353rd G-View: Mitsuboshi Colors

Compared to my previous review of Pop Team Epic this show will be much simpler to describe. Let us talk about Mitsuboshi Colors.


Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life

Number of Episodes: 12

G-Rating: 7/10 (For some it could be an 8/10)

Plot Summary: In a certain corner of a certain park in a certain Ueno area of Tokyo exists the secret base of the “justice organization” called “Colors.” A group of three elementary school girls lead Colors, and the members of the group roam the park day and night (not exactly) to protect the peace of the park.


Colors trio's personalities

Colors from left to right: Yui, Kotoha and Sat-chan.

The show can either be seen as the story of three heroines going the extra mile to keep their beloved park, town and its visitors safe from harm…or as a show of three adorable brats fooling around causing trouble. Together they go on missions stopping evildoers from disturbing the peace, keeping their town clean, saving animals from extinction or even fighting a zombie plague…that or they are questioning the integrity of the people around them, pulling pranks on the park security officer Saito or getting their hands on illegal weapons or gadgets from the middle-aged shopkeeper Pops.

Essentially the show is a comedy meant to remind most viewers of a time in their youth where they were innocently playing around having fun without a care in the world not stressing about global crises, politics or losing their minds over the sudden rise of heavy drama yuri anime series…just to name a few examples of what people nowadays are going nuts over. Speaking of some of the best jokes of the show are when the people clearly show a grim outlook on humanity or have lost hope on all humanity. It felt so real…Anyway like Pop Team Epic the reception of the jokes and gags depend on the viewer’s sense of humor though it is easier to approach due to being more grounded than PTE. When not solving cases the girls have fun doing whatever they feel like doing or partake in fun activities such as festivals and parades.

To better explain what kind of comedy the show has in store let us briefly go over some of the characters starting with Colors:

Colors not obeying the signs

Colors investigating a “crime scene”.

First up is the leader Yui…because she is red. While Yui does have some credentials qualifying her as the team leader it initially looks like she gets dragged into trouble by her comrades. Yui is the most sensitive of the three prone to crying at least once per episode. Suffice to say I find jokes revolving around the least amusing, though there have been a few times she stood out when pushed to her limit or her inner bravery awakened. One that comes to mind is when one of the most shocking (if not THE MOST SHOCKING) plot twists of 2018 was made thanks to her clever observation. The twist changed the anime landscape forever.

Next up it Sat-chan who might as well be second in command and the one who gets the ball rolling most of the time. She mockingly laughs at most things and is a genki. I admit her trouble making has got me to laugh on several occasions. She also has a fascination with fecal matter, talking about or mentioning it in almost every episode to the point that it is acknowledged as her catchphrase or character trait.

The third member is Kotoha and my personal favorite. She is a hardcore gamer who is often seen playing on her 3DS. She is the brains of the group and has a grim outlook on life and humanity despite being as cheerful as her comrades. Every time she solves a case she uses her catchphrase “Game Clear”. It is of utmost importance viewers remember that this is her catchphrase. She also has a deep dark secret that once Yui effortlessly pointed it out all life on Earth was forever changed. It really is THAT SHOCKING of a revelation!

Pops and a safe

Colors, Officer Saito and Pops.

Noteworthy side-characters include Officer Saito and Pops. Officer Saito used to be an upstanding police officer who upheld the law with pride and dignity…however, after countless “harassment” from Colors he turned to the dark side. I felt really bad for the guy. It was clear as day that he used to be a nice guy. I know how you feel Saito…I know how you feel. Then there is Pops, the owner of the “Whale Factory” store. He is Colors’ “gadget provider” and the one who more often than not provide them with cases to solve. He is also a chill guy whose eyes are a mystery to everyone around him.

Fun fact: In every episode (sometimes even segment) Kotoha and Pops (whenever he appears) wear a different hat and pair of glasses respectively.

Nonoka's sadness

Nonoka with her token “Why is this happening to me?” expression.

Lastly we have my favorite side-character Nonoka. Like Kotoha she too has a grim outlook on humanity which in part was influenced by her off-screen teacher who often provides all too true life lessons. She is a high school student with dreams of grandeur but life always has different plans for her. There are other cool side-characters like the lovely Sat-chan’s Mom but these three are the most notable.

The animation and soundtrack are as colorful as the title so expect happiness.

As for yuri I suppose Yui can be shipped with either or both her comrades.

