A Centaur’s Life Episode 6: Lifestyles of the Hairy and Differential

I have a theory on the show’s structure but I’ll save it for near the end of the episodic.

Little Hime next to a toilet.jpg

Little Hime next to a toilet.

The girls discuss Hime's hairstyle.jpg

The girls discuss Hime’s hairstyle.

The episode kicked off with Hime having trouble with her hair. Having seen my mom do her hair thousands of times I can understand why Hime, someone with luxuriously long hair would have a hard time getting hers just right every day. I liked how her dad “shooed” her away, taking advantage of her girly-girl nature.

Nozomi with long hair.jpg

Nozomi with long hair.

While we got to see simulations of different hairstyles for Hime based on her friends’ opinions I was most intrigued by long hair Nozomi, once again showing us how lovely she’d be with long hair. Short hair Nozomi is cute too of course. Sadly due to her being the prodigal daughter of a martial artist she can’t afford to grow out her hair.

Baby Shino and Younger Hime.jpg

Baby Shino disapproving short haired Hime.

When asked “have you considered the short haired option?” Hime said one of the big reasons she keeps her hair long was because of “the precious one” preferring long haired Hime. President Angel had a similar case with her hair.

Gym teacher accusing Hime of dying her hair.jpg

Gym teacher accusing Hime of dyeing her hair.

We got different discussions of how society responds to the different species’ hairstyles and haircuts but the one that blew me away the most was in a flashback where the gym teacher accused Hime of dyeing her hair red despite her telling him she’s a natural born redhead. THE GUY GOT ARRESTED FOR IT! DAAAAANNNNNNNG! We’ve seen during conversations and background news reports and lectures how strict the laws are against racism and discrimination in this world but WOW! I can only imagine how large countries in the real world would react to these kinds of laws being passed…actually I wonder if it could work? Hmmmm…I doubt it.

Hime's ancestor.jpg

Hime’s ancestor.

The reason Hime told the girls about the gym teacher was because they asked her about being a very rare redhead centaur. Hime explained that it was on her mother’s side of the family. We got a bit more of the world’s dark history where Hime’s ancestor was captured by enemy forces. Her clan went on a violent skirmish to get her back. Non-centaurs were unsafe. Anyway the answer to the red hair question was that her ancestor mated with a redhead foreigner outside of Japan, meaning Hime’s half-Japanese.

That’s the first half.

Kyoko's father.jpg

Kyoko and her dad at work.

The second half at first glance looked like our girls and their families at work but it’s actually more than that. It seems Kyoko and her (I think) older brother (who she may be a brocon for) have a single dad. Dunno if he’s still married. He, like yours truly, is terrible at sticking to a schedule so he had Kyoko make sure he stuck to it. She even helps her by using her feminine charms.

Manami the miko.jpg

Manami the (fake) exorcist.

We then went next door to a “crazy old lady” and President Angel in miko getup. She was hired to exorcise a demon. Most likely P.A. took advantage of the lady’s paranoia to make a quick buck…more on that in a bit.

Hime and her parents.jpg

Mom annoyed by her family on the outside but most likely happy on the inside.

Hime, as mentioned above had been pampered her entire life, much to her mom’s dismay. However, I believe that because of their ancestry mom’s had a stricter upbringing and she later hooked up with dad because he’s a chill guy.

Master Nozomi.jpg

Master Nozomi.

Next up was Nozomi who as we’ve heard before is the heir to her father’s martial arts dojo and raised as such. Because of this she struggled between becoming the successor and wanting something else in life, contemplating her future basically. This is nothing new when it comes to “karate kids” but it’s still nice to see, especially because it’s a demon girl.

Dad being reprimanded.jpg

Dad having been harshly rebuked by his daughter.

Now we come back to P.A…HOO BOY! From talking about hair to a seemingly cruel ancestral history and then a look at the vast differences of our heroines’ family lives…DANG President Angel and her family have it rough. The way she reprimanded/rebuked her father for wanting to try and balance his life as a struggling artist and being a father to his kids…the harshness was real. I’ve seen several artists in fictional media, especially painters, and how hard it is for some to find their groove. The VN Catch Canvas had that as a theme. Again I haven’t read the manga but I imagine life went downhill for P.A.’s family after her mother passed away…so while I get why she was so hard on dad I feel she went too far. The episode ended with Suu continuing her studies of the outside world.

Now about the theory I mentioned, so far the odd numbered episodes (1, 3, 5) have got decent to positive reviews whereas the even numbered ones (2, 4 and this one) not so much. Personally I found something to enjoy in all episodes. While I agree the chapters chosen for the even numbered episodes aren’t the best and the show would be enjoyed more if all the episodes were like the chapters adapted in the odd episodes I still think the ones in the even episodes serve a purpose. We’ll see if my theory is correct after episode 8.

