Citrus Episode 10: The Silver Twins + OG’s Truth

So here it is. The ultimate challenge for this anime adaptation. The Silver Twins Chapter/Arc. I will also finally reveal why I lost interest in the manga years ago.

Mei giving herself to Yuzu.jpg

Sadly Our Savior didn’t get to do much this episode so this hot Mei-Tron pic giving herself to Yuzu will have to do as the appetizer for the episode. I know. I miss her too.

When we last left our troubled step-siblings in love Mei was willing to give herself to Yuzu. Deep down she also wanted it.

Yuzu can't bring herself to accept Mei's invitation.jpg

Yuzu not ready to take their relationship to the next level.

At first I thought Yuzu saw fear in Mei’s eyes/Mei forcing herself to do it that stopped her from going all the way. Later on we would find out that’s not the case. Seemingly disappointed Mei-Tron resumed her mechanical duties.

Matsuri returns.jpg

Matsuri returns.

Before people go jumping the gun a month had passed since Matsuri’s defeat so don’t think she came back to visit the very next day. Anyway she came to check up on her favorite lovebirds. When Yuzu told her they didn’t “feast on holiday mecha-gyaru salad” Matsuri used her years of experience as a naughty kitty to give her some more tips. Also she quickly detected her hidden “research material”.

Sara and Nina.jpg

Sara and Nina, the Silver Twins.

Hoo boy. Here they are, the Silver Twins…Patience folks. I’ll explain soon enough. For now I will relish Nina’s sexiness that will be taken advantage of online as much as Our Savior’s…meaning good luck finding fanart/pixiv images of either of them. So yes, Nina is the sexy giant SEMI-subtle siscon imouto and Sara is the short onee-chan who greatly believes in destiny or to be more specific fated meetings. So there was this school trip thingy and Sara met someone she’d fallen in love with at first sight. Nina didn’t care as much for obvious reasons.

Sara confidently telling Yuzu about her fated meeting.jpg

Sara confidently telling Yuzu about her fated encounter/meeting.

Yuzu overslept and was late for the group meetup so she had to take the long way to her destination. Luckily for her there was another lamb who strayed away from the herd. Together they headed towards their destination that happened to be the same location, much to Sara’s later surprise. On their way Sara told Yuzu about her fated encounter. Yuzu was like “Whaaaaa? The person you like is a girl?” and Sara’s response: “Boy or girl, doesn’t matter who I fall for. It just so happened to be a girl.” Yuzu was impressed by Sara’s forwardness then quietly contemplated why the person she fell for was Mei-Tron.

Yuzu realizing what had happened.jpg

“I was scared/afraid.”

As their journey continued Yuzu’s so stressed over her fight with Mei-Tron that she could no longer hold back and asked Sara to listen, what with her also having a crush on a girl and an imouto she doesn’t mesh well with. As she poured her heart out she came to a realization. When given an opportunity to take their relationship to the next level she…pretty much choked. Sara’s response: “Hey it’s okay dood. It just wasn’t your night. You’ll get another chance.”

More Nina sexiness.jpg

That is one hot giant. Nowhere near as hot Our Savior but her sexiness cannot be denied.

By the way. I’m pretty sure any viewer could have picked up who the girl from Sara’s “fated encounter” long before it was revealed so I won’t say anything.

Mei pushing Yuzu away.jpg

“This unit detects uncertainty in you Yuzu. Access Denied.”

Later that night Yuzu pushed away her worries and tried explaining herself to Mei-Tron. Unfortunately when Mei’s human side asked “What do you think of me?” she blew it. Mei-Tron was like “This Unit was built with a most delectable rear compartment. It appears you are not prepared for this gelatinous morsel. Access denied. This unit recommends you erase the memory of that Christmas evening”

Alrighty then. Time for the truth. Ever since I reviewed part of the Citrus manga a while back I said I thought the story was average at best and think is overrated. Until the anime version that had not changed. Has it changed because of the anime? You’ll have to wait and see. So the reason I lost interest in the manga. It wasn’t because of the drama. I grew up watching Latin-American telenovelas so this stuff is nothing new to me. No. There were two main reasons why I stopped reading for years.

1: Mei’s lack of human emotions in the manga. Because of this I couldn’t get as invested in the story back then as I am now.

2: The Silver Twins Arc.

To me this arc was the last straw. I was slowly losing interest during the Pink Enigma but kept going…then this arc came along and I came to a realization…This is padding. So much padding. In layman’s terms, filler. I was like “How many times does Yuzu have to prove she loves Mei?” and “When will Mei FINALLY start expressing human emotions?” and finally “Why are these twins here? Wasn’t this supposed to be a story about two girls falling in love with each other but struggling with the fact they’re technically related now?” After this arc came to an end and I took a peek at the next one I saw it would be “Yet another random person who wants to eat Yuzu or Mei’s taco. More testing of their love for each other”. I’ve had enough. Before quitting I realized a third reason I lost interest.

