Symphogear AXZ Episode 10: Medium Sized Clash

With the “large” and “small” units already showing off their awesomeness, only one remains.

Embarassed Chris

Hibiki’s birthday is coming up. Christopher seemed super excited.

The mirrored Orion.jpg

The mirrored Orion.

The team were called to HQ to discuss the Pavarian Illuminati’s goal of opening the gates of the mirrored Orion and unleash some super god. Chief Akuma informed them there was some kind of god slayer in Germany but unfortunately Adam’s previous attack of the facility wiped out all Val Verde gathered data. At least the attack hinted that they’re definitely trying to keep what could be the god slayer power a secret. Tsubasa then remembered the time Hibiki destroyed the “indestructible” snake thing and suspected Gungir might be connected to the god slayer power.

Soldiers killed.jpg

Soldiers killed because of Kirika’s recklessness.

Kirika suggested having Hibiki’s birthday party ASAP. Christopher scolded her for that and told her to stop being naive. Kirika recalled what happened on the ship and the lives lost because of her recklessness.

Saint-Germain starting the gate ritual

Saint-Germain beginning the ritual.

Meanwhile Saint-Germain seemed to have reached a crossroads in her life. With her comrades’ “dead” she was forced into using herself as the sacrifice to open the divine gate. Also I think Saint-Germain’s counting the number of people she saw die in her lifetime, meaning over 73800 people.

Very lewd

Very lewd.

I swear if these two don’t kiss before the series ends it will be one of the biggest missed opportunities in history. Then again NanoFate are legends and they’ve never kissed on screen (as far I am aware). Still, I want to see HibiMiku kiss darn it!

Saint-Germain remembering her mom.jpg

Saint-Germain remembering her mom.

Classic “I’m doing it all for the greater good” misguided motivation.

Hibiki and Kirika henshin.jpg

Hibiki and Kirika dual henshin.

The ritual was about to succeed when S.O.N.G launched their countermeasures to stop the ritual. The “medium” then hit the scene.

Hibiki vs Saint-Germain 2.jpg

Hibiki (and Kirika) vs Saint-Germain 2.

As usual an epic clash occurred. I was half right about the deaths thing. She’s seen over 32800 people sacrificed and nearly 41000 casualties, believing herself irredeemable.

Two Shouts, One Love.jpg

Two Shouts, One Love.


Hibiki yet again tried reasoning with Saint-Germain and this time her words seemed to have got through to her, when of course…

2nd gate.jpg

2nd Gate.

Adam showed up and initiated Plan B.

Adam's adamantium hat.jpg

That hat is made of Adamantium.

To the surprise of no one Adam outright told Saint-Germain “Yeah I was just using you three”. She took his betrayal well. Adam answered by having Tiki fire a “Chou Hakudou”.

Kirika's sacrifice.jpg

Kirika’s sacrifice.

Seriously? Your response to being called naive was “putting your life on the line to the point of sacrificing yourself with a Swan Song?” DOOD! Hopefully, like Tsubasa, this isn’t the end for Kirika. FUCK ANY COP-OUT BITCHING AND MOANING SHOULD SHE SURVIVE THIS! Symphogear isn’t the kind of show where heroes regularly get killed off. We already had one of those at the very beginning of the series. We don’t need another one.

Anyway the episode ended with am fancy “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” speech as Hibiki and Saint-Germain teamed up to face Adam and Tiki.

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11 Responses to Symphogear AXZ Episode 10: Medium Sized Clash

  1. kracen says:

    Here are things we know about the Swan Songs based on previous episodes.
    Natural Symphogear users can use a Swan Song and not be killed from it (Though take serious injury to do so), Chris, Tsubasa and Hibiki have all shown this.
    Linker using Symphogear users cannot survive it and turn to dust (Kanade).
    Both Shirabe and Kirika have attempted to use a swan song before, which would have resulted in their death, but Hibiki, being a natural user, absorbed the effects and could survive it.
    So, what we can assume is that a Swan Song uses a set amount of synchronisation between the user and their Symphogear, which Linker users cannot sustain and thus overwhelms them.
    Kirika having overdosed on Linker before doing the Swan Song, will thus have the levels required to survive, albeit barely… Granted if they let her die without making Shirabe and Kirika canon I will personally go over to Japan and hurt the person who’s decision it was.

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  2. Survive Kirika! That is your one and only job now! You really are naive if you think sacrificing yourself is what anyone wants from you!

    So basically, Saint-Germain ended up fighting on the side of the Symphogears, but only temporarily it seems (for now), as “the enemy of my enemy is not my friend, but neither of us can beat this asshole alone so we’ll team up to take him down, at least/right now this asshole that just revealed he betrayed me and my friends is a bigger target for me than you people, so he goes down first”. Basically.

    …Though, I am seeing potential for a Chris x Saint-Germain ship in the future if Saint-Germain does end up joining their side permanently later, or as a sort-of-ally or something who’s not quite on their team. Potential for bonding over both blaming themselves for a lots of deaths in their lives, living with guilt and such, etc. Potential Season 5 stuff, maybe? (Also potential for lots of adorable blushing and attempts at denying it if it does happen, as Chris is hardly open about her feelings, and Saint-Germain seems just about equally so in a different way…)

    Also, did anyone else notice the subtle easter egg/hint/potential foreshadowing when someone (Chris?) wiped the board clean of the date early on? As far as I can tell, that pattern matches Miku’s Symphogear form’s face mask pattern to a T. Foreshadowing? I hope so.

    (In addition to that, not sure if you’re aware, but the Symphogear mobile game that released earlier this summer apparently just had an Alternate dimension Miku show up with her S2 Relic intact and who had cleansed it of mind-control stuff and is in full control of it. AU stuff, but still…potential for the anime as well? Granted, the game does feature obtainable versions of Serena and Kanade as well, who are unlikely to ever come back in the show itself, but still…hope?)

    (P.S.: A reference to Nanoha always makes my day. 3rd Movie part 1 subs soon, anyone?)

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Let’s hope she’ll recover with Shirabe’s help.

      Pretty much. The phrase is usually reserved for uneasy alliances so it’s the same thing as your elaboration.

      As cirno9fan said it would be insane to NOT have Miku return to the battlefield. It’s only a matter of time.

      I’d love to play an English patched version of the mobile game. I don’t like having to rely on scripted translations.

      Ya never know. They could be coming soon.

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  3. Wanderer says:

    …Are you aware that the first image in this post has been squished horizontally? It doesn’t do it any favors.

    Kirika should be all right. She and Shirabe OD’d on LiNKER twice to use their Swan Songs in Symphogear G, and made it out alive both times. The dangers now may have coming from using too much LiNKER this time, and from having already been near her limit from fighting in Ignite mode. Still she should recover if they can get her out of there safely.

    Personally I doubt Saint Germain will be sticking around for the long haul. I just hope she manages to wipe that smug grin off that bastard’s face before she dies.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. x says:

    Kirika will be fine, because it will be bad if she didn’t.


  5. yurimylove says:

    people please don’t beat on poor Kirika, she didn’t do it to “sacrifice” herself, she did it to save Hibiki

    Liked by 1 person

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