Houseki no Kuni Episode 3: Shiny Doodoo

Phos was in quite the sticky pickle when last we left her. Let’s see how she got out of that predicament.

Fragments of Phos stuck on the snail shell.jpg

Phos fragments stuck on the snail’s shell.

Bort attacking the giant snail.jpg

The action scenes on this show are great1

Intentionally naughty screen grab aside the action scenes on this show are great 3D spectacles. Some of the best I’ve seen in a CG Japanese TV show. As for Phos, Dia saw the green cracks in the giant snail’s shell, thus both diamond class warriors went to town on it and were victorious.

Mini Snail

Mini Snail.

After the counterattack Bort remembered “Oh yeah. Snails are weak against salt water.” and was annoyed Phos getting captured made them forget that. Dia picked up the little snail and noticed something strange about it. It reacted to Dia’s words as if it understood them, leading to Dia hypothesizing that Phos somehow turned into the snail.

Medic Gem about to go to work.jpg

Medic Gem about to have a ball.

Dia immediately ran to Medic Gem for help…but quickly realized it wasn’t a good idea.

Two more Gems.jpgMore Gems.jpgEven more Gems.jpg

Of these six random Gems the ones that piqued my interest the most were the purple twin-tailed one with their eyes closed and the lime green one with the smudge on their head. So Dia and “Snail Phos” went around asking other Gems for help but every one of them said the same thing, that Phos was better off as a snail because they were already annoying and useless as a Gem. Dia seemed to be one of, if not the only one who cared about them.

3D CG Snail Poop

3D CG snail poop. Never in my life did I think I would be typing this sentence. Then again there is a South Korean CG animation starring a talking pile of cow poop so it’s not the first time I saw CG poop. My point is that contrary to what internet critics say poop and fart jokes are still funny in 2017.

We got a scene of Dia contemplating whether they would be better off turning into a snail too because then they wouldn’t have to worry about their envy, jealousy or love for Bort. They continued their search for a Gem who could help.

Bright Dia.jpg

So beautiful.

Meanwhile it was time for Cinnabar to go on her patrol when they saw a bright light. It was Dia asleep. Remember that unlike Cinnabar other Gems don’t function well at night.

Dia, the snail and Cinnabar.jpg

Dia, “Snail Phos” and Cinnabar. My top 2 Gems and one surprisingly cute mascot.

Like everyone else Cinnabar didn’t want anything to do with “Snail Phos”…on the outside. We all know how they really felt on the inside. Their words gave Dia the answer they were looking for. Turns out Phos never turned into a snail but their fragments merged with the formerly giant snail’s shell and said shell was still underwater. What followed was Dia dashing towards the pond and once again I have to compliment the show’s AWESOME action scenes. All Dia did was run and jump off logs and branches but they did it with such style and grace it was breathtaking.

Phos regenerating.jpg

Phos regenerating.

Even Phos’ regeneration scene was awesome! All was well and Phos returned thanks to Dia and the other Gems’ efforts. Oh and Phos can communicate with the snail. We’ll see where that goes next time.

Bort surprised by Dia's assertiveness.jpg

Bort left almost speechless.

One last thing of note was Bort left almost speechless by Dia’s assertiveness, confirming my theory that Bort’s tough on them because deep down they love them and want to protect them.

I’m loving this show more than I thought I would. Definitely the hidden gem of the season, pun again intended.


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19 Responses to Houseki no Kuni Episode 3: Shiny Doodoo

  1. LiteraryScribeOtakuGamerGirlT says:

    Seems like characters with the name Dia are awesome in any universe. I agree though, that action scene of her running through the trees was spectacular! I loved seeing her more assertive side this ep and I guess Bort did too lol. They are probably my second fav pair after my obvious first.

    Speaking of this two, I thought it was cute how Tsun Cinnabar was being in regards to Phos. I found it hilarious that even Dia picked up on their obvious chemistry and clearly ships them too. I’m curious to see what significance her ability to talk to snails in the future will bring. Overall, this is a great sure for sure.

    Also, I’m still holding out for my Phos now being immune to poison theory.😉

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      It was visually stunning.

      This is true. We have yet another amazing Dia right here but only one is perfect.

      Hopefully Dia and Bort will grow closer before the season finale.

      Cinnabar really likes Phos deep down and hopes to the Gem heavens she can be with her every single day. GO PHOS! Find a way for Cinnabar to be with you and touch you!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. B-M says:

    Bort loves Dia so much. Just that little scene was wonderful.

    Also, Cinnibar making the bubble Phos was very pretty and… blush-worthy.

    This episode was full of scenes that were, like you said, breathtaking. I was entranced through the whole thing, and that’s a trend through this anime lol. Where on earth is this series going next? Who knows! – (other than manga readers ofc)

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Karandi says:

    This was an absolutely beautiful episode. I’m loving the character interactions and just how gorgeous this is to watch. Hopefully it continues to be as strong.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Well, I guess Phos has a new job now. “Phos the (cute) snail whisperer.” Wonder if she can understand other animals too now, and whether there even are any kind of animals around really.

    Indeed, as you said, those actions scenes were something else. Just stunning. Also, Dia’s hair. Again, stunning. Also, all the ships. Not so stunning, but oh so fluffy and in denial of their true feelings.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Mauron says:

    They once again of shiny hair.

    Bort’s jealousy was showing this episode.

    Maybe the snail can try to make things up to Phos by mentioning Cinnabar’s obvious feelings.

    We are out of Bort license plates in the gift shop. I repeat, we are out of Bort license plates in the gift shop.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. LuzeriP says:

    When I see the shell had some green in it, I immediately thinking Phos is right there, not the snail, Dia. But watching Dia carrying Snail Phos around really made my day. Snail Phos and Dia are super cute. Bort might be a high class tsundere, but she too can’t resist Dia’s beauty. This show is too good, can’t wait to see more.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      They were blessed by The Perfect One back when humanity still existed in their world. That explains why Bort cares so much about them deep down.

      The snail showed it will make a great mascot.

      Liked by 1 person

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