will survive but you never know.

      Your Robo-Nanoha love is respected.

      Papple/Pupple has the sexiness factor going for her and she’s become more menacing recently. Yeah. Emiru’s sexist brother sucks.

      That they do.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Giack31 says:

    There are no words to express how much I’m enjoying the Lulu arc. It might be because I have a soft spot for nearly emotionless character that learn to be “more human” (Ami from Lupin III Part V is another great example of that kind of character).
    There are so many great scene in the last few episodes.
    The “I like you” moment (
    How she made Saya’s competitive spirit come out.
    ALL of episode 15. Seriously, what a great episode. Lulu and Emiru work so well together. The scene at Emiru’s house was particularly good. Seeing Emiru’s love for the guitar and how she made Lulu fell something through her music. How Lulu completely destroyed Emiru’s brother. One of the best part of the episode are Lulu’s facial expression ( and We also saw what was possibly foreshadowing of her becoming a precure (
    Aki and Junna are so cute together. It was cool seeing how they are the first ones that could break free almost entirely on their own (using the power of their love).
    Lulu’s scene at the end was pretty harsh but it confirmed that she is indeed a robot.
    Seeing the PV got me so exited for next episode and what will be the beginning of the end of the Lulu arc.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Lulu is awesome. No doubt about it.

      Episode 15 was magical. Puffy Lulu surely broke the PreCure side of the internet that weekend. Lulu as the Bonus Ranger would be fantastic. Odds are high it will happen but you never know. Emiru and Lulu NEED more screen time together. Let’s hope they get it.

      Yes. It hurt to watch.


      Liked by 1 person

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