Slow Colors Beer Episode 6: Adorable Lesbian Salad

Been a while since we talked about Takunomi. but this week’s episode was one worthy of discussion. Let’s first briefly go over Colors as it’s the quickest one to talk about.

Lion Dandy Search Mode Z.jpg

Searching for edible plants.

The first sketch had Colors searching for edible plants in case of an apocalyptic emergency.

Plants aren't tasty.jpg

Most plants aren’t tasty regardless of their edibility.

Dignity Stache.jpg

Dignity Stache, bub.

The second sketch had our heroines discussing their weaknesses. I will say the following about it. There was a plot twist so shocking it affected the very fabric of time and space. A twist no one on Planet Earth could have seen coming. Approach this sketch with wary senses and be prepared to have your minds blown…Good luck.

Kotoha wearing the Dignity Stache.jpg

Kotoha + Dignity Stache + Kendama = Miracle. If only…

Colonel's Camera Car.jpg

Colonel’s Camera Car.

The third sketch started with Colors checking out a statue of the last great samurai Saigo Takamori. They couldn’t recall what he was famous for. For whatever reason the first thing that came to Sat-chan’s mind was him having been a pervert. Thus our heroines went to Pops to help assemble a new gadget, the Colonel’s Camera Car! Fun times ensued as they’re on a mission to take the best pictures possible to be rewarded with a rare opportunity to see Pops without any funky glasses.

Chu-Chu Cabrilla sighting.jpg

Chu-Chu Cabrilla “sighting”.

After Pops processed the photos a shocking discovery was made (Not as shocking as the one in the second sketch but still noteworthy), a Chu-Chu Cabrilla “sighting”. Unfortunately they ran out of time and couldn’t finish their investigation. Sadly the mystery of the CCC “sighting” would remain a mystery. Oh well.

Solid episode as usual.

Let’s continue with the heavy hitters.

Takunomi. Kae Lingerie.jpg

Great start!

So Takunomi. has been a fun, chill watch so far seeing four lovely adult women discuss their daily lives and each other, all while appreciating different varieties of alcoholic drinks. The 5th episode was very special as it centered around Best Woman Kae, her GLORIOUS body and majestic lingerie. The poor dear unnecessarily thought her body needed work while we in the audience gawked at her incredible physique. In short, nothing’s wrong with your figure Kae. You are amazing!

Takunomi. Kae Lingerie 2.jpg

Yes Michiru. This is what a mature beauty looks like. Take notes for when you grow older. You have 7 years to go.

So Michiru did the cliche anime thing of walking into the room while a hot chick was getting dressed/undressed. While Kae was embarrassed Michiru had a mixed reaction of shock and awe.












Michiru didn’t think she could ever reach “god tier” rank like Kae but thankfully Makoto showed her that she was at least “kawaii babe tier”…though she had slightly less experience than Makoto for one reason…







Makoto already had plenty of experience seeing a hot adult woman’s bare body.

Takunomi. Kae Night Gown.jpg

Kae in her night gown. Fantastic.

When Kae came out looking fantastic in her night gown Michiru marveled at her mature beauty while Kae was envious of Michiru’s soft, still youthful skin. Again Kae was unnecessarily worrying about her already magnificent physique.

The three sat down to do what they always did, talk about life and themselves while drinking alcohol and eating snacks. This episode had the “Kitty”, which was red wine mixed with ginger ale to lessen the sour taste. The discussion was about marriage. The three had different views and knew it could one day happen. Poor Kae worried about being 27 and single. Lady, I’m 30 (during the date of this post) and I’m fine so don’t worry your pretty head.

Kae had a bit too much and went to bed but left her phone so Michiru delivered it to her and…

Takunomi. Kae Lingerie 3.jpg


Let’s just say I had to clean my room…

So yes, other than a select few of my fans who do not share my vision of excellence everyone else who has yet to pick Takunomi. up are highly recommended to do so.

Now for the usual main event of these posts.

Tama and Shion having an important conversation.jpg

Tomato and Cousin Shion having an important discussion.

