Houseki no Kuni Episode 10: Rough and Rougher Diamonds

After becoming the center of attention of all Gems there was one who looked at Phos differently. Let’s find out what their deal was.

Phos and Bort having a chat.jpg

Phos and Bort having a “chat”.

While Phos was attending to the requests of the more intellectual Gems one in particular, Bort had an interesting request in mind. They wanted Phos to become their partner, or apprentice as it were. Bort saw right through Phos pointing out their unrefined fighting style and of course being haunted by their failure to protect Antarcticite. Bort kept pushing until Phos gave them an “I’ll think about it” response. As they were thinking Phos was like “Oh crap. wasn’t Dia already Bort’s combat partner?” Phos considered keeping quiet but a vision of Antarcticite made them go “Yeah I better tell Dia. Best to get it over with quick.”

Dia taken aback.jpg

Dia taken aback.

Unsurprisingly Dia was shocked by what Bort had done at first. However, because they’re the Best Gem on the show they held back their sadness/rage and gave Phos tips on how to approach the one they love…and were annoyed by.

Dia's angry face.jpg

Angry Dia.

On the surface they accepted Bort’s decision despite showing annoyance but deep down it was a mixture of anger and sadness. The pairing would last until Master Kongo woke up but it still stung. I haven’t seen anger this chilling since Konohana Kitan’s Yuzu.

Bort thinking about their decision

Bort thinking about their decision.

As Bort gave Phos tips on how to improve themselves Phos noticed how much thought Bort put into this decision. Bort knew pairing up with another partner would infuriate Dia but did it anyway because, as Dia said, it had to be done to help Phos become stronger. Before they could discuss it further a never before seen Lunarian showed itself. It appeared to be stuck. Bort made the first move…but it was a trap.

Bort vs Monster Lunarian.jpg


The Lunarian revealed itself as it slowly got through the dimensional rift. It was as awesome as it was scary. Bort and Phos took it on but it was obviously far stronger than any Lunarian they had faced before. So Bort did the the unthinkable, had Phos and them fall back. Actually it was part of their plan to lure the Lunarian to their base and hope they could awaken Master Kongo to help in battle. Thing is the plan required the Lunarian not detect any other nearby Gem.

Dia about to face their greatest challenge yet.jpg

Dia about to face their greatest challenge.

What followed next was some of the most intense 6 minutes of the Fall season. What made it so effective was not only the spectacular TV anime quality CGI but also that there were NO JUMP SCARES WHATSOEVER! Seriously, fans have to see it for themselves. It was intense to the max!

Dia's big moment.jpg

Dia’s big moment.

During those 6 minutes Dia thought about their beloved’s decision and then said to themselves “Screw it! I’m not hiding anymore. I’m going to show that knucklehead I love so much that I’m not a weak diamond, need protection or am a burden. I can kick this freak’s ass by myself!” What followed next gave me chills. Before this only Symphogear 4 gave me that feeling in 2017. However…

Bort coming to Dia's aid.jpg

Bort coming to Dia’s aid.

Powerful moment right here. This will be an agonizing wait because I MUST KNOW what happens next. The PV wasn’t enough.

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17 Responses to Houseki no Kuni Episode 10: Rough and Rougher Diamonds

  1. Karandi says:

    I’m with you in that I have to know what happens next. This was such a tense and powerful sequences and now I want more.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Platon says:

    I would say all of us were woried about Dia, yes I almost couldn´t breathe, I hope they survive all this as this would be even more tragic loss. It was scary and most likely will be but i would say based on the look into the next episode, that this Lunarian will keep splitting. And yes Dia was scary and pissed.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. LuzeriP says:

    That 6 minutes was indeed intense as hell I forgot to breathe. The last time I felt this amount of intense when Banba chasing Haru to the bathroom. Well this is much longer and it’s stressing me out. I don’t know what happens next but Bort is very angry she may be fight recklessly now. And you’re right, this wait is painful.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. B-M says:

    Not only was that scene heart-poundingly intense, the little moment after shared between a broken Diamond and Bort was beautifully romantic.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. The episode previews for this show are wayyy too good at tricking the viewers. They show exactly the moments where they actually reveal nothing about the big things happening next episode, just those scenes that make us get the wrong idea. Damn, this show is brilliantly made.

    I found it interesting that in the original Japanese, Dia called Bort “Otouto” (“Little Brother”) and
    Bort called Dia “Aniki” (Familiar form of “Big Brother”). Might be interesting in the sense that while Japan can often just leave out subjects and objects in a sentence, and thus they can skirt the problem somewhat, Japanese doesn’t really have any gender-neutral pronouns as such like singular they…hmm.

    That 6 minutes were indeed tense. I kept thinking “Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.”
    First: “You should hide. Like right now.”
    “Just run already, idiot!”
    “Have you no genre-savviness of finding yourself in a horror anime all of a sudden? I guess this show wasn’t that much of one till now, but still!”
    “What the hell are those two others doing? They’re supposed to be taking care of this thing! Arrgh.”
    As they go into the little tunnel thing between the two white sheet things: “That spot is reallly, reaaaally bad. It’s a tunnel between two points. Worst hiding place, aarrggh. No nononono.”
    As they attack the Lunarian: “Oh no. You’re not doing that?! You stupid idiot, trying to face a Lunarian you haven’t even seen fully yet alone! Argh!
    As Dia starts to lose lmbs: “See! I told you this was a bad idea!”
    As they seem to defeat it: “You actualy got it? Damn. Still, terrible idea.”
    “As Bort and Dia turn around at the end: “Damn.”

    I think I have several AOTS this season, and this is most certainly one of them.

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  6. kitsu260 says:

    If only Sensei Wake Up.
    The Lunarians are getting stronger, maybe they’re using the Fragment they Stole to Power Up.


  7. x says:

    With a ending like that Bort should go all out for the women she love and finally confess her feeling for Dia.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. OtakuGamerGirlT says:

    That was the most cinematic masterpiece I’ve witnessed in Anime this year! Definitely the best use of CGI I’ve seen ever! I swear I thought I was watching a horror movie at some parts and felt like I was watching an intense action game at others. Like, I could see that whole battle sequence with her skirting the Lunarian in a game similar to the type of “God of War” or something. That ending moment between the two was like icing on the cake. I need the next ep now!

    Liked by 2 people

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