A Centaur’s Life Episode 2: Of Races and Bodies

If the 2nd segment in the premiere wasn’t an indication of what viewers can expect from this series for the most part then episode 2 should be a clearer indication.

Akechi Smile.jpg

Akechi’s smile.

Centaur and Angel Parents.jpg

Hime and I imagine President Angel’s moms.

Hime on a magazine.jpg

Hime on a fashion magazine.

So angel mom asked Hime’s mom to have Hime be a one time model for her magazine. At a bookstore Nozomi noticed the magazine. She couldn’t believe the beauty and the cutie were the same girl. Akechi (Yuri girl #1) was nearby and she confirmed it was the same person. Akechi took the opportunity to coerce Nozomi into trying out modeling too…by sort of using blackmail.

Nozomi in Goth attire.jpg

Nozomi may be the heir to a karate dojo but she looks great in gothic lolita attire.

Unsurprisingly Akechi just wanted to play dress up with Nozomi. Nozomi again tried to walk away but again Akechi said she may reveal Hime’s “part-time job”


The next day Kyoko brought up the magazine and Hime explained it was more a one-time favor than a part-time job since centaur models are very rare. Hime then admitted her dream job was either in the medical world or working with animals.

Akechi trying to sneak away.jpg

Inukai, seemingly feeling bad that Akechi forced Nozomi into cosplaying, revealed that Akechi also had a part-time job. Akechi then talked her way out of anyone threatening to spill the beans on her.

That was the first segment.

Akechi enjoying the president's warm wings

Akechi enjoying President Angel’s warm wings.

The next segment jumped a couple chapters ahead as it’s already Winter. The important part is that Akechi and Inukai’s relationship was officially confirmed by President Angel. Based on what we’ve seen so far Inukai seems to not worry that her girlfriend is very…”social” with other girls. Most likely because she knows that in the end Akechi is hers.


It’s not evident from here but these are all Merfolk.

The gang then discussed warmth and how Kyoko’s very fragile. Hime suggested Kyoko remember an enjoyably warm memory so they recalled the time their class visited the 14th High School attended by Merfolk in the Summer.

Poor Nozomi.jpg

I found the scene between Nozomi and the yaoi fangirl amusing. Sue me.

In class the landfolk were the center of attention. Hime was admired for her big booty, Kyoko was hit on by several guys and Nozomi…well she just so happened to be sitting next to a yaoi fangirl and she reminded her of one of the protagonists. Poor Nozomi for looking an “uke” in a yaoi story. She’s still adorable.

Childhood friends.jpg

Childhood friends who might as well be dating…if they aren’t already.

I found the entire segment about this wolf/dog guy and his childhood mermaid girlfriend interesting. See, our heroines were discussing the merfolks’ unique genes, how they’re able to handle cold weather despite living their lives in water and also wondered if they could ever live on land. Suddenly they bumped into a wolf/dog guy and his beautiful mermaid girlfriend. The mermaid saw Hime and wished she had legs. After going their separate ways they bumped into a group of typical judgmental schoolgirls who for no good reason felt sorry for the guy having to carry his (girl)friend all day. He didn’t mind at all. The girls then figured out the two were most likely dating and wondered how it could even work.

Walking contraption.jpg

New walking contraption for merfolk.

The last part of the segment had the mermaid looking up a commercial about a new contraption to help merfolk walk on land but it was very expensive. The mermaid tried bringing up healthcare as an option…the two silently stared at each other and then agreed that it was a bad idea.

As readers can tell this is a Slice of Life series with elements of “iyashikei” and several discussions about race with hints of (for now) unintentional discrimination/racism. It is a slow paced show so people not used to “iyashikei” series or shows like Lucky Star or Joshiraku with lots of casual conversing may not enjoy this one as much.

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33 Responses to A Centaur’s Life Episode 2: Of Races and Bodies

  1. Shinryu says:

    Another very solid episode, and I particularly like how they confirmed the relationship yet made absolutely no big deal at all out of it.

