Frame Arms Girl Episode 3: More Lily Action Figures

If this show ends up being the story of a girl collecting lesbian action figures then I have no problem with that whatsoever.


The first segment was mainly about introducing Ao’s best friend Bukiko who also happened to be a hardcore Frame Arms Girl…fangirl. She would go on and on while fawning over the cute ones Ao had. Oh yes, the segment also featured Base sneaking inside Ao’s backpack and going to school. The other F.A. Girls followed, shenanigans ensued. It was a fun first segment.

I’m sure everyone came here to read me talking about the next segment which featured a very special debut.

Materia Sisters Introducing themselves.jpg

The Materia Sisters introducing themselves.

These two are the Materia Sisters who are both named Materia and come in a set. Think of them as lesbian Ram and Rom from the Neptunia series. To tell them apart they were given the names Black and White.

Materia Sisters' sadistic sides.jpg

Materia Sisters’ sadistic sides.

Oh and the twins are sadists, which was made very clear during their team battle with Gourai and Sty-Ko.

I missed the chance to make an Iris Heart joke before someone in the comments beat me to it. As a Neptunia fan I am ashamed. Oh well. Next time.

Inseperable Sisters

Their henshin sequence is something else let me tell you.

Materia Sisters' weapons.jpg

Looks like the sisters play a lot of Soul Calibur.

The battle was good. It was the classic “synchronized team losing to a bickering duo”. I suppose the sisters being overconfident also played a role in their defeat. Sadly it would seem that, for the time being, the episode 2 yuri had been forgotten…or as cirno9fan said, perhaps Sty-Ko stored away her feelings. There’s still hope that in due time Sty-Ko’s feelings will resurface and her X Gourai will get more shipping material.

Another good episode.

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19 Responses to Frame Arms Girl Episode 3: More Lily Action Figures

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  2. cirno9fan says:

    would you say it’s “forgotten”? Or maybe she convinced herself so thoroughly that it was a temporary “thing” that she’s pushed all reactions into the back of her head? Because she’s getting closer with Gourai as eps go on. but yeah, could just have been a one-time thing. Ah well.

    Still a really enjoyable show thus far

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  3. MarkS00N says:

    Materia is what happened when Blanc let Iris Heart take care of her sisters…
    Now I need this in Neptunia…

    I don’t think episode 2 yuri is forgotten, for example Baselard clearly push Gourai to say something because she know Stylet want Gourai to comment or that Stylet will follow what Gourai said…
    But we’ll see where the series will go and whether or not the character actually developed or just one episode gimmick…
    But hopefully there will be even more yuri!

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    • OG-Man says:

      As a Neptunia fan I am ashamed I could not make that connection before you brought it up. Well played.

      Yes. That is what it looks like right now. Hopefully the sparks between the two will slowly reappear and lead to something more.

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  4. This looks like a kinkier version of Busou Senki, which came out in the UK a few weeks ago. The Japanese get cuter figures than the GI Joes I grew up with.

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  5. LuzeriP says:

    When they opened the box I feel like this is a present for me. I gotta say I like their sadistic side more than their seducing side. I’m not an M. I don’t know, maybe I am. Oh and that henshin scene is something alright.

    Gourai x Sty-ko still there. Not much this time but still there. Although hot yuri scenes every week is alright too.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. koneko says:

    After the experiment over these girls will get scrapped and turn into toaster.
    There’s no future for the girls.


  7. koneko says:

    The cg not bad but the fight scene lacking in exaggerated impact 2d usually have.


  8. Ketchup says:

    I never expected that this show will be such a gift to the nation. For me, the Materia sisters definitely added more excitement and interest to the show. They reminded of Mio Kusakai when she was battling with the twins in Keijo while having so much pleasure. Maybe they’ll help Sty-Ko to realize her feelings towards Gourai. Anyway, seeing FAG interact with each other will be always fun to watch.

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  9. x says:

    I had wondered if Bukiko’s frame arm girls alive too and next episode they get another frame arms girl, hopefully this one is a little bit more hardcore then the Materia Sisters.

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  10. Janette says:

    I think I need to watch this

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  11. yurimylove says:

    you know she’s a sadist when even her sword can be turned into a whip XD

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