3: The chapters weren’t being translated fast enough. By the time they sped up translation I stopped caring.

I dreaded the day this arc would come up in the anime but after this episode and the preview I surprisingly don’t feel as annoyed as when I read the manga despite the plot being exactly the same so far. I still don’t like this arc but the anime somehow is making it tolerable. All I ask is for it to not feel like filler/padding as it did in the manga for me. It worked for the Pink Enigma arc.


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17 Responses to Citrus Episode 10: The Silver Twins + OG’s Truth

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  2. cirno9fan says:

    Yuzu really botched her order of operations. it’s no surprise Mei would react like that -_- This is the first time I gotta say “Yuzu, you lost points”

    Also, the whole dragging it out….IS the “drama”. Im not sure why you try and sugarcoat it as something different OG >>

    If they stopped putting forks in the relationship road, then the drama would slow down. Already saw that the grandpa doesn’t care about their relationship (they never really explained to him differently, he just decided “I don’t have long to live, there’s no point in getting angry over something as petty as this”). I am doubtful Yuzu’s mom would care, and Mei’s dad probably wouldn’t either. but I could be wrong. Either way, this has never really been about “but we’re step sisters!!!” except with Yuzu. She’s really the only one who’s expressed a care about that. Literally the only one.

    It’s always been about what i’ts always been about: Keeping Yuzu and Mei from getting into an actual relationship through misunderstandings and teenage drama.

    Now, for thoughts on the episode itself:
    It was amusing, but was easily one of the weakest episodes. It really could have been better. More Matsuri please 😦

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    • OtakuGamerGirlT says:

      I actually have to agree with you on most points. These are probably unpopular opinions, but that doesn’t make them any less true. Matsuri really is awesome and so wise beyond her years, so I’d welcome more of her too if possible. Definitely wasn’t the best episode, but so far I’ve yet to consider any episode bad. Though, I won’t deny I’m probably biased.

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  3. Mauron says:

    Matsuri is a lot of fun when she’s not being manipulative or blackmailing people.

    I definitely like Sara’s approach to talking about her love interest. Open up to anyone who happens to be nearby.

    I’m sure Sara is more than capable of picking up on the feelings plainly written on Nina’s face. The altitude difference must be causing interference.

    Yuzu gave quite a terrible answer to Mei’s question.

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  4. OtakuGamerGirlT says:

    Well, I’m pretty much on the same wavelength as Cirno, so I won’t rehash those points. The Sara and Nina Arc is admittedly is also my least favorite arc, however, the payoff it brings is pretty sweet. The formula of Citrus is repetitive, I won’t deny that, but I feel it’s in such a way that it somehow feels fresh and having unique and enjoyable characters really help imo. I absolutely agree with your point that the anime makes the story more enjoyable, especially if you weren’t already on board with the manga.

    This was certainly a slower paced episode, so it didn’t make me internally squee like many of the others, and I also feel like the plot didn’t progress as much, even compared to the manga, but I have a feeling the next will be pretty packed with action and perhaps make up for it.

    And yes, more Harumin was definitely needed in this episode as well.

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  5. Dante Smith says:

    Too bad the Savior didn’t have her presence in this episode but we did have Nina as a remedy so that counts I guess…

    Goddamn it Yuzu, you should’ve accepted Mei’s offer both for our sake ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and your sake as well. I get that Mei went through some stuff in the past but it wasn’t any near justifiable for her behavior towards Yuzu. Looks like Mei is trying to throw a huge tantrum at this point.

    I have yet to lose the interest in the manga but I understand why u dropped it in the first place. The writer constantly disturbs Mei and Yuzu’s relationship over and over again to the point things got extremely tiresome.Oh yea, in case u dropped the manga already, things just got really, REALLY bad.

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  6. Following her defeat in the last episode, Matsuri is now learning to act like a decent, semi-likeable person, it seems.

    Lack of Harumin is criminal! Lack of Harumin dedicated episode is criminal! Harumin spinoff needed.

    First Yuzu unnecessarily complicates things, then Mei, then the others sisters, huh?

    Also, way to turn that not-cliffhanger from last episode into another drama moment. As expected of Citrus. Still, nice that they had the drama moment after the episode started, rather than as a cliffhanger this time around.

    As for points:

    Yuzu loses some for being a blockhead and being unable to articulate her emotions. While understandable, she’s making things more complicated than they need to be.

    Mei also loses some, for the same reasons, almost, but for not listening to Yuzu instead of not articulating her emotions.

    Matsuri actually gains some due to being nice for a change, as mentioned above.

    The sisters…both are neutral on points now as they didn’t do much yet. Sara would’ve gained a bit from her words to Yuzu, but as she’s clearly about to complicate things again, I’m withholding said points.

