Märchen Mädchen Episode 1: I think this is an “Isekai”? Even if it is, OG’s Not Complaining.

I’m not sure if this would be classified as an “isekai” show. So this was one of my most anticipated shows of the Winter 2018 season. Let’s find out if it was worth the wait as we check out the premiere of Märchen Mädchen, which supposedly is pronounced “Merrhen Medhen or maybe Marehen Midhen”. Not sure.

Door to another world.jpg

Door to another world.

We begin the episode with our leading lady Hazuki narrating the wonders of storybooks as she followed a hooded girl to a door of light. More on that in a bit.



After the catchy OP that kinda featured clips of what would happen later in the episode we were formally introduced to our lead who described herself via narration as “friendless” and made sure to clarify that she wasn’t like one of those anime archetypes. Distracted by her narration (I think) she got scolded by the teacher and later her stepsister Saeko…

Onee-sama relationship.jpg

Hazuki’s possible dream relationship with her stepsister.

…who she may or may not fantasize of having a “more than siblings” relationship with. She then explained to viewers she had something she called “Story Syndrome”, meaning that every time she got into a situation that made her uncomfortable she would run away and find escapist solace in storybooks. She hoped to one day find the courage to make friends.

Original Book.jpg

Mystery book.

After running away from Saeko she went to the library (or maybe it was a bookstore) and picked up some books. She then found a mysterious blue one she didn’t recall picking up but was excited to check out. However, she couldn’t open it.

Hazuki and a robed girl.jpg

Hazuki and a robed girl.

Suddenly a mystery girl in an olive-green robe ran past her. Hazuki noticed she looked like the character in one of the books she was reading and went after her. She then noticed that only she could see the girl. The robed girl cornered Hazuki in an alley. Hazuki, unable to control her excitement “confessed” to her. Naturally the robed one didn’t know how to respond so she used some flying magic and flew off on her broom. Hazuki noticed the girl left her bag behind and continued the chase, determined to befriend the intriguing lass.

Door to another world

Back at the start.

Hazuki chased her to a library she’d never seen before and we got the scene from the beginning. She heard the girl utter a password to open the door (Mädchen) but forgot it. The mystery book glowed, sensing Hazuki’s desire to see the girl again and opened the door to another world. That and her wanting to possibly see a world beyond her imagination.

Hazuki's mom.jpg

Hazuki’s mom.

Before that we got a flashback of how Hazuki “got” Story Syndrome. It was because of all the stories her mom read to her and how much she enjoyed the worlds inside them and wanted to be in one herself. Take a wild guess what happened to her mom…So yeah Hazuki felt she was about to have her long time wish granted of going to a magical world where she could become someone extraordinary.

Intimidating brunette.jpg

Intimidating brunette.

At the new world Hazuki noticed a castle and went there only to find out it was a school. She then met an intimidating brunette and ran off.

Beautiful woman

Beautiful woman.

She found what looked like a little paradise and was greeted by a beautiful woman. She greeted her in kind with a free onsen visit. The woman noticed the mystery book Hazuki came with. Apparently they’re called “Originals”. Unfortunately Hazuki couldn’t relax for long as the brunette hadn’t stopped chasing her. The chase continued but with a deliciously added bonus…

Warrior Form.jpg

I’ll replace this pic with a superior full body shot when I find it.

Somehow finding herself back at the school castle she was cornered. The brunette, now a legit redhead after using her Original to transform into a sexy warrior then tried to scare Hazuki into using her Original.

Shizuka Helping Hazuki.jpg

Robed girl Shizuka coming to Hazuki’s aid.

Suddenly the robed girl named Shizuka noticed the commotion, realized Hazuki had an Original with her and came to help. Oh and the beautiful woman from before was the school principal.

Og's hype girl.jpg

The girl I’m looking forward to most.

Yup. It was worth the wait and I’m excited for more! If what we got during the ED is any indication then…oh baby.

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34 Responses to Märchen Mädchen Episode 1: I think this is an “Isekai”? Even if it is, OG’s Not Complaining.

  1. Rory says:

    One episode in and I already love this show. I adore Hazuki already, and the other characters all have potential.
    I thought A Place Further Than the Universe had the best first episode this season, but this show managed to surpass it.

