KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 15: Sisterly Red

This time we were introduced to the Red Ranger’s Mini-Me.

Akira's sister Miku.jpg

Akira’s little sister Miku Kenjou.

Unsurprisingly Miku is adorable. Despite her needing daily medical care Miku insisted on her visiting Akira at KiraPati.

Miku, KiraPati employee.jpg

Miku, temporary KiraPati employee.

After properly introducing herself to the gang Miku had a small request, to work at KiraPati for a day.

Miku overwhelmed

Miku overwhelmed.

Miku tried her best but she had a bit of trouble keeping up. It’s okay. It was her first day after all but even so Miku felt bummed she couldn’t make a good first impression.

Miku and Ichika hatch a plan.jpg

Miku and Ichika hatch a plan.

Ichika invited Miku shopping to help cheer her up. Miku explained the reason she was actually bummed was because she wanted to find a way to repay Akira’s kindess after all these years. When Miku offered Ichika one of her special “lucky charm onee-chan chocos” Ichika suggested they bake a chocolate cake for Akira.

Chocolate Poodle Cake.jpg

Chocolate Poodle Cake.

The surprise cake was a success and the sisters had a jolly time enjoying the cake.

Miku and a poodle.jpg

Enemies becoming friends.

Miku gave the cake a poodle design as a reminder of the day Akira helped her overcome her fear of poodles.

Black Kira-Kiraru Staff.jpg

Black Kira-Kiraru Staff.

The Red Sisters’ bonding was Julio’s cue to come out of hiding and absorb their special Kira-Kiraru though he only absorbed Miku’s. Akira took it well…


Chocolat Aromase.

Though Julio tried overpowering Cure Chocolat his dark staff was no match for the Red Sisters’ bond. Miku’s special Kira-Kiraru helped Cure Chocolat learn a new move, Chocolat Aromase, aka the chocolate hurricane. One cake burial later and the day was saved.

Happy sisters.jpg

D’awww moment.

Adorable sisters are adorable.

Next time it’ll be Yukari’s turn to once again steal the show.

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  1. cirno9fan says:

    Miku’s cuteness cannot be contained within the confines of words~

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