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  2. I really liked this episode. Hime with glasses was adorable. I was pretty surprised when the nonchalantly confirmed the relationship between the other to girls (but I guess shouldn’t be since the first thing they showed in the first episode was a kiss between two girls). Nozomi being mistaken for a boy was also pretty amusing.

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    • OG-Man says:

      That’s the good part of the show. While it shows that racism and discrimination is still going on in present day that gives more reason to fight against it and a great first step is seeing same-sex couples and not making a big deal of them.

      Yeah. It’s funny because it’s silly.

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  3. Darks0ulreaper says:

    Another great episode.
    I’m really tired and unmotivated so I’ll keep this short okay thanks.

    I don’t like Akechi and Inukai as characters very much but that’s not to say I don’t acknowledge the yuri, I just won’t be paying as much attention to them as the HimeNozo stuff or something.

    Like I said before, I’m damned sick of the attention given to identity in the real world, so it might kill this anime for me later on, like why can’t people see others for who they are instead of grouping people together based on ethnicity and shit, basically all political groups do this in some form or another and it’s fucking annoying, not to mention completely pointless on so many levels, normal people don’t give a fuck about that worthless bit of tripe, judge people based on their actions you belligerent worms.

    Bite me.

    Also there’s that other sunday show Princess Principle that looks like it’ll be really good and maybe have some potential for yuri, so far it’s really good for the phenomenal execution of a steampunk aesthetic and interesting characters paired with good action alongside political intrigue, I’d say it’s worth checking out.

    Anyway bye I’m going to bed I’ll respond to things when I woke.

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    • OG-Man says:

      The series has a theme of pointing out that racism and discrimination is still a thing worldwide. Like it or not the show being aired at this point in time is not coincidental.

      Take care lad. Pleasant dreams.


      • Darks0ulreaper says:

        The only way we’ll ever get rid of things like racism and whatnot is if we flat-out stop paying attention to identity so much, and instead judge people based on their actions and merits, rather than what color they are or who they want to have sex with.

        The reason why racism is so rampant is that people won’t forget it as a concept, as long as it keeps being brought up in common debate and taught to children at schools, these archaic beliefs that one race is “better” will still foster in coming generations, regardless of what group is being subject to discrimination.

        Think what you will, but both extremes of the political spectrum do this constantly, one side or the other is desperately trying to keep identity politics relevant because that’s a big part of their political platform, it’s either the far left trying to preach “Tolerance” while simultaneously resurrecting archaic beliefs, or the far right constantly fearmongering and trying to spark a damned revolution.

        Another reason why identity politics are so rampant in the west is that it’s easier to group people up rather than treat them as individuals, it’s a disgustingly totalitarian system of beliefs and will only cause societal collapse, just like both Communism and Fascism, the most totalitarian and disgusting political beliefs out there, do constantly.

        Sorry for the rant, I just had to get it out of my system because I’m sick of all this worthless grouping of people.


      • OG-Man says:

        It’s alright. Better to let it all out than keep it bottled inside.


  4. Destynova says:

    I noticed that the entrance to the waterfolk high school was guarded by 2 armed military centaurs. Remembering the speech made by the teacher in episode 1 about equality was more important than life and the casual mention of reformation camps I get the feeling that not everything is all right with this world.

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  5. automaticimperfection says:

    Ohhh, I didn’t know about this one! i’m def going to watch it

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  6. LiteraryOtakuGamerGirlT says:

    That casual confirmation of the yuri couple was legendary and definitely ups this show’s rank on my respect meter a few notches. More shows need to take note. I still really love the Hime x Nozomi ship, so I hope that’ll continue to develop favorably. I found one scene particularly cute (though it was so small and quick you could’ve missed it), where Hime mentioned she’d love to be carried that way and Kyouko teased about if her bf was a crane. Nozomi flexed her muscle, as though to test if she might be able to carry Hime that way. That’s my head canon anyway. Anyway, this show is awesome and I’m enjoying it more every episode. Can’t wait for the next.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yes. the best part was that no big deal was made about their relationship.

