Citrus Episode 11: Silver Dilemma

The Silver Twins Chapter/Arc continues. Let’s see if business picked up this episode.

Harumin after playing with Yuzu.jpg

Well to be honest the best parts, of course, featured Our Savior who thankfully got plenty more screen time this episode.

In all honesty I don’t have much to say about this episode. Yuzu moped and puzzled some more about whether her feelings for Mei-Tron should be sisterly love or “sisterly loving”. We even got a special “drunk(ish) Yuzu” scene.

Nina the schemer.jpg

Nina the schemer.

I call her a schemer but really all she did was make sure Sara’s dream came true. Her greatest joy is her big sister’s happiness after all.

Yuzu holding Mei.jpg

We got a semi-steamy scene between our heroines.

After some more moping, puzzling and inevitable support from Sara, who still didn’t know they were both after the same half-robot babe,  Yuzu found the answer to what kind of relationship she wanted with Mei-Tron. Nina wasn’t going to make it easy though.

Mei and Sara.jpg

Sara making her move.

On Sara’s end by sheer luck she found out the truth and the episode ended with her making a bold move on Mei.

There wasn’t much reason to go into great detail discussing this episode. So yeah, not even the anime, as great as it is, could make the Silver Twins Chapter/Arc not feel like filler. The one bright side is the payoff to this arc will be worthwhile so one more episode and we’ll be rewarded. Tune in next time for the Citrus G-View and find out how I feel about the series after watching the anime.


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19 Responses to Citrus Episode 11: Silver Dilemma

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  2. Yeah…this episode was actually sort of funny with how convoluted everything got before the end, with both Sara and Yuzu unintentionally encouraging each other to go after the same person…

    Harumin is the light of hope as always.

    Yuzu tries her best but gets bested by her own confusion and plot twisties. She does gain some points though.

    Mei…doesn’t gain or lose much. Nothing very nice, but nothing so bad she loses points either ,and I can understand whee she’s coming from a little.

    Drill Hair actually gains a little, for the charm scene.

    Sara…actually gains a little, despite being the main source of problems. Mainly due to being honest on her own behalf, for encouraging Yuzu, and being almost a nice person. Almost loses a slight bit towards the end as she already knows Yuzu has stuff with Mei and goes forward with stuff anyway, but not a significant loss.

    Nina on the other hand…hit rock bottom, pretty much. As much as I can understand she’s doing stuff for the sister she loves, she’s still being hella manipulative, threatening, and almost downright evil about it to Yuzu, so big minus points.

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    • OG-Man says:

      A for effort on Yuzu’s part.

      Mei-Tron remains neutral.

      Harumin surpassed S tier long ago.

      In Sara’s defense she wants the taco as much as Yuzu does so it’s not like she’s being mean, just taking advantage of the situation. We’ll see how it ends.

      Nina playing dirty for the greater good in her eyes. Don’t let Matsuri fans fool you. She’s not worse than her.

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  3. Dante Smith says:

    UGH!! Even tho I’ve made through the manga, seeing Mei’s behavior in the anime is just SOOOO infuriating, looks like she’s trying her best to throw a colossal tantrum right now. At least we have Harumin and juice-drunk Yuzu as the silver lining.

    From what I remember, after this part things will be a-okay……for a long while until a big hurricane arrives, much like a calm before the storm.

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    • Dante Smith says:

      Also, when will the episodic review of Antarctica be published, so many yurific stuff happened.

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    • OG-Man says:

      That’s what Mei-Tron does best, make things difficult for Yuzu, thus forcing her to complicate things for herself.

      Drunk Yuzu was wonderful and Harumin remains GOD Tier.

      Won’t find out unless the storm gets animated, which I’m pretty will happen eventually. I mean a second season is practically secured, at least I think so.

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  4. Mauron says:

    Tickling? How terrible. Awful. Horrible. No good. Very bad. Day. Alexander and. Wait, I’m on a children’s book now. Still, ick, tickling. 😦

    I wonder when Drills set up the shrine visit. I’m guessing her original plans did not involve doing it with Harumin and Yuzu.

    Juice is quite dangerous to Yuzu. Watch your juice drinking habits.

    Nina and Yuzu both need to directly state their feelings to their respective love interests. It would probably go a lot better.

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  5. Nick says:

    I don’t even know how I feel about this show anymore tbh.

    I just wish Harumin got more screen time.

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  6. Dominik Cerny says:

    I like the show more then the manga, might have something to do with the very good VO, but I am always keeping the Slow start after Citrus. It is more fun and makes my day always somehow brihter.

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  7. cirno9fan says:

    I dunno how it’s “filler” to be honest. rather than Yuzu needing to find out what relationship she wants…I saw it as Yuzu trying to figure out if that’s what Mei wants. Remember that Yuzu’s experience with Mei is her doing sexual/sensual advances on people she doesn’t have those sort of feelings for at all. Mei’s been nothing but misdirecting to Yuzu. Yuzu already knew she wanted to be more than Family/Friends, in fact, that’s what she was trying to say the whole time, but she got her order of operations wrong, and that caused the scene that should have been a confession, turn into a “I like you as a family member” scene (in Mei’s eyes).

    Sara was just the one to give Yuzu confidence to go through with it. Even if they’re family. Even if they’re both girls. Sara was the reason that (hopefully) Yuzu finally stops carrying that baggage that she’s carried since the beginning.

    hoping the bds give us a better view of Yuzu and Sara in the bath >.>

    Looking forward tot he season finale! And if the BDs don’t improve that scene, is the manga better about it?

    Nina’s kind of annoying though. I get what she’s doing, but eh. It’s obvious she wants Sara bad. And I feel like Sara would reciprocate if Nina just was straightforward about it. But she lacks the courage, much like Yuzu did.

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  8. Are the Silver Twins supposed to be Americans?


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