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  2. Wanderer says:

    That last image from the ED… if they live up to that (which they almost certainly won’t, but I can dream) this series will be glorious.

    Even putting that aside this looks like a cute and fun series. Probably not particularly deep, but enjoyable nonetheless.

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  3. This was probably the show that look the most promising to me and for now I like it.
    I definitively see some shipping potential in this one (the last part of the ending!). Looking forward to the next episode to learn more about how the magic works.

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  4. B-M says:

    Hazuki has to be the gayest girl of the season. Not a bad title to get when you air the same season as Citrus. Oh, and we also have light suggestions of pseudo-incest too? Great stuff.

    The magic of the world just felt wonderful and campy and brilliant and I was swept up very quickly! Great opening episode.

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  5. Zack says:

    Fun Fact: This series was apparently based on a light novel that was unfinished. The reason why it was never finished was because the author sadly passed away before it could be completed. Or at least, that’s what I’ve heard.

    As for the episode itself, it was fine. I think I need to watch a few episodes to really form an opinion on the series.

    I think what really stood out for me was the main character, Hazuki, herself. I think it’s safe to assume she is probably gay. At the very least, I’m guessing we probably won’t have to worry about male love interests.

    However what really caught my attention about Hazuki was her personality. I can’t quite place my finger on it, but it feels like there’s something off with her. Like she has some kind disconnect from reality. Wanting something special out of your life is really nothing new, but some of Hazuki’s behavioral traits seem odd. I hesitate to say it’s autism partially because I don’t want to seem offensive (I actually have high functioning autism myself). Maybe autism from the point of view of someone who only has a vague understanding of what is? At the very least, I think she might qualify for the Ambiguous Disorder trope on TV Tropes which is mainly for characters who have traits that could maybe be considered somewhere on the autism spectrum, but their creators don’t actually call it autism so they don’t have to worry about offending anyone. It’s also possible that I’m looking too far into something that isn’t there. I probably need to watch a few more episodes to get a better idea of what kind of person Hazuki is.

    Sorry for that really long paragraph at the end. I just wanted to give my thoughts on something that caught my attention. And once again, I am not trying to be offensive by suggesting that maybe the main character has autism. To be honest, I’m not really convinced it is autism.

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    • Zack says:

      I know it’s weird to leave a reply to my own post, but I’m just really worried that people will get mad over my interpretation of Hazuki. I really hope I’m just worrying over nothing. Oh well, it’s already posted and it’s not like I can delete or edit it.

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  6. leetailor says:

    This episode was trash. Protagonist who has potential on paper gets her personality buried under generic moe-isms and fanservice. There’s a bunch of talk about stories, but that’s all it is: talk. Instead of actually seeing one of Hazuki’s stories, we watch her take a bath, run around naked, and almost battle another girl. But only almost! Isn’t a first episode supposed to make me look forward to the rest of the series? How can anyone who was expecting this show to explore the themes it promised (magic high school, anxiety, stories) give this episode even a passing grade?

    It doesn’t even have nearly enough good jokes. I think I may have laughed like three times while I was watching this episode. First when the hooded girl suddenly ascended into the sky on her broom, completely unceremoniously, then the thug joke, and then finally when the bath suddenly exploded very loudly. Two intentional out of three isn’t bad, but the rest of the episode is just boring or idiotic. It’s not even self-aware about it, either. Why is the redhead not reacting at all when Hazuki is on the ground, sticking her bare ass towards her face? Why is no one calling attention to the fact that the readhead chased the naked Hazuki around, which is basically sexual harassment? These are low hanging fruit, but at least they would be jokes fitting for a fanservice show, instead of just nothing. The episode plays itself painfully straight.

    I did get the yuri jokes, but they didn’t land. Maybe because I expect any yuri in this show to be 100% inconsequential, maybe they just had awkward timing, maybe both.


  7. Ren says:

    We’re off to a good start this season, it seems! There’s Frosty Ramen Camp, Sword Miko, Citrus, and now this! Loved the first episode. I personally tend to dislike genki-type protagonists, so having an introvert (or is introvert the best word to describe her?) like Hazuki as lead is a nice change. I wonder if Hazuki’s step-sister will have a larger role later on, or will she be relegated to the side? Maybe Hazuki will live out the Onee-sama fantasy with mysterious hooded girl instead? I have a feeling the girl in that hooded cloak will be Hazuki’s senpai in the magic school. Here’s to hope the rest of the series lives up to the shipping potential we see in this episode.

