Halftime Heat: Kemono Friends

Before we begin this five episode look at Kemono Friends pardon me as I give a blunt warning. The show’s characters are all CG all the time. Viewers who get upset by the slightest bit of CG usage in other anime will vomit after less than a minute of watching this show. Do not waste time posting comments about “Not liking the show because the CG sucks”. That is a given for most of its detractors so all you’d be doing is preaching to the choir.

Backpack and Serval.gif

Possible interspecies ship.

This is the part where I discuss each episode highlighting the important parts of each but when it comes to the first five episodes of Kemono Friends, there isn’t much to say really. Let’s start at the beginning. We’re introduced to the show’s leading ladies, a human girl whose name is not yet known and her traveling companion Serval…the serval-girl who reminds me of Marsupilami (Look it up). Anyway Serval and the girl become friends. She then names her Backpack (or Bag according to the subs) because the girl doesn’t know what her name is, how she got there nor what she herself is either. Serval explains that they’re in the Savanna Area of Japari Park, a wildlife reserve/amusement park inhabited by “Friends”, essentially “Kemonomimi” (Animal Girls). Serval agreed to help Backpack find her way to the library in the hopes of her finding out what she is and maybe learn more about how she ended up in the park. Originally Serval only intended on guiding Backpack to the end of the Savnna Area near the gate to the Jungle Area but she decided to join Backpack on her journey.

Lucky Beast.jpg

Lucky Beast, aka Boss.

On their way to the library they meet a robot named Lucky Beast, or Boss as the Friends call it. It serves as tour guide of sorts and for some reason only speaks to Backpack but not Friends. Sometimes it changes its voice to a tour guide lady. Perhaps it’s a clue to Backpack’s identity.

Apart from that the show so far has been formulaic to an extent.

  • Backpack and Serval travel to a new different Area where Boss teaches them about it and the wildlife within.
  • They meet some Friends like a hippo, jaguar, otter or prairie dog.
  • They and those Friends get in some kind of a jam.
  • Backpack uses her wits to help the Friends find a solution such as building a new bridge or helping an alpaca make a sign guiding potential customers to her cafe.
  • The Friends thank Backpack and Serval for their help.
  • Next Area.
Serval vs a Cerulean.jpg

Cerulean, one eyed creatures that are not “Friends”.

Oh and sometimes our heroines come across dangerous one-eyed creatures known as Cerulean. Their origin’s currently unknown but as far as the Friends know they’re bad news.

The show’s appeal besides the main plot of learning Backpack’s true identity and what happened to her is seeing all the different Kemonomimi that are almost never shown in other anime featuring animal girls. I mean, how often do we see a beaver or prairie dog girl in anime for example? I think this is the first time ever. Speaking of beavers and prairie dogs.


Episode 5 had Prairie Dog “greeting” Serval, Backpack and Beaver with lip locks. At the end of episode we could say that Prairie Dog X Beaver is a possible ship alongside Serval X Backpack.

Raccoon and Coyote.jpg

Raccoon and “I think” Coyote.

Another thing worth noting is these two, Raccoon and (I think) Coyote. These two are chasing after Serval and Backpack because, according to Raccoon, if they were to leave the park it would be disastrous. Lastly there are several hints, especially near the end of episode 4 that hints that the human race was wiped out of existence and Backpack might be the last one among the new race of animal people. That seems to be where the story is heading. We’ll find out when they eventually reach the library.

For people who can put up with the CG the show is both charming and has an interesting plot hidden underneath. Dunno if I’ll be covering the other 7 episodes weekly. Maybe once the big reveal happens. Otherwise wait until the G-View.

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31 Responses to Halftime Heat: Kemono Friends

  1. My opinion of CG varies from series to series. I liked Expelled from Paradise for example, but think that looked like garbage. Based on the screenshots the visuals of this show are fine with me.

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  2. Umedyn says:

    It’s an okay show, I get that it’s for a younger audience, sort of like a “learn about animals as we go on a cool adventure!” kind of thing, like a tame magic school bus, which I excuse a lot in a show for. The CGI isn’t the worst by far, some of the movements try to act anime, but they kind of have it at that “CGI lag” if you know what I mean, which gives the animations a floating kinda feelings. As for a light hearted show, it certainly is nothing to complain about, if you go into it knowing what it is.


