Princess Principal Episode 6: The Babe’s Crummy Old Lingerie

Detractors wanted a reason to care about Dorothy, they got it. Whether this was enough is up to viewers.

Dorothy Teaching Beatrice.jpg

Dorothy teaching Beatrice.

We started the episode with Dorothy teaching Beatrice lock picking because neither Ange or Chise are good teachers. Dorothy then hummed a song and Beatrice complimented her. The song, while one she enjoys didn’t have a pleasant origin.

Later Dorothy got a mission to retrieve a cipher hidden inside a corpse at the morgue. Dorothy, as was confirmed in this scene and shown throughout the show so far, prefers seducing or subduing enemies over eliminating them. There was a catch to the mission. The Duke of Normandy had an accomplice tasked to retrieve the cipher. It was Dorothy’s father, Danny.

Dorothy's dad.jpg

Danny McBean.

At the morgue we met Danny McBean, a drunkard with a hook arm who owed a lot of money to shady people. We also learned Dorothy’s real name is Daisy and Dorothy’s her mom’s name…I think. Speaking of the shady people they came to get the money, which he didn’t have. Daisy disgustedly walked away from the shell of her formerly admirable father. Beatrice scolded him to be nicer to Daisy…

Danny abusing Beatrice.jpg

Danny abusing Beatrice

It didn’t end well…

A young abused Dorothy.jpg

Daisy’s tragic past.

After kicking Danny to the curb Daisy told Beatrice their backstory about him being an expert engineer who lost his right arm in an accident. As the above image shows it drove him over the edge. Her mom left them both to rot. Daisy eventually had had enough and left him as well. On the bright side, Dorothy X Beatrice potential.

Ange and Princess talking about their future again.jpg

Ange and Princess talking about their future again.

Speaking of ships we got another scene of Princess Charlotte and Ange talking about Ange’s goal to become Queen for not only their future together but other people affected by “the Wall”.

Danny telling Dorothy his deal.jpg

Danny telling Daisy about his deal with the Duke.

Later Daisy took a drunk Danny back home and tried finding the Cipher in their room while he’s out. They didn’t find anything but luckily for them Danny was still drunk when he got back up so, as is the case in some media, a drunk person blabs out whatever secrets they have. In this case he told Daisy about his deal with the Duke, the corpse, the Cipher and the money he owed.

Dorothy and Danny having a moment.jpg

Daisy and Danny having a moment.

The next day Beatrice found the corpse with the Cipher. After copying the data Daisy gave it to Danny so he could get the money. Overjoyed he told her to meet up with him at a bar to celebrate.

At said bar Daisy and Beatrice bumped into the shady guys again. They told her about an alternative to get rid of his debt, have Daisy pay it off with her body.

Dorothy breaking a goon's arm.jpg

Daisy breaking goons’ arms.

Daisy wasn’t at all pleased by this revelation. Arms were broken and noses were busted. The head guy, pleading for his life, confessed that after hearing about the alternative Danny endured a beating, pleading with the goons to wait until he got the money. So while he’s a drunkard oaf he still cared about his daughter deep down. Still didn’t excuse his reckless abusing of course but Daisy believed there’s still good in him. She was right.

Meanwhile Danny met up with the Duke’s sexy right hand babe from episode 2 to complete the exchange and…yeah.

Beatrice and Dorothy waiting for Danny.jpg

Beatrice and Daisy waiting for Danny.

There we have it. Dorothy, aka Daisy’s backstory. She’s been my #1 since the show started and still is. More shipping potential. Now we have to wait and see which pairings will flourish by show’s end.

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31 Responses to Princess Principal Episode 6: The Babe’s Crummy Old Lingerie

  1. Reapy_s0ul says:

    I wasn’t expecting it, but it came anyway.
    Anyway, we definitely did get some shipping potential here, that’s for certain, the Ange x Princess ship is also progressing smoothly.
    Honestly, there’s so much not wrong here that I’m at a loss for words, this is definitely one of the best anime this season.

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  2. The McBean family registry says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: princess principal gets stronger with every episode. It’s not unusual for anime to lose steam after 2 or 3 episodes along with the budget but we’ve reached the halfway point and pripri is still consistently the best show I’m watching this season.