Before the OP there was a MAJOR scene at the beginning to discuss but we’ll get to it at the end. So Tomato went to Hana’s pad and had an important discussion with Cousin Shion regarding cooking, being helpful and earning Cousin Shion’s permission to continue dating Hana. Hana herself had a hard time keeping up with the conversation. Also Cousin Shion had a class reunion to attend so she’d be out of town for a bit. Tomato along with Eiko and Kamuri came to attend a study group sleepover at Hana’s.

Haunted Screw.jpg

The screw that haunted Hana for a long time.

We’ll get back to this “haunted” screw later.

Eiko headpat.jpg

Eiko head pat.

While picking up groceries Hana and the others showed great admiration for Tomato’s mad cooking skills and being financially responsible. Cue a very rare showing of an embarrassed Tomato.






Hiroe wearing fancy clothes again.jpg

Hiroe wearing fancy clothes again.

Returning home they ran into Hiroe who was back to her old ways of wearing a tracksuit. Lucky for her Eiko helped get her back to sexy form. She joined the study group sleepover and helped them study as thanks for them helping get her life back on track. Later that night the girls took turns in the shower with Hiroe getting first dibs and blessing viewers with her young adult sexiness.

Next was Eiko and Kamuri…





Ohhhh yeeeeeesssssss…





Don’t worry Mai-chan. You’re not alone.

After having a hearty snack courtesy of Chef Tomato they played a fun game.



What made me laugh to the point of coughing in this scene wasn’t Eiko quickly mastering the GBA Yuri Dating Sim in record time…it was what Tomato had to say regarding one romance option in particular…I imagine it would rub extremely sensitive snowflake people the wrong way. I thought it was both hilarious and another great sign of Tomato’s awesome gayness.

Eiko and Kamuri sleeping together.jpg

Remember folks. They’re the same age.

After some funny attempts at telling ghost stories Hana couldn’t sleep but when she went to get some water a familiar scare came after her…

Anothr Tama X Hana scene.jpg

More Tomato X Hana goodness as they discussed the “haunted” screw and personal coolness.

The two shared a touching scene discussing how special they were to the other…I mean how much they admired each other. Tomato told Hana that she wasn’t as amazing as she thought but greatly appreciated it and she also showed her that she too was amazing in her own right.


This show is amazing…

Married Grannies.jpg

Tomato’s grandmas.

We now return to the pre-OP scene and the post-ED scene where Tomato talked to her…two…grandmas…You all know what I’m going to say…and it has nothing to do with them being sisters…I’m hearing church bells in my head while talking about these two…yeeeeeessssss…

Special thanks to Mai-chan and Joe Morris for the excellent tweets and full body shots.

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28 Responses to Slow Colors Beer Episode 6: Adorable Lesbian Salad

  1. Shinryu says:

    I was taken aback by the two grandmas as well. I was wracking my brain trying to remember if anything had been said about it before that would prove otherwise but I couldn’t come up with anything so, yeah, two grandmas! thumbs up

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  2. Mauron says:

    As the evil Saito prepares for even larger scale villainy, the Colors prepare for the worst, just in case. A strategy meeting reveals the Colors’ weaknesses, and some of them make progress on overcoming said weaknesses. While preparing Colonel Monochrome for surveillance duties, the Colors save Pops from Saito’s grunt forces, and put a stop to his plan. Colonel Monochrome discovers the presence of a Chu-Chu Cabrilla! Now they must track it down!

    Michuru would like to get married before living with someone? That’s bad news for three lovely ladies.

    I was not expect Makoto to be showing off a shirt.

    Kae takes the direct approach in her romance attempts.

    At some point Tama went from being on guard against Eiko’s attacks to being a dedicated member of her harem. That’s not a bad thing, but I would have liked to see it happen.

    I would like to applaud Hiroe on her accidental convenience store trip in her sweats. She went from taking out the trash to going to the store WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT. That’s major progress! Also we got to learn more about her kinks, so I’m not complaining.

    The bathtime was super romantic and cute.

    Of course Eiko beats a dating sim without issue.

