Hugtto! PreCure Episode 2: Angelic Bleu

In this episode it was the Blue Ranger’s turn to take the stage.

Saaya fangirls.jpg

The Saaya fangirl on the left reminds me of Hibiki.

We officially kicked off the episode with the Hana’s class talking about Cure Yell and her almost giving away her secret identity. Harry told her before it was a bad idea but she initially wanted everyone to know. Anyway Saaya overheard the discussion and two fangirls of hers sang her praises making sure to emphasize her cuteness which Hana agreed with.

Saaya blushing hard

Saaya’s reaction to being called cute by Hana.

She later affirmed this by telling Saaya she was cute directly, prompting the above reaction.


Harry's human form.jpg

Harry’s human form.

Later when Hana went to play with Hugtan Harry asked her to use the Future Crystal to turn a toy house into a life size tree house. He then revealed his human form…which thankfully got a shocked reaction from Hana than a nonsensical “What a hunk” reaction. Inside the house Harry told her about their enemies and their plan to steal all of humanity’s hopes and dreams for the future, stopping time forever, and Hugtan would permanently remain a baby. He also told her there were two more Power Rangers out there to join her but she decided she was better off protecting the future by herself.

Hana and the Bluebird.jpg

Aqours’ Riko would be proud of Hana.

Hana and Saaya working on a newspaper

Huge potential of becoming another praiseworthy PreCure couple.

The next day Hana finds Saaya in the library working on the school newspaper. She’s not really into it due to it not being popular but Hana’s enthusiasm in wanting to read it after she mentioned writing an article on Cure Yell perked her right back up.

Hana and Huftan having the same dream.jpg

Hana and Hugtan having the same dream.

My prediction regarding this dream the two shared is that Hugtan’s older form is the Fourth Ranger. That or she’s a Legendary Ranger.

Saaya and Hugtan

Saaya and Hugtan.

When she woke up she was surprised by the sight of Saaya finding the tree house. She quickly got along with Hugtan. Saaya explained that she heard the sound of a baby and time briefly stopped around her, just like what happened with Hana. The two then had a talk about courage, how Saaya admired Hana for how confident she was about what she wanted for the future and how she bravely approached everyone. She didn’t have that confidence or bravery herself to which Hana replied that her being so kind to everyone was really brave too. She even addressed Saaya by first name, arousing the blue haired one.

Cure Yell vs a Crane Theender.jpg

Cure Yell vs the Monster of the Week.

Before Hana could ask Saaya another question a “Oshimaida/TheEnder/Finisher/Whatever” attacked. Hana then revealed to Saaya her identity as Cure Yell. Cure Yell matched the monster’s strength but it had the advantage of being a crane, avoiding her attacks. As Saaya watched her crush being awesome she remembered the support she gave her. She wanted to help, awakening her inner Ranger Power.


Cure Ange

Cure Ange.

She transformed into Cure Ange and helped Cure Yell take down the monster.

Heart Feather.jpg

Heart Feather.

Maybe this Ranger team is cheerleader themed after all. That or it only refers to their special moves. We’ll see once the Yellow Ranger debuts. Afterward Hana got to ask Saaya if she wanted to join the team to which Saaya happily obliged.

Another great episode. However, it appears the next episode may not be as good as these two. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long for the Yellow Ranger to debut. We shall see.



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4 Responses to Hugtto! PreCure Episode 2: Angelic Bleu

  1. I feel kinda like they may be harkening back to Smile and Doki Doki. But that may just be cause those are the two shows I’ve seen the most of. Besides the Original series which predates them always being drawn as humanoid Skittles.


  2. cirno9fan says:

    A very enjoyable ep. So far that thing is no nuisance, but I won’t feel safe about it yet.

    Moving on, am glad that the “power” wasn’t something we’re going to have to see a special scene every time she uses it. Should also be interesting to see what Yellow uses.

    I think it’s rather obvious she was a former precure. Think about the first episode, and how that guy was looking for the precure. They already knew about precure that should have been active. and were trying to finish them off. Secondly, the dreamflashback thing was in a modern day city, not some “ancient”/”fantastical” place. So, it is pretty obvious she hasn’t even been a baby for long.

    I am hopeful about the SayaHana thing…but don’t see much reason to get hopes up too much yet. With time that should hoepuflly change!


    I just cannot take the head in a hole villain seriously XD This is probably the most nonsensical villain to date XD


  3. MarkS00N says:

    I just watched it today (pretty late), and wow…
    I ship Hana x Saaya now…
    Fureee Fureee Hana, Saaya!!!


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