Yuri Clicker Crowdfunding

And we have another yuri project with a “Clicker” gimmick on crowdfunding.

Yuri Clicker Cover.png

Plot Summary: Kisara Yamashiro is a freshman at an all-girls school. One day she meets a beautiful 3rd year named Yuri Sasaki. After a chance encounter she develops feelings for her. However, she is not the only one attracted to her.

One day while trying to deliver a love letter to Yuri she is stopped by the leader of the YAS, the Yuri Admiration Society. They convince her to join the society on their mission to love and protect Yuri from all evildoers, which involves the “Clicker” mechanic as Kisara and co beat up baddies.

The interested can learn more about the game and support it by going HERE. It also has two stretch goals involving improved quality and one more girl to court.

About OG-Man

Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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5 Responses to Yuri Clicker Crowdfunding

  1. Zuneko says:

    This has caught my interest, since there isn’t many yuri clickers that I know of and that the reasoning for the clicker isn’t another fairy that randomly appears. I also like that the protagonist is a girl instead of being gender-neutral like a lot of these type of games.

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  2. cirno9fan says:

    hoping in the full release you can more naturally go into a relationship with Tamako. Honestly, I’d rather a way to convince the head of YAS to go after Yuri for reals, than have Kisara get with Yuri. it’s just painful how cliche-ridden that whole path is. And how much it resembles Strawberry Panic. The tsundere route might be fun too. But the senpai route just is a huge ‘NO’ from me. Don’t know anything about the teacher, so no clue what to say there. Could be interesting.

    Outside that, the clicker game will probably be amusing, but need more depth with it than the demo allows.

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  3. I get bored of clickers because the gameplay is so shallow. Adding some visual novel story into the mix sounds like a good idea.

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