Love Live! Sunshine!! 2.5: Little Demon Puppy Power

Apparently this episode made some people loath humanity for some reason. Might as well find out why.

Happy Yohane.jpg

Something good happened to Yohane. Let’s find out what it was.

Riko trying to make peace with Shiitake again.jpg

Riko trying to make peace with Shiitake again.

As we saw in the previews last time this episode is centered around Riko, Yohane and dogs. Anyway Riko tried making peace with Shiitake again to no avail.

Saint Snow rocking hard again.jpg

Saint Snow rocking hard again.

Aqours had a meeting at Chika’s place thinking up a theme for their super awesome new performance for Love Live! We got a brief glimpse of Saint Snow tearing the house down again. Hopefully we’ll get to see their full performance later on.

Crafty Mari.jpg

When it comes to deception Mari’s skills are top notch.

Later that evening Riko’s Mom told her to find Yohane and bring back the Key to the Netherworld the Queen left behind. Riko found the fallen angel but she wasn’t alone.

Yohane's new friend.jpg

Yohane’s newest little demon.

Riko’s reaction upon meeting Yohane’s newest little demon was unsurprising. Long conversation short Yohane asked her to take care of the puppy for a bit. She tried as best as she could to change her mind but caved in.

Looking good Yohane.jpg

Looking good Yohane. The others looked great as well of course.

Riko's Mom.jpg

Riko’s sexy mama. The episode gets bonus points thanks to her. The Perfect Episode would have been omega level perfect had The Perfect Mom made an appearance. Oh, and Riko’s Mom X Queen of the Netherworld is so legit.

Riko, much to her surprise, took a liking to the puppy. Yohane didn’t like seeing Riko get attached to the puppy she found, named Laelaps Nocturne.

Puppy's owner.jpg

Laelaps Nocturne’s owner.

Before they could debate on who would get to keep Laelaps Nocturne it turned out she wasn’t a stray. They took the news well…

Ideas for Aqours' new song.jpg

Ideas for the theme for Aqours’ new super song…except “darkness”.

Before going back to Yohane and Riko we got a brief scene of things to come next episode or later on. Kanan talked to Chika about this being the third years’ last Love Live! and her wanting to give it her all one last time. Better buy some tissues for the inevitable. I wasn’t prepared last time.

Hanamaru imitating Yohane.jpg

It was brief but Zuramaru imitating Yohane was awesome.

So yeah Riko and Yohane were feeling super down about losing Laelaps Nocturne. What surprised me about this episode is that usually in “stray dog/puppy” episodes the reveal of the dog already having an owner happens near the end but we would soon find out there’s a big reason why it took a different route.

Yohane using her power

Yohane using her power to summon Laelaps Nocturne.

Yohane refused to accept Laelaps Nocturne had an owner, going so far as saying it might be a dog that coincidentally looked like the girl’s. After finding the owner’s home she tried summoning her little demon to no avail. She refused to give up. Riko thought this was a bad idea but she stuck around because of how serious Yohane felt about Laelaps Nocturne. Then it started raining again like at the start of the episode.

Yohane reveals her origin to Riko.jpg

Yohane about to reveal her true origin to Riko.

Riko’s kindness opted Yohane to answer her question about why she was so serious about the puppy. She then told her her origin story as a fallen angel. See, Yohane had had bad luck ever since she was a little demon herself. Every time she walked outside it rained along with other examples of her misfortune. She pondered whether it was an invisible power that was both a gift and a curse that she could make it rain yet have bad things often happen to her. Then on that rainy day when her bad luck led her to Laelaps Nocturne she hoped more than ever that she was indeed born with special powers.

Riko's smile.jpg

Riko’s heavenly smile.

Then Laelaps Nocturne and her owner came out. Yohane tried summoning her but it didn’t work out as well as she had hoped. Thankfully Riko assured her that she did have some invisible power just like the rest of Aqours (This is an undisputed fact). Riko’s words lifted Yohane’s spirit and all was well.

The war is over.jpg

The war comes to an end.

We end the episode with the conclusion of an epic war.

So yeah. Peeps who HATED this episode have my condolences but sadly that’s all you’re getting from me. I enjoyed this one. While it was more a Yohane episode Riko also benefited from it. Pretty cool.

Oh. I almost forgot this:


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23 Responses to Love Live! Sunshine!! 2.5: Little Demon Puppy Power

  1. Louis Francis III says:

    Da-da-da-da-da-da! Scrappy power!

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  2. Mauron says:

    Zuramaru: Won’t you be my little demon, zura?

    Zuramaru channels the power of Yohane when her beloved is in need. One of the many reasons YohaMaru is amazing.

    While I am glad Riko has conquered her fears, I will miss her panicked leaps from Chika’s bedroom into her own.

    I’m glad that Riko acknowledged the inherent darkness of any dog that would have a chance encounter with Yohane.