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  8. As for the title, as I believe it’s German in origin, the ä in it should probably be pronounced something like this: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%C9%9B
    (For reference, if it was an “ä” in Finnish, it would be like this: (Scroll down to bit on Finnish, there’s a recording) https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%C3%A4

    Hazuki seems like a potentially interesting protagonist personality-wise, at least…though the fanservice in the episode did rub me a bit wrong by being so prevalent…also, chasing a naked, terrified girl around to get her to listen to you is absolutely the best way to get her to calm down and listen to you! (/sarcasm) And also to get her to duel you or something! (/more sarcasm)

    Hazuki has clearly read both Citrus and MariMite, to have that kind of specific fantasies about her step-sister…

    “I have nobody who would come looking for me, my family is dead and/or not mentioned (other than dead mother), I have no friends etc, so it’s fine for me to get transported to this other world where I’ll be completely cut off from my old life” – syndrome…but at least it was handled decently in the execution, so it’s fine.

    That principal is devious.

    At least there was somebody who realized to step in and protect Hazuki at last…good sign for their potential ship, I suppose…I wonder if everyone is just too scared of Scary Brunette at the school to step in except for Robed-girl-who-is-obviously-not-a-main-character-at-all.

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  9. Reapy_s0ul says:

    this was ok
    there are a few things it could’ve done differently for it to be more than ok
    like tone down the irrelevant ecchi, and have the main 2 girls make out constantly, but those are just small things

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Feel free to tap out if you so wish. No one is stopping you.


      • Reapy_s0ul says:

        like I said, it was ok, there were a few things I didn’t like in the first episode, but it’s only the first episode, I’ll decide if I drop it or not after the 3rd episode probably.
        in the end, I’ve seen far more cringey fanservice scenes in anime that I’ve watched to the end. I’m not a fan of it, but not to the point that it kills the show, now I just need the main grills to make out constantly


  10. cirno9fan says:

    This could very well be my AotS. I am a sucker for magic settings, and the cast seem pretty great so far

    For those complaining about the ecchi, hope for an adaptation of 9999. Similar, minus the ecchi, but turns up the adorableness/hilarity dial by 9999 (pun intended). The MC is also pretty atypical for a female MC. That’s enough shilling an amazing LN

    What I hope for from this show: Decent yuri levels, fun magic, fantasy-like things, and just a lot of fun. A definitive ending would be nice too if this really is an LN that will never be finished

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      I’ve accepted that the “Ewww. Fanservice” complaint will never go away so why bother fighting it anymore? Let the detractors be and let us cherish this potential treasure. Hopefully we’ll get what we wish from it and as you said a definitive ending.

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  11. Nick says:

    I wasn’t totally blown away by it, but it was still pretty enjoyable. Sure it’s nothing completely new but it looks like it’ll be a fun show to watch. The girls are cute, like you mentioned the ED was very good in regards to showing off the sexy ladies in this show. I’m looking forward to when they’re introduced. So far it passes the opening ep and I’ll give it a couple more. If all goes well it’ll stay on for the season.

    Also, Hazuki’s daydream about having a closer relationship with her sister was a good moment.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      I know how much you were blown away by Evergarden so save your full strength for that one.

      I’m more excited for what’s to come. More sexiness, magic and yuri. That’s all we need.

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  12. LuzeriP says:

    I enjoyed the first episode. I don’t have much to say because I usually get confused at first like the names or where this show headed. But I like the redhead hotty. Hazuki also cute. This is going to be interesting, looking forward to see more.

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  13. x says:

    pretty cool first episode, I’m interested in all of these girls and there transformation.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Liddo-kun says:

    So it’s started already. Thanks for posting about this, it reminded me about this awesome anime. Hav e been waiting for this. ^__^

    Liked by 2 people

  15. yurimylove says:

    beware of girls with “thug’s eyes” — if you don’t want to be chased around the hallways nekkid 😀

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