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32 Responses to A Centaur’s Life Episode 6: Lifestyles of the Hairy and Differential

  1. Reapy_s0ul says:

    Be the characters in Centaur no Nayami
    Living in a Monster Girl utopia
    Lots of cool cultures and shit
    Interesting History
    Tfw no free speech and the U.S just elected a literal communist regime (according to the TV in one of the scenes)

    Anyway, still good episode, definitely looking forward to more, it’s interesting seeing the slippery slope in action, next they’ll mention Gulags and Karl Marx the Satyr or something…

    We didn’t get much yuri content in this one sadly, however, it’s definitely a nice change of pace to have a bit more seriousness, also, I think Hime looks best with short hair, personally.

    All in all, enjoyable episode, I thought I’d enjoy the anime more when I first heard of it, but it’s still really good, I guess it’s what I get for having wild expectations.


  2. Litcott says:

    Imho, that bit about the gym teacher could have been just a twist on the old trope, where the main character with a non-conventional natural hair color is harassed by the authorities of the school. Because seriously, I can’t be the only one who feels the urge to kick said (fictional) authorities in various places? (Especially if the girl they are harassing is our favorite marshmallow centaur?!) So I personally chalk it down as poetic justice from the mangaka, one that fits in that dystopian world.


    • OG-Man says:

      That is true but it’s also been hinted at several times throughout the show how strict the law is against discrimination and racism.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Litcott says:

        Indeed. Although they also hinted at that they saw it as a necessity, which implies that things were even worse before that (bloody wars, slavery, etc). How long do you think this state would hold before a (preferable peaceful) political revolution? Ongoing changes in the world are also hinted at from time to time, like the first centaur becoming president of the US (a democrat, with a watered down healtcare bill… subtle reference is very subtle 😀 ).

        Liked by 2 people

      • OG-Man says:

        True. The snippets we got of the world’s history shows an incredibly violent one.

        I imagine we’ll have pick up the manga to find out if they go or went in that direction as I’m not sure if the anime will adapt the crazier chapters.

        Yup. Centaur Obama.

        Liked by 1 person

      • OG-Man says:

        Never mind. Apparently it’s a communist president who was elected.


  3. Shinryu says:

    It was actually a little hard to watch when Angel Kaicho went beast mode on her dad. That was rough even if I can also see the message she was trying to get across. Then again, if she feels forced to scam people just to add enough money to the household income so that they can get by, it’s easy to see why she harbours those sorts of feelings.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. LiteraryOtakuGamerGirlT says:

    I really loved getting to see more on the family life of the characters. I think it helps build character and allows us to better understand what motivates them to be who they are. I kind of liked the historical segment we got, as I think having such scenes or the more political stuff, balances out the SoL theme of the show, so it’s not so repetitive. Definitely though, the Prez was SAVAGE. I get where she’s coming from and I’m sure it’s hard for them, but she definitely went too far. I mean, it’s one thing to have an opinion and express it respectfully, but to drag her father that way was really disrespectful and would have definitely warranted a slap if he had any authority. He seems to be a weak willed man however, which I suppose proves her point. Still, there are some things you just can’t say to your parents. I enjoyed the episode though. Not my favorite, but still good.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Litcott says:

      I’m not entirely sure if he’s weak willed, more like he sees his daughter more or less as a grown up, an equal (instead of a child) and considers what she’s saying because he wants to better himself (and knows that she’s a competent and smart person, so it’s not a bad idea to listen what she says, be it harsh or not.). He’d rather retort with arguments than physical violence. Tbh, the latter option seems more weak willed to me. 🙂

      I mean, sure, there are times where a parental slap is warranted, but that only serves to close the discussion instead of advancing it. And given the state of the household, the last thing they want is a pointless family drama.

      Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      I like the mix of elements on the show which sadly isn’t for everyone. Oh well. I had a feeling this show would get cult status after it was announced. Humanity was not ready for its greatness.

      Yup. Harsh prez was harsh on daddy. As Litcott said though the family’s going through hard times so tensions tend to rise every now and then.

      Liked by 2 people

  5. LuzeriP says:

    I gotta say I don’t like this side of Kaichou. Compare to other dads (in anime), I don’t think he’s a bad dad. But then again, she’s mad because she has to do things she doesn’t like. She has a strong personality.

    I enjoyed this episode. No matter how dark the story is, still one of my favorites this season.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Yup. She didn’t have to be THAT harsh on him.

      It’s more an everyday life show with a dark underbelly…and that’s why it’s not for everyone. I’ll explain more when I review the whole thing.