    Hana’s attempt at a ghost story: Once the… there was… this… EEEEEEEK!!!

    Tama unlocked the “screw event” with Hana. It was a wonderful moment.

    So far we’ve met Tama’s two grandmas, but haven’t heard of any other family. I think she was adopted by an older couple.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Maybe I should have put you in charge of covering Colors. You do it so well.

      I’m sure they’ll find a way to woo her. Kae’s already one step ahead. Just give her more to drink and we’re done.

      Makoto looked sexy with a shirt on. Goes to show how sexy these four ladies are.

      Hiroe’s character development is commendable.

      That it was.

      So wonderful.

      It’s a possibility. For now we know she’s being raised by an elderly lesbian couple.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Mauron says:

        I’ll definitely have to do a longer thing on it at the end.

        Yeah, someone probably will overcome that obstacle. Kae might have fallen behind by being too forceful at that point.

        Quite commendable. Unfortunately none of her friends acknowledged the accomplishment.

        We’ll see if any other family gets mentioned.

        Liked by 2 people

  3. Nick says:

    While I can’t comment on Colors or Slow Start (not yet at least) I can say the this week’s Takunomi ep was GLORIOUS. From the preview in ep 4 I was ready for something good, but man it was all that and then some. Kae has an absolutely incredible body, along with some really sexy lingerie too. I liked Michiru’s reaction to seeing Kae, like you said a mix of shock and awe, and then later she gets that quality cuddle time with her. Wow, so good. I think it’s safe to say that Kae is best girl, or as you put it nicely, Best Woman. I really hope people aren’t sleeping on this show, they’re missing out on something great.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. x says:

    On colors, Colonel is very good with a camera and got some pretty good shots.
    On slow, Tama is very hardcore and extreme in her dating game.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. tbiscut74 says:

    Colors: A good ep. The Colonel’s Camera Car was adorable.

    Slow Start: My God. This Episode. So Good.

    Its nice that Shion gave her blessing. The pairings got some great spotlight in this episode. And that little butt slap from Kamuri was hilarious. I also really enjoyed that Dating sim game segment and Tomato’s reaction to that one romantic option. And the 2 Grandmas were awsome.

    This show, along with Citrus, is my AOTS. I love it SO MUCH!!!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  6. cirno9fan says:

    I will start with Colors: Absolute adorable hilarity even in the face of terrible budget. Yui continues being best girl, including how hard she tore apart Kotoha XD

    Lots of great YuiSat moments too~


    my goodness. Oh mai goodness. Slow start just…I mean, it’s no surprise. the author is a HUGE supporter of yuri, and draws it all the time. But still, that was quite the surprise. A barrier that I think this show is the first anime to cross.

    That aside, the whole episode was so ❤

    it sure is normal for two girls to bathe together, but somehow I’m thinking the licking each other’s fingers is not exactly “normal”, excepting in doing it jokingly. Which that was no joke on Kamuri’s end.

    Plus now that we know who Tama stays with, and adding in EVERYTHING else that she’s said up to this episode, and then the total yandere speech she gave while looking in Hana’s direction….I think there’s no misunderstanding to be made here. At least with Tama’s intentions. Hana will take more time. But I’m certain Tama will get through to her fully!

    Liked by 3 people

  7. Umedyn says:

    The Yuri levels have been strong this week from a lot of shows. Lets hope this teasing actually leads to something more concrete (we already got one with the grandmas, THAT warmed my heart something fierce!)!

    Liked by 3 people

  8. OldLink says:


    Liked by 3 people

  9. Colors: I would say this was the best episode of Colors hands down so far, but previous episodes have also had amazing moments, so I’ll just say it was great! Also, Kotoha has now officially become best girl of the show.

    Plot twist of the season indeed. That face…that face is the living embodiment of BETRAYAL! Basically. Best moment of the series so far, hands down.

    Takunomi: Ooh, so we finally got some development in the show! While Kae certainly went places while drunk, I’d say Makoto’s actions/words this episode show her potential good compability with Michiru quite well…also, if Makoto and Michiru are already living together, then after a while, Makoto’s conditions for marriage will be reached! …Right?