    Finally someone in the show got Yohane’s name right… even if Yohane does a “duck season” right after.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Zuramaru was magnificent.

      They’re a cute and funny couple, yes.

      All good things come to an end.

      Such is the way of the fallen angel.

      Poor dear’s so used to people getting her name wrong she referenced her favorite Looney Tunes cartoon trilogy of all time.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Mauron says:

        I meant to type Zurahane for the quote source, Zuramaru channeling Yohane is Zurahane! The power of Zura warps my brain.

        YohaMaru is easily my favorite Love Live! ship.

        Maybe Chika can pick up the cross-bedroom leaping slack by hopping over instead of stretching her hand across… and fall half the time.

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  3. Bayuro says:

    I’ve never been nervous and excited on an episode watching Love Live! Sunshine!! all my entire life before but thanks to OG for saying not to worry, it paid off.

    I bet this episode is made due to insisted demand of the so called “YohaRiko shippers” who are desperately craving for an episode dedicated for Yoshiko and Riko (can’t blame them the last season is a big disappointment for them). Now the got what they wanted.

    Just as I expected, I commented last week this episode is gonna be like this… Yoshiko finds a lost dog, she turned it over to Riko because she can’t keep it, Riko fears all dogs and it’s up for her how she will overcome her fears with this dog. The episode ended up on Chika’s house where Riko is trying to overcome her fear from her long time tormentor Shiitake, she did and it makes Chika happy, then Riko is happy, now I’m happy…

    Apparently, this is a YohaRiko episode. If you ask me about this episode, it’s not as impressive compared by the likes of ChikaRiko, ChikaYou and KananMari episodes last season because the pairing lack some elements usually seen on drama like holding hands, emotional hugs, crying, love confessions etc. I’ve only seen Yoshiko and Riko are just getting along together with bunch of friendly talks talking about the dog. Nothing more, nothing less. Despite all of I said I still like this episode because for me this is when Riko will move up to the next level where she overcome her personal fears and she ended up victorious.

    Talk about Yoshiko, despite being a self-proclaimed emissary from hell, she really cares on anything living on Earth, especially dogs.

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    • OG-Man says:

      I told you not to worry. This episode existed to cater to those shippers but still kept it to a minimum so as to not make main shippers lose their marbles.

      I enjoyed the episode myself as it had both Yohane and Riko shine. Now whether they shined the way diehard fans wanted them to is not something I concern myself with very much.

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  4. themarrowbook says:

    It was such a lovely episode to watch, that I’d still have appreciated it had I not been a Little Demon, or a Yohane follower.

    An episode with interactions between characters who don’t usually stick together generally gives some interesting perspectives, and this time was no exception.
    We learned how Yohane had gained her fallen angel identity and her ideas on the destiny. Riko helped her out but Riko herself was in turn influenced, so that she could reconcile with Shiitake.

    It was also interesting that when naming the puppy, Riko came up with the music-themed name Nocturne, while Yohane gave a mythological name Laelaps. It shows their difference in tastes pretty clearly.
    I also noticed the picture of Laelaps Nocturne bore a striking resemblance in style to her voice actress Rikyako’s drawing. (especially to the creepy elephant one with a misplaced trunk)
    Funny thing is, Riko was supposed to be a good artist in the original settings, which can be seen in the official website and early magazine articles. (maybe it’s just her style being rather surrealistic)

    Also that mention of the end for the 3rd years hit me hard. Like you said, we’re more prepared than the last time, though.

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  5. I actually realized something with this episode…I might actually like Sunshine!!/Aqours more now than the original Love Live/µ’s…how odd. It’s probably due to Best Fallen Angel. Also the Perfect One. And maybe also OT3 stuff.

    I quite liked this episode. While it may have also catered to shippers of a certain ship I don’t really ship (OT3 shipper for life with this show!), I just enjoyed learning more of Best Fallen Angel, and also seeing Riko deal with her fear of dogs (my own fear of spiders if maybe just a few levels above in comparison).

    So many awesome small moments again this episode, yay!

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    • OG-Man says:

      Just be careful not to say this in μ’s territory.

      BARELY catered to them is more like it. It’s more like “Oh right. YohaRiko shippers exist. Let’s give them a wee little something.” Twas more a Yohane episode that also helped out Riko a lot.

      True that, Zura.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Quite. Idol fans can be scary beings, indeed. Thankfully I don’t hang around such places at all, really, and don’t really know anyone in person who would in the die-hard μ’s camp. I also keep my opinions to myself about 75% of the time, especially around such things around people I don’t already know a bit, so I might be safe from the the fan’s wrath. For now, at least.


  6. chikorita157 says:

    I have to admit that it’s nice to see Riko get over her fears over of dogs. It only takes taking care of one dog to do the trick. Either way, it’s nice to see how Yoshiko receive her Chuunibyou powers.

