Bloom Into You Anime Coming Fall 2018

2018 is easily one of the Yuri Nation’s biggest years to date.

Bloom Into You Anime Poster HD.jpg

For those wondering Troyca is the studio behind shows like Aldnoah Zero, Idolish 7 and a personal favorite of 2017 RE;Creators.

Check out the BiY anime website HERE.

Thank you Loli Tsubasa from Koi-Nya for informing me about this.

Why is BiY getting an anime a big deal? Long story short it is, alongside Citrus, one of the most popular Yuri Manga in the modern era. Many Nation members knew it was only a matter of time before it got an anime. The big surprise was that it would be as soon as this Fall, automatically making it the #1 hype show of that season. Release the Spyce is now the #2 hype show. For peeps who haven’t ever heard of BiY here’s a summary:

Yuu Koito has just begun her first year in high school but has still not yet responded to a middle school graduation confession by a boy who she has always liked, but whose confession did not excite her. Yuu loves shoujo manga and she knew how confessions were supposed to feel, but she didn’t feel it and she has not found a way to respond to him in months. Yuu then sees Touko Nanami, the student council president, turning down a confession very thoughtfully. Yuu later discovers that Nanami has never accepted a confession because none made her feel something. Inspired by Nanami’s honesty and their likemindedness, Yuu consults Nanami, but after helping her, Nanami confesses to Yuu!?

Get pumped.

PS: Speaking of Loli Tsubasa. Before this bombshell announcement she sent out a tweet saying the following:

Basically she hoped Jukki Hanada or Katsuhiko Takayama would be involved in the show’s production. Take a look at the staff list here and in the Moetron tweet…

Kumaria-Sama, Godoka and Demigoddess Yuzu heard her prayers.



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42 Responses to Bloom Into You Anime Coming Fall 2018

  1. gremriel2016 says:

    At my age, getting pumped may be bad for my heart, but I’ll do it anyway.

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  2. ARamdomGamer says:

    Truly the year twenty gayhteen

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  3. LuzeriP says:

    Best week ever! And it’s still Thursday. Question OG-san, your best BiY girl?

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      I don’t have one because I haven’t read the manga yet nor do I plan to. You know me. I much prefer going into anime blind. If I like what I see I may pick it up…or wait for a 2nd season should it really impress me. I’m sure it will due to it being one of the super yuri series out there alongside Kase-san.

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  4. perlen297 says:

    The most exciting thing about this has to be Jukki Hanada, who had significant role (mainly Series Composition) on many great works like K-On!, Hibike Euphonium, Steins;Gate and last season’s gem Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho!

    Also I’m quite surprised about the air date, I honestly wasn’t expecting it to air this year already. Citrus in Winter, Kase-san OVA in Summer and Bloom Into You in Fall, what a great year for yuri!

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  5. Nick says:

    Looks like 2018 really is the year for yuri anime. This one is on the watch list for sure.

    Tbh when I saw Troyca is the studio I didn’t exactly jump for joy. Out of the 4 shows they’ve done I’ve seen 2 of them and really didn’t like them. But I’m certain this one should break the streak and get me to like this studio.

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  6. Alastor says:

    I can’t believe how soon it was announced, it feels like only the other day since you told me you were waiting for an anime adaptation on Twitter. But yeah, what a year for Yuri overall.

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  7. Autumn already, and with that impressive a cast list, so we can be practically sure they’ll actually do the show justice, and it’ll have a full season?! This year truly is amazing.

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  8. Red says:


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  9. I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am with this news. A yuri community I joined in is in “rage” over this particular article as well, though I guess I’m the most excited being in there. The studio and staff seems very capable too, which is a good thing. It’s a full 24 minutes adaptation for sure, and I’m happy to see they’re investing a lot of money in this. Sora yori is one of the best 2018 anime so far so I had great faith in the scriptwriter, and Troyca animation isn’t to be taken lightly either. This year seems to be competing a lot with the last best yuri year (2009) by far. I’m truly happy being a modern yuri anime fan, and it’s airing in October too, which is very close. I’m holding a lot of expectations in this. Hope for the best. (copy pasting my message from ANN)

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  10. Mauron says:

    More yuri is always good. So is more Bloom Into You.

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  11. Zack says:

    2018 is looking to be a good year for yuri. Along with this, there’s upcoming Release The Spyce anime and the Happy Sugar Life adaptation to also look forward to. Not to mention, the Kase-san OVA and season 5 of Symphogear which will come out next year.

    Now that we’re getting a Bloom Into You anime maybe my wish for a Shinozaki-san anime will also come true. I also wouldn’t mind adaptations of A Room For Two, She Gets Girls Everyday or Vampire-chan x Junior-chan.

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  12. Slifer the sky dragon says:

    Bueno, es una buena noticia y es un buen año para el yuri con varios animes, como el 2009 o 2014-2015, espero que sea un anime semanal y no un Ova.

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  13. ApricotEarthDragon says:

    Absolutely fantastic news. I’m so hyped. Great for yuri fans, great for the genre. The fact that it’s coming at all is enough cause for celebration, but the fact that it’s coming this year is just… wow. Now if only someone can do a full series of A Kiss And A White Lily, my life will be even more complete.

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  14. Ren says:

    Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. If I’m in a more private place I would be screaming. But seeing as people would think I’m a lunatic screaming where I am now, I must settle for typing extra loudly in celebration. I always thought Bloom into You is going to get an anime, just don’t know when, but never did I expect it’s coming so soon. This is a full season anime, right? I’m hoping we’ll get the usual half-hour episodes instead of shorts. I don’t dislike Citrus, but in comparison, Bloom into You is more my cup of tea, so I’m really hoping the anime will do it justice. Can’t wait to see it aired! I am readying my wallet to purchase Blu-rays if the anime turns out to be good!

    Liked by 2 people

  15. Shinryu says:

    This is an odd one for me as I just don’t really find myself caring all that much about the manga. The more I read of it, the less I’m into it. I’m just not really excited for the anime.

    BUT, that said, I’m still happy it’s getting an anime. More quality yuri, even if I personally don’t see it as such, is a good thing. And it will definitely fit the bill for those who complained about certain elements of Citrus (I can already hear the non-yuri fan chants of “Wow, this is so much better than that piece of garbage Citrus”). So, yeah, not personally excited but still happy about the news.

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  16. tbiscut74 says:

    Im hyped for this one. been keepin up with the manga.

    As it has been said before all we need is for Murcielago to be an anime.

    Also on a personal note I got Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid 2 days ago! With Izetta the Last Witch my fantasy yuri blurays is complete for now! Life’s good.

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  17. Error says:

    And this yuri-year only the begining of YURI…

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  18. adren says:

    is this really happening is this a start where yuri anime will be more occurring

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  19. This and the YrYr OVA
    My depression is kill

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  20. yurimylove says:

    I’ve not read the manga, but any canon yuri is good yuri in my book so yay!

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  21. Excellent! Much sooner than I’d have expected too, can’t wait to see it. I’m reading the manga as well, so all the more reason to get hyped!

    Other than Kase-san (as a TV adaption), I’d probably want White Lily, After Hours and Otome no Teikoku / Maidens’ Empire next, in that order. I have no idea how successful any of those manga are in Japan though.

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