    Slow Start: Oh my…Oh my. OH MY.

    That opening/ending segment will go down in Yuri anime history, seriously.

    So much gay goodness. SO MUCH.

    Now we just have to see if the show can get any gayer after this. Though even if they just continue the same level, they’re already fine on track for running for gayest show of season.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Kotoha’s always been Best Girl. Yes, her reaction was priceless.

      Incorrect. all Takunomi. episodes up till now had development. Anyway it’s definitely the best episode so far.

      Yuri history was made thanks to Slow Start.

      And we’re very thankful for all of it.

      Here’s hopin’.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. OtakuGamerGirlT says:

    This show is so fluffy, sweet and gay, I could melt. Eiko and Kamui are adorbs and Tama and Hana are sweet. I found Tama’s Yandere rant to be quite hilarious as well. No matter if the viewer is gay, straight or somewhere in between, gotta appreciate Tama’s unapologetic gayness.The lesbian grandmas were iconic and were presented so naturally. Quite the more commendable moment of all anime indeed. This show is definitely giving Citrus a run for its money in being the gayest yuri show of the season.

    Liked by 3 people

  11. K says:


    Weeds can be edible if cooked correctly. The Colours didn’t do it right, resulting in them looking like stoners huddled around a bonfire. That was funny.

    A SHOCKING TRUTH was revealed in the most brutal way possible, bub. D-don’t worry, Kotoha, there are plenty of people who suck at games (depending on the genre) at first, but rejoice, because with some practice, you can get good at it! You can start by not button-mashing all the time. As for the other ‘weaknesses’, seems like Sat-chan’s only pretending to be stupid (how much of that is true will remain a mystery) and Yui’s a crybaby. I’d add her brutal honesty but it’d be both an asset and a drawback. Also, that mustache just looked good on Kotoha and Yui.

    A threat to their town’s peace as appeared! The Colours shall spring into action and stop this terror…tomorrow. These heroes sadly can’t save the town before bedtime. Also, Pops’ eyes shall remain a mystery for the foreseeable future.


    Michiru admired that dynamite body of Kae’s. She got a lot more than she bargained for, though.


    …Wow, Tama actually lives in a traditional home but, like I said last week, she’s not a typical traditional girl. Anyway, this was her focus episode and it made me like her a lot more.

    Tama and Shion got along so well. That conversation was like some sort of marriage interview.

    Hiroe’s moving around, but the allure of the sweats was too much for her to resist. Old habits die hard, after all.

    Yep, Eiko’s so good she even gets virtual babes fawning for her and she never played games before! As for the Eiko/Kamu moments, they were cute and steamy.

    Tama’s grandmas are very supportive of her and they know how much effort she puts in to take care of them. They’re awesome.

    Tama’s home situation got me thinking that maybe they’re not doing too well on the money front because in a house like that, you’d be expecting maids and butlers but you don’t see any around. Kiiinda reminds me of Lady Yoko,except Tama still has her home.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      One of 2017’s most shocking twists and one that’ll be really hard to top.

      That was hilarious. Perhaps Pops’ eyes remaining a mystery is for the best.

      It’s an evening Michiru will not soon forget.

      It was nice seeing Tomato’s home, her married grannies and financial struggles. Let’s wish her all the best.

      Shion gave Tomato her blessings.

      Eiko X Kamuri are still adorable as are Tomato X Hana.

      Hiroe’s doing her best.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. yurimylove says:

    Tama and Nadeshiko, 2 genki girls who are also good cooks in the same season, so wonderful

    Liked by 2 people

  13. chikorita157 says:

    I have to admit that there is a lot of cute moments between Hana and Tama. It’s obvious that Tama have the hots for Hana. Given that she wants to take a bath with Hana and Tama having an important discussion explains everything. I wonder why they haven’t become an official couple yet.

    As expected, it’s nice to see Eiko’s female harem strong in dating sims as well.

    Liked by 1 person

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