Yuri Talk: The 18 “Neko” Commandments (Translated by OG)

After making a summarized Spanish to English translation of the “18 ‘Teko’ CommandmentsBaroness SethLiony, aka The Yuri Baroness, liked it and requested I do the same for the prequel videos. I accepted and here we are going backwards. This time we will be talking about the “18 ‘Neko’ Commandments”. Again these lists were done for fun and not super-dee-duper serious editorials discussing the roles of lesbian couples in anime (or cartoons) featuring or revolving around Yuri. Like the last video these are simplified, not word by word, translations of the commandments for English speakers to have a casual understanding of what was said.

Yamada and Kase-san PV Image

WARNING! Video contains spoilers for many anime featuring Yuri scenes up to Summer 2017.

We start the video with a description of a “Neko” type lesbian. In the Teko video I briefly described Nekos as “subs”. To be specific a Neko is defined as being more feminine/passive. Their defining character traits are:

  • Usually being shorter (sometimes the Neko is the tall one) than their Tachi love interests.
  • Usually have smaller hands with a gentler touch.
  • Usually have bigger (anime) eyes.
  • Are usually physically weaker than Tachis.
  • Tend to use more make up than Tachis.
  • Are usually clumsier than Tachis.
  • Usually have a high pitched voice.

Basically Nekos are like cute bunnies Tachis want to pet, squeeze and cuddle with all day long. To be specific Neko type lesbians were given that title in Japan because they are like cats: adorable, proud, clumsy, curious and mesmerizing/hypnotic. Keep in mind Neko lesbians are moe stereotypes found mostly in anime and the chances of meeting ladies in the real world that fall under the Neko archetype are slim.

Now for the commandments. Again these three videos were meant to have fun, not in-depth discussions or debates on lesbian relationships.

#1: Nekos always find ways to get themselves in trouble so that their beloved Tachis can come to their rescue. More often than not them getting into trouble is unintentional.

#2: It does not matter if Tachis do not do the same or set a time stamp of when to start doing so but Nekos are to ALWAYS have Tachis on their minds. Basically Nekos fantasize about their beloved Tachis as frequently as possible.

#3: Regardless of the Tachi’s intent Nekos are always curious about what they will do. This is like “curiosity killed the cat” where Nekos just want to see Tachi’s reactions. For example when Tachis “pounce”.

#4: No matter how far the Tachi walks away Nekos are to always lean as close as they can and feign ignorance. Basically “Awww. The Tachi’s just being shy. Let me get a little closer and help give them a boost.” Something like that.

#5: No matter how creative or intelligent Nekos are, when they are next to their Tachi love interest they will always “play dumb”. This is to make Tachis go all “This cutie is helpless without me.  MUST PROTECC!” Wow. Nekos are more devilish than I thought. Hehehe.

#6: If Tachis get annoyed when they see their beloved Nekos talking to (or rather getting close to) other girls/women they are to stop doing so lest they want to get “pounced” when the two of them are alone. Self-explanatory.

#7: When Tachis attack other girls/women who dare hit on their precious Nekos the Nekos do not say a word to criticize the Tachi/feign ignorance. Something like that.

#8: In case Nekos were themselves Tachis before meeting their Tachi love interests pretend that side of you side never existed when dating them. Mostly applies to Nekos who were adorable weapons of mass destruction themselves before meeting their beloved “tough girl”.

#9: Nekos are like children who do not know what it is they want or need. When Tachis suggest something that is “for the best” the Nekos accept it.

#10: Nekos who are mean, rude and nasty towards other people are to act holier than Mother Teresa when next to their precious Tachis.

#11: Regardless of whether Nekos are capable of defending themselves or not they relish seeing their Tachis “crushing their enemies”, thus they are to always let Tachis make the first attack and ONLY step in if necessary. The only bloodshed Warrior Nekos do not mind seeing are that of the enemy.

#12: When Tachis sneak up and whisper something sexy in Nekos’ ears, Nekos are to always blush profusely and react all flustered. Tachis love it when their words arouse Nekos in some way.

#13: When Tachis refuse to listen/pay attention to Nekos, put on a sad kitten face. Tachis suffer when their Nekos are suffering.

#14: Nekos are intially perceived as easily manipulable by Tachis and the world at large. Nekos are to take advantage of this perception to get Tachis to do whatever they want. Whether it turns out to be true or not is not important. What matters is getting the Tachi to believe that and getting her to fulfill your every desire.

#15: Being like cats Nekos are naive and when Tachis come up to them they are aroused to their core. HOWEVER, Nekos are to never show Tachis how turned on they become. The trick is to continuously be perceived being as pure as Himeko Kurusugawa.

#16: While Nekos are often on the receiving end of the loving it is okay for them to take the initiative once in a while. Tachis are usually the ones who make the first move, propose and “get first dibs of the taco”. However, deep down it is ultimately the Neko who holds all the power. For all the advances Tachis make Nekos decide whether they want a piece of the pie or not. They are the ones who can “burn it all down”.

#17: Tachis always get first dibs and Nekos like it that way. Of course Nekos are ultimately the ones who grant Tachis access to the “salad bar”. However, should the Tachi “take extreme measures” at times it is what the Neko wants subconsciously. Just make sure to, again, feign innocence.

#18: Under no circumstances are Nekos to hook up with other Nekos: According to the Baroness the simple reason is “Where’s the fun in that?”. The more complicated reason is it possibly leading to a war of wits that can be compared to that of Light Yagami and Mr L.

So what did we learn? Nekos are professional manipulators and masters of deception who hold the lives of the Tachis they love in their hands. Provided the Nekos are aware they wield such incredible power.

Share your thoughts on the video and commandments down below. Spanish speakers can drop by the Baroness’ channel and share the love there as well.

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    Nice!! haha XD!

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    Now I regret not taking spanish classes. Her channel looks awesome and get quite a good number of views. Got to start learning spanish.

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