Nobuko Yoshiya Literary Works Translation Request


So I got a message from MithrandirOlorin about an interesting request. He said: “Hey dood. Could you do me a solid and spread the word about finding translators of Nobuko Yoshiya‘s literary work? To describe Miss Yoshiya in wrestling terms she would be like the Toots Mondt of Yuridom, meaning that she may very well be one of the founding mothers of the yuri genre.

The three titles the dood up above mentioned wanting to see get translated are Yanerura no nishojo, Chi no hate made, and most of Hanna monogatari. He also mentions that because the books are pre-1923 that means they are public domain in the US, meaning they can be freely picked up and translated. So if any translators out there are interested in tackling these literary works then by all means. Click on the two links above for more information on the request and Miss Yoshiya’s Wiki page.

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5 Responses to Nobuko Yoshiya Literary Works Translation Request

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  2. Denny Sinnoh says:

    She’s always been required reading in several courses for the Bachelor’s degree in the Yuri Arts program at Sinnoh University.

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