Tachibanakan Triangle Anime Announced

So I posted on Twitter and Facebook that I’d be gone for a few days and for people who didn’t notice while following me on Twitter…ehhhh. Anyway let’s talk about the ecchi yuri manga that’s getting an anime in 2018.

Tachibanakan Triangle.jpg

Plot Summary: Natsuno Hanabi gets a little more than she bargained for when she moves back to her hometown to start high school. Stuck between her childhood friend and a mysterious beauty, is this love triangle going to define her new life!?

So based on this plot summary and it having the “mature” and “ecchi” tags I predict a deliciously naughty yuri show. Everyone here knows by now that I’m not super picky with my yuri series. You also know I loves me some sexiness in spades, meaning I’m very interested in seeing where this show goes. Do I expect either the childhood friend or mysterious beauty to win? No. I just expect lots of steamy flirting and sexy situations. Heck, give me what het-harems are usually chock full of and I’m good.

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51 Responses to Tachibanakan Triangle Anime Announced

  1. Mauron says:

    I almost missed where the redhead’s hand was.

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  2. exqalph03 says:

    wow. you really aren’t picky..!! But I must say that this coming anime is something to look forward to if just looking at the manga of it, if it’s done in an average or above average quality, it will still be fine.!

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  3. drinkie1 says:

    As soon as i saw “Tachibana” in the title i instantly thought “Is Hibiki going to be punching things outside of Symphogear now?” still i’ve never heard of the manga/doujin this anime is of

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  4. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    I can’t believe this is going to have an anime 😀 😀 😀
    I think the ecchi-ness of in this show/manga is sorta similar to those harem-themed shows so this is going to be really fun I can’t wait 🙂

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  5. appbeza says:

    Don’t want harmen. Want poly.


  6. B-Rabbit says:

    Wuooooooh!!!!! I love that manga

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  7. Jack Cactus says:

    Lawd in heavens, I’ve always longed for this when I finished the manga

    But some seiyuu choices are odd, especially Hanabi with Minami Tsuda, her voice doesn’t seem to match Hanabi’s personality that much but hey, she gave us Yui (both in Yuru Yuri and Yuyushiki) and 2018, she will give us Mei Aihara and Hanabi….. what could possibly go wrong.

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  8. Nick says:

    Ecchi, yuri love triangle. Sign me up.

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  9. philipbaxton says:

    This is gonna be a great ecchi yuri anime. The manga is really good and filled with a lot of ecchi yuri goodness so I’m sure the anime will be the same. The series is basically To Love Ru but if the MC was a girl (which makes it so much better).

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  10. ineedyuri says:

    Finally the To-love Ru of Yuri.

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  11. I’ve read what’s available for the manga, so I’m pretty excited for this. I’ve become pretty bored with the typical, banal male protags from harem anime, and this is basically the Yuri version which instantly makes it way more fun for me 😀

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  12. Interesting… I had volume 1 of the manga preordered since January 2017 (European Amazon site). It has been delayed over and over again and now says it’s going to be released on Jan. 9th 2018.

    But Amazon in the US seems to have had it in stock since many months?! I’m confused… Has Digital Manga Distribution actually released that Manga already or not? Because the version I preordered is the exact same as the one in the US, same print run even..


  13. indri says:

    OMG! am I still dreaming ? Please wake me up

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  14. Zack says:

    Having read some of the manga, I’m looking forward to this. The rest of the cast besides the main three are also entertaining characters.

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  15. I saw the Vol.1 Manga but couldn’t buy right away, but I LOVED the synopsis. VERY ANXIOUS S2

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  16. I am not sure if I should be happy that we are getting more GxG anime or sad that it seems to be another fan-service crap. Hopefully Anime adaption will be different from what manga seems to be like but I don’t have much hope.


  17. kitsu260 says:

    Also incest, the red hair is mc cousin.

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  18. yurimylove says:

    all hail ecchi yuri!

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  19. yurimylove says:

    men can never resist “a mysterious beauty”… apparently girls can’t either 😀

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  20. Passerby A says:

    I’ve been following this manga and I love it. Not faithfully shipping anyone with anyone would make you enjoy it more (I failed to do this and now I’m in pain HAHA).

    Anyway, this is a very great news!

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  21. cirno9fan says:

    I got really really frustrated with the manga, so not looking as forward to this as others. Part of why I dislike typical het harem shows so much is there’s usually one or two pretty great characters that end up sidelined. And this does not fail to do that. At least as far as I got (2 or 3 volumes in, can’t remember how far it was).

    I’ll still give it a watch, but I’m extra wary of this one…


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