Overall Mitsuboshi Colors is a solid comedy show that most people can enjoy. Personally some of the jokes and segments were pretty good (the comedic timing is excellent at times) while others did not do much for me, especially ones making Yui look bad. Highly recommended to readers who want a trip down memory lane, specifically viewers who want to reminisce about their carefree childhoods, or viewers who want to see cute girls being cute pranksters and having fun. Worth watching twice or thrice.

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19 Responses to 353rd G-View: Mitsuboshi Colors

  1. cirno9fan says:

    It’s a flat 10/10 for me~
    Was just nonstop fun with so many hilarious moments, and best girl Yui was ❀

    All of the cast were fantastic…except evil Saitou πŸ˜›

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  2. Mauron says:

    Mistuboshi Colors

    Genres: Action, Adventure, Superheroes.

    The Colors.

    The Colors are a team of young girls who have banded together to defeat the attack of the Evil Overlord and his weaselly minion Saito. With superpowered transformations, aircraft, and high powered weaponry, the Colors will keep the peace in their town.

    The series features nonstop threats from the forces of evil: Zombies, deadly spore producing trees, poisoned bread, murderous zoos, and many others. Can the colors save humanity?

    Fortunately the Colors are not alone in their fight against evil. The mysterious Colonel Monochrome, the inventive Pops, and the knowledgeable Nonoka are ready to lead a hand.

    Like many action series, the romance fades into the background, but it’s not completely absent.

    Mistuboshi Colors is highly recommended for fans of high powered action.

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  3. Rin says:

    Reblogged this on RinScribble.

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  4. LuzeriP says:

    It’s 11/10 for me. It is reminds me of my childhood. In this case I was Sat-chan. Therefor my best girl is Sat-chan. Yeah she says unko a lot but she’s fun to be around. Also my best side character is Sat-chan’s mom.

    I’m gonna miss these little cute brat a lot. I hope we’ll get more of them in the future.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Hence why I said people who watched this show and reminisced about their childhoods being similar to Colors’ would enjoy this show more alongside viewers who liked seeing cute brats pulling cute pranks.

      Never say never.

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  5. tbiscut74 says:

    I really loved this show! Didn’t expect to love it as much as i did. I cant pick best girl becuase they all are best girl!

    Nonoka was my favorite side character! The whole haye fever skit was Hilarious! I both loved it and felt sorry for poor Nonoka! “Nonoka is a liar!” Poor girl cant catch a break.

    And when Sat-chan and her mother were complimenting each other with the slow zoom up to Yui’s face was fantastic! I would love a screen shot of that face!

    Also did anyone notice that towards the end Yui was getting more savage to Sat-chan’s bull-poop shenanigans? That’a girl, Yui! IE Sat-chan constantly askin how cute she is with Yui sayin no.

    Gonna miss this show. Maybe one day it could get a second season. Maybe.

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  6. I am jealous of Kotoha because my 3DS broke recently.

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  7. K says:

    Watching the Colours in action was quite a treat. Their world-saving antics kept me entertained. I wouldn’t mind if they were to come back in the future.

    Nonoka and Saito both have my sympathies. They had it rough.

    You know, remember how they were looking for a new straight man to replace Yui? Well, I think Yui’s good enough for that role. Her problem was that she felt that she had to play that role, so her delivery fell flat. When the spotlight isn’t on her, that’s when her retorts are at their strongest like her reply to Sat-chan declaring herself cute.

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  8. yurimylove says:

    Nonoka and her sister should have their own spin-off series, with colors (and Sat-chan’s hot mom) making frequent cameo appearances.

    BTW, you’re way ahead of me in the VNs. I finished part 1 of Ne no Kami, and with change of pace just finished Lonely Yuri. Am just getting ready to play part 2 and then onto St. Michaels… but then you already posted reviews for both parts of Ne no Kami AND St. Michaels. Guess you’re right back in the groove eh?

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  9. I liked it. Pretty funny and very adorable. Background and animation was amazing, though not my favorite character design (reminded me of strawberry marshmallow, a great show that was ahead of its time in the sol genre, but not the best character design imo) I’d also have to say a 7/10 . Which is surprising, as much as I love to watch the same shows as the OG, we usually never agree on a shows score. (Or characters for that matter, I’m also surprised we agreed on best girl in this show as well) Though I must say it was quite presumptuous to give a rating for OTHER people, a ridiculous thing to do, for obvious reasons. And from this short list of comments here, you can see he was quite wrong. Anyways, thx once again OG for doing the work and finding another good show for us

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