Mysterious Kase-san Poster

When I talked about the double whammy announcement of Citrus and Netsuzou Trap both getting anime right HERE I had a “fiiiine” and “special” reaction for both respectively. Recently I posted a tweet on my Twitter page briefly mentioning one manga series in particular. One series I would LOVE to see get animated. I do not often make posts about simple posters and little else. Look what happened after the supposed Virgins’ Empire anime was announced. I think it’s been nearly two years and we’ve heard nothing ever since. HOWEVER, I woke up this morning and once again my loyal fans and Yuri Council associates came through and have shared the following news…

Mysterious Kase-san Poster.jpg

Could it be?


  • Director: Takuya Satou
  • Key Animation: Kyuta Sakai

It’s also on MAL.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you something…Kase-san is one of my favorite yuri manga of all time. It’s in my top 10. It’s in my list of manga I want to see get animated. This poster along with it having a director and person in charge of key animation fills me with hope that it could happen. I want this SO. VERY. MUCH. This isn’t a confirmation but DEAR KUMARIA-SAMA I so hope it won’t be a repeat of the Virgins’ Empire announcement. Also I hope it won’t just be an OVA.


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31 Responses to Mysterious Kase-san Poster

  1. I’m also very excited for the potential adaptation and if it is coming, I pray it’ll be a full 12 episode season. Kase-san is an amazing and sweet and fluffy yuri manga, so it absolutely deserves it. I’m optimistic, but I won’t get my hopes completely up just yet as I’ll be heartbroken if it falls through. Time will tell.

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  2. Well, when it comes to anime getting announced as “coming at some point” or teased at in some way, sometimes it just takes a long time of waiting with nothing for there to be more news. Look at the Nanoha Reflections movie: it was originally teased as a concept, “a 3rd movie” in 2012,after the second movie came out, and then it was only a rumour, with no additional official information of any kind for four years before we then finally got more news in the form of an announcement and a date last year. Most people had already half lost hope for it ever coming out, and thought the project entirely dead. So sometimes projects just go underground for really long periods of time. Of course, planned/announced projects do also just disappear sometimes, but sometimes they do re-appear eventually.

    But interesting. One of the series I’ve heard about, but never got to reading, partly due to my slowness of reading in general and partly my ratio of anime:manga being pretty skewed towards anime. If an anime is really coming, maybe I’ll get to see said series then too, as well.

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  3. Louis Francis III says:

    The first of these adaptations that I’m looking forward to.

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  4. MarkS00N says:

    So Citrus has special announcement in March 25th or 26th, while Yuri-ten is running from March 18th to 26th…

    If Citrus shows PV (or at least confirm date for Citrus anime) and Kase-san’s anime announcement is real, next week might be the best week for Yuri!

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  5. kracen says:

    Once again the rituals have paid off.

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  6. philipbaxton says:

    I’m so happy I could cry. What great news.

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  7. Lena K. says:

    Reblogged this on YuriReviews and More and commented:

    If Kase-san is going to get an anime adaptation, I’m probably going to cry sweet tears of happiness~

    Though, yeah we don’t know for sure, but it sure looks like it. How exciting?!

    Well, for now, let OG explain to you how he came to this assumption~

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  8. Zack says:

    I like Kase-san, but I honestly wasn’t expecting it to get an anime. Not that I’m complaining.

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  9. LuzeriP says:

    I heard this news earlier today. I usually don’t pay attention for teasing. I just don’t want to get my hopes up. But this time I can’t. I want it so badly. Also this is why I love the name Yamada so much.

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  10. May gred says:

    OmG . . I am VERY excited for this. This manga is one of my all time yuri favorites along with sasameki koto. I love the leading characters’ personality. They deserve an animation. .

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  11. Yaki says:

    Overall, I found this to be a pretty good anime.


  12. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    OMFG! o.O I really love that manga too! 😀
    Kyaaaaaaaa!!! ❤ Super excited!!! Instantly on my “To Watch List” 😀

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  13. Zuneko says:

    This would be one of the GREATEST things to happen ever if this AMAZING manga got an anime adaption!

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  14. Bigbossbalrog says:

    At least we’ll get an anime adaption of a good yuri work this year.

    Was loosing hope, and thought we would have to suffer through Citrus and Trap

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    • The GAT says:

      “Suffer”? What are you saying? When I’m finally getting to crawl out of the desert I’m not going to complain about the type of beverage I’m being handed! 😉

      Although I am looking forward to this of course, loved the Manga for its sweetness!

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