    I didn’t see DoroBea coming but it was a pleasant surprise. And Dorothy acting so bashful and showing some of her vulnerabilities was adorable. It’s nice to see the senior spy of the group open up and forget the idiosyncrasies of her trade. Unfortunately that was what eventually brought about that bittersweet tear-jerking ending. I’m sure a focused Dorothy would realize what was going to happen to her father, but Daisy just thought dad was late…

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    • OG-Man says:

      Very much so. It already has anime of the season contender written all over it and it’s a top 10 of 2017 for sure.

      There’s definitely potential for that ship. We’ll see.

      Yes. Daisy let her guard down for one moment and she didn’t figure things out in time.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Trans Homura says:

    I do like she acknowledged her dad tried to change but didn’t forgive Andrea has more info

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  4. x says:

    We can only imagine when Dorothy finds out what happens to her dad and try’s to get her revenge.

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  5. cirno9fan says:

    I do like her more now. Easily not my favorite character (Leaning between the great trinity of Ange, Charlotte, and Chise atm), but I do find her much more interesting than before. I think it’s also been some good shipping material between her and Beatrice, especially considering they have a common bond in having a terrible childhood. which brings me to: Is Beatrice as young as she looks? Or was the tinkering able to even stop her body from growing?

    That dad was seriously terrifying. I hope we don’t meet him in more than a flashback…but I fear we shall. And he’ll be on the enemy’s side is my theory

    This “wall” is such a great mystery still. I don’t think it’s between the “replublic and commonwealth”, but something else. But what? The question is quite the question…

    Also, still very much aots~<3

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Knowing your preference in characters I expected this response. Eh. Better some respect than continued disapproval.

      More questions we all eagerly anticipate the answers to.

      Yup. One of the best of the season and year.

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  6. David War says:

    “-The moon is beautiful and we fell in love in a single night of our dazzling summer, we danced the light steps of a joyful melody, laughing while we exchanged kiss after kiss, so in the nights when the moon is beautiful, I remember even though we are very Far, now you are the most precious thing for me in the whole world… and I am here singing.-” There is a part of the song or perhaps is a poem? someone could help me to find the name of this masterpriece, please?

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  7. Shinryu says:

    I’ve never had any issue with Dorothy but it was nice to get a little more of her backstory in place. There really isn’t a character on this show that I don’t like. Great stuff and a well played follow up to the near pure bad ass of last episode.

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  8. LiteraryOtakuGamerGirlT says:

    As others have said, this show really does continue to get better every episode and I’m rendered that much more speechless by the end. I really don’t know what other ways to say how much I love it. It’s kind of like Flip Flappers all over again, though the themes are vastly different. I’m even going to go as far to declare now that this is definite AotS. I’m prepared to take 3 lashes if I’m wrong lol.

    Anyway, I had no issues with Dorothy, but I’m very glad to have gotten her backstory. It was more tragic than I had anticipated, but it also showed us a more vulnerable side of Dorothy, Daisy to be precise. I’m also fairly certain Dorothy was her mother. I almost hated her father there for a moment, but by the end when we saw that he still had love for her and wanted to start fresh, I did feel a bit sentimental. The final scene with them singing in the bar as her father was put into storage was particularly heart-wrenching. God help those responsible when Dorothy finds out.

    Finally, on the ships; Ange and Princess continue to sail along smoothly and I love them. Also, I know I said I was on that Chise x Dorothy ship in episode one, but…I’ve jumped ship and am on the Dorothy x Beatrice ship all the way. The potential was real this episode between them and I find their interactions very cute. I also found it particularly promising that of all the others, Dorothy chose to bring Beatrice and let her in on such a big, dark, secret part of her life and revealed her true identity to her. Makes me wonder if even Ange knows as much as Bea knows now. So, I guess we’ll see where the ships end up, but I don’t plan on jumping off this one anytime soon. Ange still best girl for me, but Dorothy might just be my close 2nd.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Like I told others it has AOTS and top 5 in the AOTY list written all over it.

      Yes. While his past actions cannot be overlooked he at least showed a strong desire to atone for his sins and begin anew.

      Yes. Dorothy will break many limbs very soon.

      Same here. Compared to DoroChi DoroBea emanates far stronger yuri vibes.

      Dorothy’s my #1 and Chise’s my #2

      Liked by 3 people

  9. Nick says:

    All in all it was a good ep, a grim, serious and depressing one, but still very good just the same. Like others in the comments are saying, this show really is picking up more steam each week and I’m always left eagerly wanting more. As always, good write up about it.

