Netsuzou Trap -NTR- 2nd Trailer


So NTR got a 2nd trailer. Its main purpose was to give small glimpses of HotaYuma’s relationship, show off the OP “Blue Bud Blue by Haruka Tojo” and the main antagonist.


Let’s talk about a few things:

#1: It has been revealed that each episode will be 10 minutes long. Kinda sucks but it’s better than 3-5 minute episodes.

#2: I’ve made it clear ever since its announcement that I’m excited for NTR PRECISELY BECAUSE IT’S GOING TO BE A HOT MESS. Because of personal preference the only person I’ll refer to by her name is Hotaru because she’s the star of the show. As for everyone else, I’ll address the guys with the following names.

Yuma’s boyfriend: “Sad Panda”

Hotaru’s boyfriend: “Re-Todd”

As for Yuma, if the anime’s script is VERY SIMILAR to the manga…let’s just say I have a special nickname for her…

Still excited for this one. Those who have the courage to join me on this insane journey are more than welcome. Those who decided to get off before the ride even starts…wise decision. This isn’t going to be a ride for people who get “stomachaches” very easily.

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18 Responses to Netsuzou Trap -NTR- 2nd Trailer

  1. redpanther says:

    2 main antagonists,actually.

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  2. LuzeriP says:

    My God, Hotaru is so cute! Can’t get enough of her. Well, I was upset about the 10 minutes long. But I’m sure we only get to see Hotaru x Yuma interaction most of the time. Because they’re the ones that matter so I’m cool with it. Also good names for the boyfriends.

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  3. philipbaxton says:

    You the more stuff I see for NTR the more I’m reminded by the fact that for some reason Yuma’s boyfriend is the most popular character in Japan. I guess it’s because out of all of them has the only real decent person with the least amount of drama going on for them. I can’t wait for this one because it’s gonna envoke a whole a lot of emotions out of people ( I already know a few people who can’t stand Hotaru). This one is definitely not gonna be for the weak of heart that’s for sure.


  4. cirno9fan says:

    just watching this PV has got me feeling the darkness it left in me again…

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  5. B-M says:

    I’m not surprised the episodes aren’t that long considering the studio’s history. Still, it may mean that the show has better production since it is a shorter show to rush out in a week.

    Any news of how long the series will be? I’ll happily take 10 minute episodes if there’s 20 of them!

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  6. I am glad this “”””””yuri”””””” anime is just 10 minutes per episode. I do not regret not reading the manga. It is a worthless waste of space joke to the yuri genre. Just another reason why Japan does not believe yuri will sell.

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  7. Ari says:

    Yet again a “yuri” manga where weak girls are blackmailed and TRAPped by a bad man. And hear I thought this could be something good this time from Kodama Naoko.


  8. yurimylove says:

    I have resolved to watch this series, just so I can find out what you special nickname for Yuma is 🙂

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  9. axelnoritz says:

    #1: It has been revealed that each episode will be 10 minutes long.
    Fuck, this just killed my night… and there I was thinking that I was gonna be able to sleep with some good news on mind… but Im gonna follow NTR anyway! I have been waiting for this so much!

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