KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 23: Bittersweetness

Depressed Ciel.jpg

Depressed Ciel.

When we last left the Baking Rangers they had beaten a powered up Julio/Pikario and freed him from the darkness. Cielfelt really bad because she for the longest time she didn’t notice Pikario’s sorrow and blamed herself for it. She felt like she couldn’t bring anyone happiness because of it.

Pikario being mean

Macho tsundere.

Pikario for some reason felt like holding a grudge and act all tsundere though deep down seeing his sister in pain hurt him just as much. Pikario continued doubting himself until Ciel broke down.

Noir Taking advantage of Ciel.jpg

Lord Noir taking advantage of Ciel’s self-loathing.

Lord Noir sensed Ciel’s self-loathing and pulled a Sith Lord on our French cutie. She was swallowed up by a circle of darkness. Ichika and Pikario jumped into the circle.

Ultimate Bibury and Iru.jpg

Ultimate plushie of doom.

Meanwhile Bibury was full of envy and rage. Lord Noir responded to her loyalty and granted her a mega power boost, merging Iru and herself into the ultimate Bibury plushie of doom.

Ciel consumed by darkness.jpg

Ciel consumed by darkness.

This was painful to watch (In the “this hurts my kokoro” way). Poor Ciel in despair as Julio tried using some tough love on her but it didn’t do much good. Ichika and Julio spotted a baking spot similar to the one at Strawberry Mountain on the day Pikario cooked the special waffles for Kirarin. Cure Whip told Julio to try baking waffles one more time while she held off the darkness. Julio swallowed his tsundere-ness and put some love into the waffles this time. It worked. Ciel was saved and Julio finally understood what made the first waffles special compared to others afterward.

Badass Ciel.jpg

Badass Pegasus Ciel.

With things patched up between Ciel and Julio she got her passion back and cooked up a storm in the newly formed circle of sweetness. The Cures held off Ultimate Bibury while Ciel finished her supreme treat.

Noir not standing idly by.jpg

Noir not standing idly.

Noir took advantage of everyone being distracted to try and kill Ciel.

Julio defending Ciel.jpg

Julio taking one for the team.

Julio jumped in and took the arrow for the team. Julio in his “final” moments urged Ciel to finish her dish.

Cure Parfait.jpg

The Sixth Ranger. The Rainbow Pegasus, Cure Parfait.

What followed was nothing short of awesomeness. Cure Parfait is badass, plain and simple. Watch her in action and be left in awe.

Kirakuru Rainbow.jpg

Kirakuru Rainbow.

Even her finisher is awesome.

Afterward Pikario “dies”. I put it in quotation marks because I have a feeling he’ll most likely be revived before the big final battle against Lord Noir.

Julio/Pikario’s moping aside this was a really good episode. Seeing Ciel overcome her depression and become Cure Parfait was painful and then GLORIOUS! I wonder if Bibury and Iru will return to join Lord Noir’s new generals next time? We shall see.

BTW, as usual Toei sucks at keeping secrets…that or they don’t bother keeping secrets at all because they don’t worry about the element of surprise and rely more on hype factor.

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4 Responses to KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 23: Bittersweetness

  1. cirno9fan says:

    rather it’s that they want to generate hype/interest for the merch they’re selling (which usually comes out before the ep)

    Anyway, I didn’t like the episode so much because Pikario was in it way too much, but hooray for him being tossed out of the story for now!!

    Sorry, I don’t like the guy


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