    Very understandable reasons, honestly. Had I been reading the manga when it came out at that pace, and considering Mei would’ve been far less visually emotional than she is in the anime, I might’ve done that myself, honestly. Partly also because I’m slow at reading manga, to be fair, though.

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  7. Alastor says:

    I love Yuzu to death, hands down one of my favourite characters in anime, not just Yuri. But please can all the Mei haters (granted, recent…developments manga wise haven’t helped) take note that it was Yuzu who dropped the ball this time, and it won’t be the last.

    I’m beyond hype for the next big bit and all Manga readers know what I mean, it’s all I need to ookforward to.

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  8. kracen says:

    Citrus has this theme running all the way until even the latest chapter… Its not about Yuzu constantly having to prove herself, it is poor writing skills on the part of the mangaka…. The theme is simple, Add conflict, Resolve Conflict, Repeat.
    This is constant throughout with every new character introduced, escalating as it goes, making the hurdles higher and higher until the latest chapter which by far as the most significant hurdle that I believe that the manga is actually very close to its end.

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  9. Red says:

    I prefer “Silver Sisters” because it’s alliterative :P.

    But yes, for as much as I love Citrus, this is easily the low point. It’s the only volume I’ve read that just felt plain bad to me. I hoped they’d skip it, but nope. However, one thing I want to respond to:

    “After this arc came to an end and I took a peek at the next one I saw it would be “Yet another random person who wants to eat Yuzu or Mei’s taco. More testing of their love for each other”.”

    I don’t know what you read, but this is wrong. The arc following the silver sisters is not this kind of retread. In fact, I think you’d quite enjoy what comes after since Harumin gets a lot of focus.

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  10. ramenshojo says:

    I liked the bench chat between Yuzu and Sara the most this episode. Yuzu’s voice and the music really makes it very emotional. It puts into perspective that she’s still just a weak little girl.

    The anime loses a lot of subtlety compared to the manga, which has the advantage of frame-to-frame micro-expressions, but the anime can pack an good emotional punch in certain scenes.

    I completely disagree that Mei is shown to be less emotional in the manga though. If one were to do a comparison of frames it’s clear the manga shows Mei in a very expressive light, albeit not necessarily a positive one. If anything she is clearly depicted as a damaged individual, and feels more “human” than any other character. To be honest, as an introvert myself I can identify with Mei in many ways. “Quite types” might have a face of a brick but we are constantly in internal turmoil. Maybe that’s why I never had a problem with Mei.

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    • OG-Man says:

      My memory of the manga is foggy as I have repeatedly stated. Besides, after the anime I have no desire of ever going to the manga. For all the praise its art gets I can never follow this story in still image form ever again. Only way I’ll continue following the series after the season finale is if we get a second one.


  11. Ren says:

    You know, I actually don’t mind drama. I don’t mind conflicts getting in the way of the main pairing to get the characters to develop. The problem I have with Citrus is how repetitive that drama is. Most of the conflicts are pretty much the same: monster of the week wants to get in the pants of either Yuzu or Mei. And worse yet, the character development is so slow – it’s like, whenever they take a step forward, the next chapter they take half a step back. The thing that bugged me the most with the “Silver Sisters Arc” is that Yuzu’s sister-zoning of herself is nothing new. She already sister-zoned herself during “Daddy Arc”. I thought she and Mei resolved this conflict already, but it keeps coming back, all the way up to the most recent manga chapter. I just don’t get why this “we are sisters” conflict has to keep coming back again and again when you can introduce a ton of other conflicts to develop other aspects of their personality. I think the only thing the anime has going for it (compared to the manga) is that everything progresses much faster, so it’s as though the conflicts are less repetitive when in reality the plot is very similar to its manga counterpart. I do think the manga does better in certain aspects, such as the art being more expressive than that of the anime, but considering that chapters come out on a monthly basis and it takes 4-5 chapters to cover one arc, the pace is just so much more frustrating.

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  12. ineedyuri says:

    I didn’t like this arc at first but it grew on me.

    It pushed their relationship to the limits, and the twins turned out to be fun characters.
    It also has one of the greatest moments in the manga.

    It’s too bad we don’t see the twins again in the manga.

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  13. automaticimperfection says:

    Hi my good sir, honestly, I can agree to some point here, while Mei in the anime has redeeming human-like emotions more readable, in the manga she’s just, I don’t know, like F$% her, that damn woman! you know? I thought the arch was pulled out of nowhere, seriously, twins? Buuut, I kept on reading so that’s not as bad as it gets, haha, meaning it got so much worse,then better..then worse… So I’m assuming they’ll end it here,I mean with this arch and go for a very rushed “happy ending” since the manga is ongoing and pretty much , making us readers wanna pull our hair, as usual.


  14. I pretty watch these things not exacting to ever reach an actual resolution. I watch Anime for characters, and the Silver Twins are pretty cool.


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