  3. yoyo says:

    thanks! I’m glad you pay attention to this show. This is excellent show if you can get past the animation(for people who doesn’t like it), I rather like the animations it’s actually fresh and unique. on the characters they’re all unique and adorable I can’t get enough of them.😆😆😆

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  4. cirno9fan says:

    Easily my surprise of the season! Went into it expecting kiddy infomercial about animals, got a dystopian fun adventure that reminds me of a less “lonely” Fragile Dreams (Wii Game)

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      If it were only an edutional show it wouldn’t have been bad either. The hidden dystopian setting was a welcome surprise though. There were several clues before episode 4 hinting to it, ESPECIALLY THE ED! Why else would it show a run down, abandoned amusement park?

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      • cirno9fan says:

        yeah, that was some nice foreshadowing. I mean, the second episode on really dropped the hints, but the first episode did have the Cerulean attempting to eat the Friend. At the timme I was just thinking it was gonna do MotW, but did get slightly unnerved with how it was presented.

        I would have been fine if it were the former as well. It was just a very pleasant surprise~

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      • mihomaho says:

        BTW I like the op song is really catchy.

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      • OG-Man says:

        I like the whole soundtrack. Nice jungle fever vibes.


  5. LuzeriP says:

    Kemoni Friends is in my on hold anime, but after episode 5, i think i want to watch it right away. I don’t have a problem with CG. Also it reminds me of WUG Zoo.

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  6. Rory says:

    The Friend that’s with Raccoon is Fennec.
    I’m really quite enjoying this show – it has been a nice surprise.

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  7. KueKyuuQ says:

    It took me way too long to realize the smexy PPP-Preview girls were penguins XD
    This show wasn’t on my radar until this post, now caught up and am enjoying it a lot – thank you, OG!

    The animation is a bit different, and quite lacking in parts (seems, it’s only the second project for the studio?). But, I quickly got used to it – because the story and little hints keep me entertained and the character designs in and of themselves aren’t half-bad.

    I like how the journey is sort of like a happy-go-lucky Pokemon adventure but seems to have an post-apocalypse Adventure Time twist to it. Kinda reminds me of the first episode of Gakkou Gurashi (it even modifies the intro over time, too). I love it when anime play with our expectations (this list also includes Yuuki Yuuna, Illya, Qualidea Code and Magical Girl Raising Project…). When we fully enjoy the beauty, innocence and heroism but there’s this dreadful suspense and/or horrible revelation lurking right around the corner…

    However, I am not sure how dark this show dares to become… The decay of some structures may imply at least a decade passed since– well, whatever happened. So many questions… The format seems to address kids, yet I just learned on MAL that it may be rated PG-13 [confirmation needed!]…
    So, yeah, I am hooked and keep my fingers crossed the show will provide a satisfiable resolution / explanation. If only Tsuchinoko hadn’t been interrupted…

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    • OG-Man says:

      That was easy to spot. Oh well. Glad you eventually noticed.

      It does have Adventure Time setting vibes. We’ll see how the show makes the big reveal when Backpack reaches the library.

      It’s a nice educational show that may take an interesting turn soon enough.

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  8. This anime is a big major surprise in terms of popularity. It is one of the uncanniest CG anime around but that is overshadowed by the fact that Japan is loving this very much. Like everyone, I had a bad first impression about this anime but after knowing that this is a hit in Japan, my impression changed drastically. It is a cute and comfy anime.

    Here is a fun fact. Kemono Friends used to be an app game that was shut down last December. The developers are not planning on reopening it because of the anime. The developers did not expect the anime to have a sudden fanbase so they are likely regretting their decision.

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  9. Yuki Aizawa says:

    I must admit, when I first started watching I though this would be 2d. Buthe when I saw it was CGI I almost quit, however, as I kept watching I started to notice that it had the charm of RWBY back during the first volume, and then they started throwing hints around, and I’m like “Ye gods, why must you capture my attention.”

    I must say 2017 is quickly becoming one of the best anime seasons, it kind of worries me for 2018 anime since that anime will have a lot of expectations.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. yurimylove says:

    Watched 1st episode after this post. Was going to watch more but then got real busy, now I’m 3 weeks behind in all series. Will be catching up first before getting back to this, or marathon at season end…

    Liked by 1 person

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