      Whoa! You’re right! That was an excellent observation Doc. More shipping material for the two.

      Liked by 3 people

      • LiteraryOtakuGamerGirlT says:

        Yup, for sure, and thanks! If there’s one thing I have confidence in, it’s my eye for romantic cues and subtleties. Let’s hope well get even more subtle hints to their budding relationship as the series continues, or not so subtle hints would be even better. 😁

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      • OG-Man says:

        Same here. Would be a very welcome surprise.

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  7. kracen says:

    Surprised you didn’t note that when Kyouko said that Hime’s boyfriend would have to be a crane that Nozomi did a quick muscle check to see if she’d be capable.

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  8. Wanderer says:

    “Hime and I imagine President Angel’s moms.”

    Don’t make assumptions like that. There has been no sign of Tama-chan’s mother anywhere in the story. Since her father only works a part-time job a few days a week and spends the rest of his time ineffectually trying to paint, our Angel class president is responsible not only for taking care of herself, but of her four little sisters, taking care of the shrine that her family runs, and handling her responsibilities with the school. Crass as this may sound, I hope that her mother is dead: because if her mother is still alive but has abandoned her family and left all her responsbilities to her high-school age daughter, she deserves a good punch in the face.

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  9. cirno9fan says:

    not sure how much longer I’ll be watching this as the slow pace is a pretty big turnoff.

    Not sure how you could compare this to Joshiraku which was full of comedy and wasn’t nearly this slow paced. Lucky Star is more a good comparison…but was better (imo)

    Not sure what is “iyashikei” about this either. I think you’ve missed what that genre is if you’re including this. Because I have seen nothing “healing” about it. There are a few cute moments sure, but Iyashikei is all about that “healing”. When something is going on and on about discrimination, especially when it’s subtlely jabbing at things, that’s not Iyashikei. The point of an Iyashikei is to keep things simple, so the average Japanese person who gets home from a long day of work/school, can just float away all their stresses if only for a little while. All this political commentary and whatnot is not good to push away those stresses.


    • OG-Man says:

      You know me by now. If you choose to drop the show then I won’t stop you.

      My examples weren’t the best but my point about the show not being for people who dislike slow pacing or media with discrimination as one of its main themes still stands.


  10. LuzeriP says:

    I enjoyed it very much. I think slow paced is a good thing. Isnt that what slice of life means. The purpose of the show is watching cute girls doing cute things while having an interesting sometime heavy discussion. But nothing you can do about it because it is what it is. Still hoping for a bright future in their world.

    I knew Akechi and Inukai might be in relationship based on the OP. But the confirmation surprised me. And I’m happy. I hope mermaid girl get that walking machine someday as she doesn’t want to be a burden to her boyfriend. I assume the machine is removable? she can take it off right?

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      The combination seems to not be well received thus far. Pity but what can you do.

      Their relationship being confirmed just like that was welcome.
      Hopefully it’ll all work out for the mermaid and her boyfriend.

      Liked by 2 people

    • cirno9fan says:

      If she gets that though, he doesn’t get to carry her, and becomes less of a use to her. Plus, I’m sure that would ruin some of her natural beauty that he’s drawn to.

      In short: She’s not a burden to him at all, so there’s no need to “relieve” anything


      • LuzeriP says:

        I know the boyfriend would be more than happy to carry her around. But I think she really want to walk on her own and not being carry all the time. And that mean girls not helping. That’s why I wanna know is the machine removable because if it is, she still need her boyfriend help.

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  11. Mauron says:

    Nozomi’s tail immediately stiffened at the sight of possible Hime magazine cover.

    Did anyone get a good look at the cover of what she was holding in that scene? It kinda reminded me of a Centaur’s Life manga cover.

    Liked by 3 people

  12. Casual confirmation of out lesbian characters! Yay! More good stuff. Have a lot of posts to go through still, so keeping this short.

    Liked by 2 people

  13. yurimylove says:

    what are you talking about, any girl would look great in gothic lolita attire 😀


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