The 2016 Yuritopia Classic Round 1 (Closed on January 20th, 2017)

Sorry for being late with the tournament. Stuff to do in real life and not being able to finish as many shows as I wanted before the end of 2016 stopped this year’s tournament from starting sooner. Anyway here we are so let’s go over the rules again and then bring up what will be different this time around.

Voting ended January 20th, 2017.

Nene ready for battle

Like the 2015 Yuritopia Ascension Games that were contested here and here the tournament will be a weekly elimination process where teams and competitors will be vying for the top 3 championships of the Yuri Nation:

  • Yuri Tag Team Championship
  • Yuricontinental Champioship
  • Yuri World Championnship

There are times where voters can vote for more than one competitor/team. These will be indicated. If there’s no indication then that means only one vote.

The tournament will be broken down into four brackets; Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Voting percentages will once again be kept a secret until the start of the next round.

The Tag Team tournament will be the same as last year. HOWEVER, there is a change in how the YC and World Championship contenders will be determined. There were some shows where contenders stood out as singles stars and not just as a tag team. Instead of yours truly determining who gets to compete for which title, this time it will be up to the Nation to vote who gets to go after which title. To put it simply, two or three of the gayest girls/women from each show will face off and the one with the most votes gets a shot at the World title. The one who comes in 2nd place goes after the YC title. It will all make sense soon enough.

So doods and peeps, here we go again! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!



Nene and Clarion

There was hardly any viable competition for Koukaku no Pandora’s Nene X Clarion so they automatically win the title of #1 Yuri Tag Team of Winter 2016. This means there’s only one thing left for them to do, compete against each other for top title opportunities. Like I said above, the girl who gets the most votes will get an opportunity to compete for the Yuri World Title and the runner-up goes for the YC Title.


Spring Bracket


Crossover Brawl Spring 2016

Rin comforting OnsaTuan X Miach

Anne Happy!

Hanako thanking HibariRen X Hibiki

Hai-Furi (3 Votes)

Mike and MokaCaptain Mike's mayonnaiseGood job fangirlAdorable trigger happy duoAwesome duoWar faces

Pan de Peace!

Mai worshiping Noa againNoa the teenagerA new love


Sailor Uranus and Neptune EDPinky swear

Title Shot Qualifiers Spring

Hai Furi (2 votes)

Conspiracy theory againCaptain Mike's backWilhelmina swimsuitCaptain Mashiro Returns

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3

Fancy HarukaMichiru's special mirrorHotaru TomoeChibi 1

royal starfish




rin-x-koHifumi drying Aoba's hairUmiko suspicious of NeneTimid Nene

Illya’s Partner

im-here-for-you-miyukuro-fawning-and-stallingTanaka hugging Illya

Ange Vierge (2 Votes)

Buffoon Sisters snugglingDark Carene and XeniaAmane and SayaAlmaria clinging to Saya nowAlmaria embarassed to drink Sofina


Hotaru comforting Hime againpikari-comforting-teko-again


Chika’s Partner

Chika worried about Rikoyou-trying-to-touch-chikas-shoulder

Zuramaru’s Partner

Hanamaru eating againHanaRuby cheering

Mari’s Partner


Mari and Dia image source HERE.

Title Shot Qualifiers Summer

Illya 3rei!

Prisma Illya, Sapphire VersionMiyu shocked by lifeless IllyaKuro fighting IllyaSexy towel Tanaka

Love Live! Sunshine!! (5 Votes)

Love Live Sunshine!!

Fall leaf



Crossover Brawl Fall 2016 (3 Votes)

Due to the large number of teams in the Fall season this will be a special brawl. Instead of only one team qualifying, it’ll be two. I also find it very interesting that ALL the couples consist of magical girls, even Retoree and Cyan. Heck the only one without superpowers is Archduchess Fine…yet she had the power to bless Izetta so…yeah she has a superpower too.

fine-x-izetta-in-bedpapika-x-cocona-in-bedfuuka-x-rinneretoree-checking-up-on-cyanwinterprison-x-sister-nanaMirai comforting Riko

Scorching Ping Pong Girls!


Brave Witches


Magic of Stella


Sound! Euphonium 2


Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars

Yui comforting Rena againingrid-and-kei

Title Shot Qualifiers Fall 2016

Izetta: The Last Witch


Flip Flappers


Crossover Brawl Fall 2016 (2 Votes)

Similar to the Tag Team Crossover Brawl, there will be two comptetitors who qualify for the next round.

Asuka noticing Kumiko's improvementmio-kusakaivictorious-countessretoree-missed-cyan-very-muchembarassed-fuka

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Once again voting ends this coming Friday January 20th. Good luck to all the teams and comtenders and may the best ones qualify for the next round!

PS: I’m sure a certain diehard fanbase is wondering why their couple was left out of the competition. The answer is simple, due to HER actions in the 2nd season she was disqualified from the tournament and awards ceremony. Usagi X Haruka not being a viable option in the SM Crystal 3 category has a similar reason, mainly because of loyalty. HOWEVER, HaruUsa will be mentioned again later on in the competition.

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13 Responses to The 2016 Yuritopia Classic Round 1 (Closed on January 20th, 2017)

  1. Zuneko says:

    There was some pretty tough choices for some of these. This is going to be a really tough tournament.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. kracen says:

    Flip Flappers and Izetta in the same month is going to make picking the overall winner there a difficult one.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    The summer tag team was a hard one! 😛

    Liked by 2 people

  4. OG-Man says:

    Sorry about that folks. The “Hai-Furi Title Shot Qualifier” was stuck at 1 vote. Fixed now. Same goes for the Flip Flappers one.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. I felt bad about voting for couples for shows I haven’t seen/finished, but I did it anyway. I mostly chose my preferred couple based on aesthetic, really.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Reblogged this on haveyouexperiencedshitsurakuen and commented:

    I felt bad about voting for couples for shows I haven’t seen/finished, but I did it anyway. I mostly chose my preferred couple based on aesthetic, really.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. MarkS00N says:

    Yesh! Here it is the long waited event!
    Those are some tough choice there, but this toughness only shows how blessed 2016 has been in regard to yuri…

    And Fall 2016 really is one of the best season for yuri…
    Hopefully the best can win the competition!

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Eerika Norja says:

    Too many tough choices in the first round! Or then I watched too many of the shows this year and ship too much! Then again, there were also shows I didn’t watch and thus didn’t vote in, for fairness’ sake.

    Alas, I cannot vote in the Love Live! Sunshine!! couple part, as all 3 voting sections are OT3s, there is no “both” option, and one does not betray one’s OT3.

    Also, sadly I haven’t yet watched through all of Hibike! season 2 yet (only episode 1 so far mostly due to the new season starting and having other things to do during the day), and thus cannot really decide between ships whose full development I haven’t seen yet. Have to see how fast I watch through the rest of it. Still a proud AsuKumi shipper post-season 1 btw, I never gave in! Though I can certainly see how KumiRei came about, that ship practically wrote itself into the show.

    I suppose all I can say is: Let the gayest girl win!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. x says:

    This is the longest you done yet, good job.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Cels says:

    Where’s Kumiko x Reina?


  11. themarrowbook says:

    Thanks for doing the tournament despite your being busy!
    There were some tough choices that I wished I could vote for both, but this proves the abundance of yuri contents last year.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the results!


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