URAHARA Episode 11: True Feelings

In this episode we find out how everyone responded to the big reveal last time.

Sad Misa and confused Ebifuruya.jpg

We started with our heroines naturally being shocked over the reveal that everything after the Bubble Dome was created had been a fantasy: the miracles, the collateral damage and the people. Misa and especially Fried Shrimp the fried shrimp didn’t know why the girls were upset. Long discussion short it was all about the memories shared from then to now. Mari and Kokoto were upset about everything being fake. Shrimpy made it worse when he said “The battles against the Scoopers were real” as it reminded them of the harsh moments among the three and of course Sayumin. Rito then pointed to Misa’s charm she made and the feelings she put into it. Misa then realized why the girls were upset and felt horrible for what she and the shrimp had done. They were about to leave when Rito convinced Misa to stay because she realized what was wrong but more importantly because of her great desire to become wonderful never changed. Here in Harajuku together with our heroines she could make that dream come true. Misa’s face turn was complete. As for the shrimp…

Super Shrimp of Doom.jpg

Super Shrimp of Doom.

Gotta give him props. Unlike other evil mascots this one wants to take care things himself when pushed to the extreme. Without the Amatsumara to help them in battle the girls were forced to flee. After a long chase and quick thinking the girls seemingly beat the super shrimp…

Ultra Shrimp from Hell.jpg

Ultra Shrimp From Hell.

Unfortunately it had a second form. Running out of options the girls feared the worst. Misa refused to give up though and faced the hell shrimp head on.

Misa's Amatsumara.jpg


Looks like Misa had a surprise of her own she wasn’t aware of. Next time Super Misa vs Ultra Shrimp From Hell!

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5 Responses to URAHARA Episode 11: True Feelings

  1. Mauron says:

    Misa is learning to create! Misa is learning to create! I’m so excited I had to say it twice.

    Fried Shrimp super forms are quite deadly.

    And to close out the episode…

    Misa: It’s Morphin’ Time, indeed!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. yurimylove says:

    cute loli is justice!!

    Liked by 1 person

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