  6. Gingers get a lot of flack in the UK. Locking up people who comment on their hair is a law they would probably support.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. KueKyuuQ says:

    So, one centaur got knocked up by a red head and all her descendants were born red heads?
    Seriously, the politics in the background may be an interesting / controversial topic for many, but this show makes me so much more curious about how biologics, reproduction and genetics, work in this world .-.
    I mean, a halo grown from hair?

    I feel like you made a Star Trek reference in your episode quality theory there…
    Either way, I enjoyed this episode a lot 🙂 Although I think Sue and her nation are intriguing, I may have enjoyed this episode even more than the previous one…

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      The show’s world is as much of an important character as our favorite ladies and their families. The guys are “eh”. It has so much going on.

      I didn’t grow up with Star Trek so I don’t know if odd numbered episodes tended to be better than even numbered ones.

      We’ll see if Suu and the other Antarcticans will again get the spotlight in a later episode.


  8. ArcaJ says:

    Angel President: I think I love her! Sometimes she slips up and acts all motherly to her classmates as well; which I find adorable. (she can’t turn it off!) And while she did go too far with her father, she did so out of love and concern. She has four (adorable) sisters to look after, so she probably feels like her life is laid out before her. She doesn’t even have time for romance (even though I’m maybe, sort of shipping her with Suu-chan. They’re both so responsible!)

    Are centaurs more rare in this world? I just get that feeling since Himeno was dieting. It’s like she was trying to fit into this notion of female beauty that is totally incompatible to centaur physique.

    While long hair Nozomi was cute, I like her better with short, messy hair. Also, I want her to wear a ninja outfit.


    • OG-Man says:

      President Angel is sweet when need be. Again we all get why she’s so hard on dad but she didn’t have to go as far as she did.

      If I remember correctly, throughout this world’s history the centaurs were mistreated the most so I think there are less of them than the other three races. Possibly less than Antarcticans.

      Nozomi’s cute. Hopefully she will.


    • KueKyuuQ says:

      I think it was mentioned at some point, that there weren’t many centaurs …at school? in their city? I forgot the context, but I think it was when the girls wanted Hime to show off her running skills. Where at the same time it was implied, there were at least enough centaurs to make up their own track teams and races (as they’d be at an indisputable advantage against other species). And Hime’s mother’s photographer friend wanted Hime to pose for her to fill a minority quota on the magazine, but implied it was difficult to find modeling centaurs..?
      I also believe to remember, that add some point they said something about centaur’s having extra-problems when conceiving mixed-blooded offspring (presumably because of their very different physique). Which may add an extra strain on their reproducing abilities in this world.

      Hnn… I don’t really get how people are so anxious to see more of girly Nozomi, when she looks so unhappy in girly clothes and style. I rather have her tomboyant and cheeky than cute looking but feeling highly uncomfortable… For a society that’s so much about tolerance and acceptance, I think it’s interesting that on this trivial level there’s still that much pressure, expectation and paternalism going around…

      Liked by 1 person

      • OG-Man says:

        Well there we have it. There are several hints of centaurs being a minority.

        I don’t follow forum sites so I don’t know how popular long haired Nozomi is but I find her lovely with long hair. Doesn’t mean I prefer it over short-haired Nozomi as her with short hair is also adorable.

        Yup. It goes to show that no matter how hard one tries to establish peaceful relations there will always be that part of society that can’t help but be judgmental as sad as it is to admit.


  9. chikorita157 says:

    It’s nice to learn how Himeno got her red hair. It can explain why she has a princess like appearance. This is probably why she doesn’t look right with short hair.

    Tama did a good job telling her father off. Obviously, he can’t really run a family without working or rather, painting constantly. It’s obvious that he has it tough since he lost his wife, but he can’t stay idle as one needs money to raise a family properly and of course, balancing one’s time between work and the family.


  10. K says:

    Hmm, I think shoulder-length hair would work on Himeno but long hair is best.

    That was a nice history lesson about Himeno’s ancestor and the origins of her red hair. That teacher who stopped her from entering school was arrested?! I missed that but seriously, getting fired is one thing but getting arrested…just wow.

    Nice look at their family lives too. Himeno’s mother complains about how much she still acts like a kid but really, she doesn’t mind it all that much.

    …You know, when Manami chastised her dad for trying to focus on work and family, I thought that was too cruel, that after what happened with her grandfather, she decided choose family over all else and due to that, she wanted her dad to choose between the two as well, which is quite selfish, but I hadn’t considered their financial situation (didn’t make the connection between that discussion and her job as an “exorcist”). Still, I think that he is doing the best he can and he also doesn’t want to give up his hobby, even though he’s been in a slump, apparently.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:


      The laws are tough on racism and discrimination in this world considering its history.


      That’s exactly the reason why most of us said that while we agree President Angel was too harsh we get why she was so harsh, their financial status.


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