Hinako Note 2 + BanG Dream 12: Finding Your Way

Both episodes had straightforward plots this week so I figured instead of two short posts why not combine them.

Little Scarecrow.jpg

Hinako’s scarecrow magic at work when she was younger.

Hinako Note episode 2 started with Hinako dreaming about her younger days. A very convenient dream I must say. The first point of the first segment was to show the origin of Hinako’s reverse-scarecrow power and that she had the ability to communicate with animals, or as she put it, sense what they were trying to say.

Hinako trying to thank the farmer.jpg

Hinako trying to thank the farmer.

The second point wa can recall from the previous episode Hinako has had a hard time talking to people from a young age but she did her best to cope with it though in present time she’s still having difficulties.

Hinako's mom worried about her child.jpg

Hinako’s mom.

The third point was to show us how wonderful Hinako’s mom is.

Kid Chiaki.jpg

Kid Chiaki.

The next segment was about getting to know Chiaki better and the girls discussing how they will start the new theater club led by Hinako. First of all Chiaki. She’s good at acting because her parents are famous actors though her dad is an oddball. Chiaki told the girls about this to help cheer Hinako up by telling her it’s okay to be nervous. Take it slow and with enough experience you’ll be a natural in no time…though the girls thought a good “Plan B” would be for Hinako to join a circus because of her ability.

The Theater Club's Advisor.jpg

The Theater Club’s advisor. I look forward to her eventual return.

Also the Theater Club’s advisor ran off because she seemingly thought of herself as unworthy to guide the club…or something.

Kuina in bunny pajamas.jpg

Hopefully Kuina wasn’t planning on eating her phone later that night.

Lots of fun stuff happened but to me the highlight was where Kuina pulled out a magazine. Best not to ask why she had it in there. In any case fun conversations were had as the girls psyched each other up discussing and planning for their eventual debut as the Hitotose Troupe. Looking forward to seeing Hinako and the other two learning to act alongside Chiaki. I also hope the fifth member won’t take till episode 8 or so to debut. The same goes for the club advisor’s return.

PS: I ship Hinako X Kuina.

Next up is BanG Dream 12. This episode is even quicker to summarize.

Kaichou at the ramen shop.jpg

I swear this character was created especially for me.

Every time I see the kaichou it’s like the show is teasing me. It’s like writers can sense how much I miss Euphonium’s Asuka. Anyhoo we learned in this segment that Arisa secretly trained with the kaichou since they’re both the keyboard players of their respective bands.

Tae and her mom.jpg

Can you tell which of the two is the mother?

While dealing with the stress of final exams and the pressure of their upcoming “last chance audition” Rimi-rin asked O-Tae if she could come over to O-Tae’s house. O-Tae happily accepted and then the others invited themselves over with no objections. Oh and to the surprise of no one O-Tae’s mom is WONDERFUL and this explains where O-Tae got her…”O-Tae-isms” from.

The sparkles.jpg

The sparkles.

Like I said in the above paragraph the episode was about PoPiPa working hard but being incredibly nervous about their upcoming audition. The girls did their best to cheer each other on but the nervousness was there and would be there up to and after their audition. It was okay though because it was natural for them to be nervous. It was their last chance to pass after all.

Poppin Party giving their all.jpg

Poppin’ Party giving their all.

Our heroines gave their all at the audition.

PoPiPa celebrating.jpg

They did it!

Even though we all knew they would pass it was still a very emotional performance and I cheered them on to victory.

The Owner touched.jpg

Even the Owner was touched by their performance.

My theory is that the Owner intentionally gave them a three try audition because she sensed it wouldn’t be easy for them and she saw a special spark inside them for quite some time. Maybe she felt she had to help PoPiPa find their way, the only way she knew how, before closing shop.

What happens next I do not know but I am excited for both shows.

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12 Responses to Hinako Note 2 + BanG Dream 12: Finding Your Way

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  2. Much cuteness again in Hinako Note. Not much else to say about this episode. I guess we’ll just have to see where each of our shipping paths lead us to, huh? Not really very set on any particular ship just yet, though I did still like the Chiaki x Hinako moment in Ep1 the most so far.

    As for BanG Dream…is it just me, or does Arisa also have just the tiniest crush on the kaichou? Either that, or it’s secretly been Arisa all along who really wants to gather a harem. Then, in episode 26, she’ll reveal her plans after everyone has fallen for her and she has taken over the world. evil mastermind laughter

    O-Tae’s family’s introduction was brilliant! “Bunny…Bunny…Bunny…Bunny…B…oh no, wait, that’s my mom”.

    Even though we knew it was likely they would pass the final audition, with all the buildup to it and the fact that if they didn’t pass, what would the rest of the season/series be about, they still managed to keep a little tension and suspense in that audition scene. Like Arisa breaking down in tears over a little mistake, and everyone getting all tearful, and all that, and then the owner taking a moment to tell her thoughts. All in all, well done “victory” episode.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      So much cuteness. Can’t wait to see more from Hinako Note.

      Arisa may secretly gathering her own harem. She seems to attract several girls. Keep that theory in a backup folder for now. It could come in handy later.

      I don’t think O-Tae slipped when she introduced her mom.

      Yup. Very good episode.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. LuzeriP says:

    Hinako Note was cute as always. Kuina looked super adorable in her bunny pajama. That magazine is her late night snack.

    BanG Dream, I can’t help but nervous during their audition. The owner did a great job creating the tension. I almost teared up. Next week finally live performance at Space!

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Keitchup says:

    Hinako Note was super cute. Especially when Hinako dreamt about her childhood days. Her mom getting suspicious on her activities made my day. I also see a potential ship with Hinako and Chiaki. Still can’t get over their first meeting on the pilot episode. Anyway, I hope Kuina continues to wear that amazing bunny outfit and bring out stuff on-screen.

    As for BanG Dream, I was really touched by the owner’s comment. I knew they were going to pass but I still felt the tension. And damn, you’re right, kaichou never fails to make me smile whenever I see her. I’m also secretly shipping her with Yuri. There’s so much chemistry overflowing when these two are together.


    Liked by 3 people

  5. chikorita157 says:

    I have to admit it’s nice to see Hinako’s past and I like how her mother reacts when her daughter brings home the vegetables is hilarious. But yes, I can’t wait to see the advisor to come back in a future episode.

    As for Bang Dream, it’s obvious that they will past. At least the performance is nice.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. yurimylove says:

    O-Tae’s cute mom asked which one of her bandmates wished to marry into her family… we all know she’s referring to her daughter, not the rabbit XD

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Komugi says:

    I know this is an old post, but just now I got the chance to watch Hinako Note and… I’m the only one that feel sorry for the poor little girl Hinako? Those old farts mtfs made the poor girl stand still all day against her will, just cuz they are too lazy to fix the damn scarecrow…
    I know they “”””pay”””” her with vegetables, but at my point of view, is not worth it… Vegetables can be bought with a couple bucks… Even if the “best” vegetables… is really worth it? The girl could be at home playing and doing kids stuff… But instead, she got wild life shitting all over her all day.
    And the last nail of the coffin… she feels obliged to thanks those horrible people for that… Thats creepy…
    She even have nightmare over that…


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