    Liked by 3 people

  10. Lune d'Eau says:

    Something that this episode had in common with the last is that they are both, in my opinion, the best episodes so far. Also they made me cry, and I’m wondering if this will be common.
    I won’t excuse anything that Dorothy’s father did to her in the past, or Beatrice, but I will say I feel he was genuine, and that he truly loved his daughter. I think began to feel this way when Dorothy led him back home. So when he told her of the plan, to me, it seemed more like him being drunk only made it easier to tell his daughter, as oppose to him accidentally letting it slip. So I was upset when he got axed (?).
    As for Dorothy… Honestly I feel a little bad now because she was my favorite up until the last episode. I had no problems with her, and the only one I could see coming was her being a glorified one trick pony. But this is Princess Principal, so I knew that wouldn’t happen.
    Her dedicated episode could have came sooner though. Would it have kept her being topped by Chise for me? Probably not, but it would have been harder. I can totally see her becoming my favorite again, as she’s my type of character, but for now, she will remain number two.
    All in all, another super excellent episode! As expected of course.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      The show’s already given most of the other girls their time in the spotlight so it was only a matter of time before Dorothy got hers.

      As far as timing goes, I personally pick a fav after having enough time to decide and stick with her. Dorothy was my pick and that hasn’t changed. Basically Chise getting her character episode before Dorothy hasn’t changed my opinion.

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  11. Danny McBean seems like a character right of Les Miserables or Les Mysteries de Paris. Which just makes me even more lament that this show is stuck on the least accessible streaming site.

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  12. K says:

    I felt sorry for the old man working in that morgue. Fighting in that war left him scarred, maybe to the point of thinking that he should have died during it. Working with corpses is his penance, sort of.

    Nice insight into Dorothy’s past. I took a double take when her pops called her Daisy and again when it was revealed that ‘Dorothy’ was actually her mother’s name.

    Dorothy opening up to Beatrice was cool and it makes sense to me since they bonded over the fact that both had less-than-respectable dads.

    Danny was an engineer with a great job and a family guy until that accident turned him bitter and cruel, lashing out at everyone around him. It seemed like he wanted to do right by Dorothy in the end, when he was talking about his plans for the future after he got payed by Normandy. Of course, who knows what he would’ve done with the money if Dorothy wasn’t involved. They never would’ve seen each other again if it wasn’t for this mission, after all.

    Reactions. When the loan sharks told Dorothy that her dad sold her off: “Not surprised he would do that. Poor Dorothy.”
    When the loan shark leader explained further: “Oh, wow. He still has a heart. Maybe she can patch things up with him after all…Oh crap, he’s a goner. Poor Dorothy.”

    And what a goner he was. I knew he was done for but I thought he’d the typical treatment of getting shot but Normandy’s right-hand agent took it up a level and introduced a hand-axe to his face. Dorothy had a feeling he wouldn’t keep his promise to meet her at the pub but not for the reason she had in mind…

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Yes. War is a cruel, cruel mistress.

      Yeah. Had to make sure Dorothy was her mom’s name.

      Bittersweet reunion overall that ended badly.

      Yup. The episode is best summed up with “Poor Dorothy.”

      A far more devastating execution than a head shot for sure.

      Liked by 1 person

  13. yurimylove says:

    lesson learned today: being the father of a cute female spy could be hazardous to your health 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  14. captainfail says:

    Yeah he’s not “sell out my daughter” evil but still evil piece of shit nonetheless. He didn’t change, because change would mean reflecting on himself and recognizing his own flaws, then taking action. He’s still drinking, and he was still a cancerous bully, only a few days before.

    And then money. Wow life looking good no need to be bitter and angry now easy change so good FUCK OFF!

    Abusive relationships: It’s actually all fine and dandy most of the time, with horrible moments scatter around. Then they’re all apologetic. Genuinely so too. The cycle repeats.

    That’s exactly what Dorothy went through before. Worthless apologies between the beatings.

    Ridiculously low standard for saying, “oh he’s changed,” can cause so much harm, to people who have leave abusive relationships will sometimes, in combination with the harmed person’s own emotional attachments, push them back into a bad situation.

    If he’s really changed, he would have looked at himself and judged himself. He wouldn’t be drinking. He would control his temper. He would have ALREADY changed when Dorothy first went into the morgue and not just as money is being waved in front of his face.

    Liked by 1 person

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