KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 31: Pink Mama

The time for the last Baking Ranger to to overcome a personal obstacle to power up her crystal has come. Will Ichika be up to the challenge?

Young Ichika and her mom.jpg

Young Ichika and her mom.

We kicked off with a flashback of a young Ichika and her mom where she was told by her to not cry, otherwise everyone else would be sad…more on that in a bit.

Ichika's Mom Returns.jpg

Ichika’s mom back home from working abroad.

Back in the present Ichika’s mom, having received some incredibly rare time off (being a doctor who works abroad and all), made a surprise return and rushed over to KiraPati to greet her baby girl. The girls insisted Ichika spend as much time as possible with her parents.

Ichika forgot something important.jpg

Ichika forgot something important.

While catching up mom brought up some unfinished business, baking a cake together with Ichika. She then remembered the cake she baked back in episode 1 and forgot about up till now. She rushed off to bake another one to surprise Mom tout suite…

Ichika's Mom caring for her.jpg

Ichika’s really tired.

Unfortunately she was too tired to bake the cake. Probably the accumulated stress we’ll be discussing in a bit. Mom tended to her bundle of joy for a long time before heading to bed.

Ichika's poorly baked cake.jpg

Ichika’s poorly baked cake.

The accumulated stress I mentioned was because Mom got a call saying she had to go back the very next day. Ichika rushed to bake the cake but because of the incredible stress she couldn’t produce any kira-kiraru to make the cake special. The above result is what she ended up with.

Dad's kind smile

Dad’s reassuring smile.

Ichika presented the cake, shaking from top to bottom while trying to maintain a strong, confident exterior. Dad noticed she was pushing herself and told her to calm herself, leaving her and Mom to talk things through. Remember that “not crying” thing from earlier. Ichika worked really hard to keep that promise for as long as she could. For years whenever there was a time she felt like crying she held it all in and smiled. Even when Mom didn’t come home in episode 1 she was disappointed but still held it in,

Ichika letting loose.jpg

The feels.

After noticing Ichika pushing herself all this time she had a sort of “What have I done?” reaction. She held Ichika real tight, apologized and praised her for how much she’d grown and what an amazing daughter she’d become. Ichika could no longer hold back her feelings and cried a good cry along with her mama. Gotta admit, it got me in the kokoro. The music during this heartwarming moment also helped.

Ichika saying bye for now.jpg

Ichika saying “bye for now”.

Later the cake was baked and Ichika wanted to see Mom’s face when she saw it but of course that was the cue for the baddies to cause trouble, so instead she told Mom how proud she was of her and that she’d continue being strong and working hard on her goals too before rushing off to the battlefield. Of course her parents didn’t know what important duties she had but Mom got the message and got on the plane with a smile.

Ichika's special cake.jpg

Ichika’s special cake for Mom.

More feels as Ichika used her newfound confidence to help the others take down the monster of the week and Mom flew back to Africa or wherever she had to go with a huge smile on her face. I always liked Ichika. I have a soft spot for goofy girls that aren’t super genki. Ichika’s just the right amount of goofy fun. She was my #3 before this episode but after this she took Akira’s spot as #2.

Bibury Powered up.jpg

Bibbly powered up.

While all this was happening we got to see a still depressed Bibbly being finally visited by Lord Noir who took advantage f her unhealthy devotion to him and gave her a dark power boost similar to what happened with Julio.

I REALLY HOPE this won’t end with Bibbly also being in a coma. Julio can suck it but Bibbly’s cool. Don’t have her suffer a similar fate after the Cures unlock the new power of their crystals to beat her.

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4 Responses to KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 31: Pink Mama

  1. Kaylee R Smerbeck says:

    This episode reminded me of sonic 06 don’t cry Ichika we sealed Iblis in your tears
    I’m just gonna say Ichika out of the 5 is my least favorite but that’s just me also wish she henshined in front of her mom and dad


  2. cirno9fan says:

    it was a very touching episode

    And I will be pretty upset if she goes coma too. C’mon producers! realize that you need to give her a chance! I mean, she deserves as much, her life has been nothing but terrible.

    Liked by 1 person

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