    Liked by 3 people

  7. ErikoK says:

    I know it’s probably an unpopular opinion, but this is probably my favorite episode of the season (competing with Dia’s episode). It’s surprisingly quiet and slow-paced for a Love Live episode, I feel like that tranquility makes the episode more emotional.

    Yeah, it was probably made with YohaRiko shippers in mind, but I feel that we got a episode that breaks the formula and goes for something more deep. The scene with Yoshiko talking about destiny and bonds was surprisingly deep and the almost melancholic feel of the episode makes it hit rather hard, at least that was the case for me.

    I’m happy that it wasn’t really heavy on the shipping (I feel like the only shipping material is Yohane calling Riko her “elite little demon” and the ED), I think that, instead of “material to cater to the shippers”, we got an episode that delves into the characters of Riko and Yoshiko and gives them a nice amount of depth.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      It was a really good Yohane episode that also greatly benefited Riko. Both became stronger characters afterward.

      If it weren’t for the YohaRiko shippers coming out of the woodwork after this episode I wouldn’t have known this was kind of a YohaRiko fanbase pandering episode. As you said, there’s hardly any shipping material to be found. Riko becoming Yohane’s Elite Little Demon barely counts.

      Liked by 2 people

  8. elkat4 says:

    This week reinforces the undeniable fact that the forces of darkness have a soft spot for animals, be it the future ruler of hell, the Christmas Devil or a fallen angel.

    Crossover Corner:
    Ultimate Showdown of Epicness!!!
    Yohane sees a peculiar stray dog eating melon bread.
    Yohane: You poor thing, are you lost? I’ll take care of you (as in I’ll let Riko look after you since my place can’t keep dogs).
    Satania comes running up: Keeping your filthy mitts off my familiar!
    Yohane: Your familiar? That aura! You’re a demon aren’t you?!
    Satania: Correct! I would expecting nothing less from a fallen angel!
    Yohane: I won’t this dog to be corrupted by a foul demon like you!
    Satania: How dare you! That dog is my familiar and I won’t allow you to get between us!
    They both pull out 3DS’s and start an epic pokemon battle. Yohane sends out a Houndoom named Laelaps and mega evolves it while Satania uses a Charizard named Alexander that she mega evolves into Charizard X.
    Raphiel (hiding behind a light post): This is so great!
    Gabriel: Hay isn’t that the girl who got kicked out of heaven for leading humans to the dark side. Talk about a total failure as an angel.
    Vignette: And the pot calls the kettle black.
    Teru walks onto the scene
    Teru: What’s this cute, widdle abandoned puppy? When I find the person responsible for this, I’LL SKIN THEM ALIVE! I wish I could keep you but I don’t Beelzebub would take so kindly to me adopting a dog. Serana’s out of the question. Youko already has a dog- cue a certain ex-butler sneezing. Maybe I convince someone else I know to take care of you.
    Yohane & Satania: Keep your hands off (Laepas II/my familiar)!

    Magical Girl Lyrical Yohane:
    Yohane discovers a wounded Arf
    Yohane: Poor thing! Don’t worry, the fallen angel Yohane will nurse back to health (at Riko’s place).
    Somedays later
    Yohane (on the phone): Riko what’s wrong?
    Riko: It’s Nocturne II! It transformed into a sexy woman! I’m so confused and strangely aroused at the same time! Come over quick before I do something I will regret!
    Yohane: What.
    Yohane rushes over to Riko’s place where Riko is sitting in a corner, muttering “I’m not going to cheat on Chika” to herself over and over.
    Arf: Well I guess the cat’s out of the bag.
    Yohane: I’m so confused and aroused at the same time.

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  9. Mamiina says:

    I don’t give a damn about YohaRiko shippers. I am sure that Riko tried so hard to overcome her fears so that she could finally be able to marry Chika and to live happily with her and Shiitake.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. K says:

    This was a nice episode focusing on an unusual pair and by the end of it, Riko’s fear of dogs was obliterated. Huzzah!

    That Shitake, it’s as if he knows Riko’s afraid of getting close to him and so he does his best to spook her.

    Riko really took a shine to Nocturne/Laelaps despite her fear. It was funny how she took care of it without actually touching it.

    Yohane always had an unlucky streak, eh? Due to that, she believed that there were unknown forces at work in her life with this belief shaping her into the fallen angel we all know and love. Those forces led her to Nocturne/Laelaps and brightened her life and Riko’s by extension. May these invisible forces guide Aquors to greatness also.

    YohaRiko were so bummed when they found out Nocturne/Laelaps had an owner that they were quite synchronized in their despair.

    Liked by 2 people

  11. yurimylove says:

    I just learned from this episode that, chuuni power trumps dog phobia

    Liked by 1 person

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