OG’s Top 10 Anime He’s Seen in 2016

This will be a first for me when it comes to picking my annual favorites because usually I pick more than 10 shows I liked ending with the 5 I enjoyed most of all. This time I made a conscious effort to narrow it down to 10 and ONLY 10. The rules will be the following:

  1. No anime movies that premiered or were subbed this year. Meaning movies like The Boy and The Beast, Your Name and Harmony will not be on this list.
  2. This list will only feature anime I have finished that aired in 2016, meaning other super popular shows like RE:Zero, Yuri!!! on Ice, Drifters and even controversial ones like ERASED will not be on the list because at the time this list was made I have not yet seen them.
  3. As usual these are MY FAVORITE ANIME. This does not mean they are the best of the best, just the ones I enjoyed watching most of all this year.

Before we begin with #10 let me start off with a dishonorable mention, aka my most disappointing anime of 2016.

Kuma Miko

KumaMiko. This was supposed to be my show. MY SHOW! I mean it starred a miko and a talking bear. Two of my favorite kinds of characters. So what kind of show did I get?

  1. The majority of the jokes revolved around harassing Machi for no good reason.
  2. Everyone except Machi and Natsu (for the most part) are annoying and/or horrible people, making me understand why Machi wants to leave her village so badly.
  3. The ending…”fuming”.

One of these days I will need to watch Polar Bear Cafe again to calm myself.

The HONORABLE mention spot goes to…


Sound! Euphonium 2

It is more of the same stuff that made the first season enjoyable, though for some it is understandably bettwe (or even worse) than the first season depending on their mindsets and desires coming into Eupho 2. I personally thought it was on equal terms with the first one. The new character arcs were pretty good, the animation and soundtrack are still superb and most of the veterans are cool. As for “you know what”, I liked the end result a lot.

Bonus honorable mentions:

Alrighty then. Here we go with…


Pandora of the Crimson Shell

Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn

The most underrated and overlooked show on the list, Pandora already had a rough time being the distant cousin of one of the most popular sci-fi anime franchises of all time, Ghost in the Shell, but also because for the most part it followed a similar formula other female-centric spinoffs of popular shows like Hidan no Aria AA and Soul Eater NOT, it being more slice of life and less action-oriented like their more popular main counterparts. Even so Pandora delivered the goods with cool sci-fi action when it focused on it, interesting discussions about the economy, culture and society and some neat characters. Oh and of course some ecchi loli android yuri and a gorgeous African (I think)  scientist.


Amanchu Poster


It was a tough call choosing between Flying Witch and this one but Amanchu! came out victorious. The story of a Half-Muppet girl moving from her old town to one near the seaside and having a hard time coming out of her timid shell. Thankfully her Half-Muppet teacher, friends and especially her future Half-Muppet girlfriend helped her slowly but surely develop more self-confidence and be more open about what she really wants. Oh and there’s some occasional scuba diving and the animation quality is GORGEOUS!


Illya 3rei

Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Illya 3rei!!

Possibly the best season of Magical Girl Illya by far, tied with the first. The usual erotic loli humor and sexy yuri goodness is still there but they both took a back seat in favor of a very interesting plot with decent twists, the vintage Fate franchise action scenes at probably the most intense they have ever been in this spinoff series and the promise of even more awesomeness in the future. The main series’ Illya is cool for being very creepy. This alternate universe Illya was cool before but in 3rei! her coolness went up tenfold! The new allies and villains are also some of the series’ best and worst respectively and my personal best addition, THE THREE STOOGES ARE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND after the first episode, though Mimi’s absence was missed. Thankfully one of our fellow Nation members elkat4 made sure to chronicle Mimi’s misadventures after Illya’s departure.


Sailor Moon Crystal Season3 Infinity Arc Poster

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3

I guess for these two shows the #3 was a lucky one. Despite having the same “fast forward narrative” where the show solely focused on the important events in the main story and did away with casual episodes, season 3 still managed to pull off being the best one in the reboot yet. Perhaps it is because the Death Busters Arc is considered one of the best in the SM series (or so I have heard). The animation quality also got a major buff to look like a combination of classic and modern SM. Besides the threat being the biggest our heroines have faced by far the season also reintroduced the Yuri Nation (and the mainstream) to the legendary tag team of Sailor Uranus and Neptune in spectacular fashion. This along with a returning fan favorite and another surprise character who changed Sailor Chibi-Moon’s life for the better and we got a major boost in SM goodness. Hopefully when the fourth season is eventually announced the reboot will maintain its momentum.


New Game! Poster

New Game!

There was some tough competition for New Game! from the likes of Anne Happy! and Magic of Stella but in the end New Game! was the Girls Club show of 2016 that entertained me the most. It is not often we get a Office Lady themed Girls Club show, let alone one centered around video games. I mean, cute and sexy women and video game developing. the GLORIOUSNESS speaks for itself.

Alright doods. We are in the home stretch with my top five picks!




I knew I would love this anime based on the concept alone but I never expected it to be as great as it was. Like all other ECCHIMANIA shows this one is as easy to ridicule as it is to enjoy. Since I more often than not take the plots of these shows seriously it was easy to sit back and revel in the sexiness and over the top combat of mixed martial arts style bikini sumo wrestling. Despite atheletes only allowed to fight using their breasts and butt it is basically a little bit of many kinds of martial arts. Add in the fact that the writers and animators held nothing back with the admittedly hilarious yet also fantastic super special moves and the athletes being both GORGEOUS and fun to watch fight and become stronger keijo warriors and we got what I argue is one of the best ECCHIMANIA series of all time.



Magical Girl Raising Project

Possibly the most controversial entry on the list. This show hurt me a lot emotionally but I could not stop watching. I was amazed by not only how sick and twisted it could get but also maintain the tradition established by other moepocalypse shows despite its survival game narrative. That very style of narrative is what turned some people off from the show and understandably so. Still, I somehow persevered and enjoyed this show a lot more than I ever thought I would. The strange allure of moepocalypse shows…I tell ya. I will say that should this show get a 2nd season one day, I would dare watch it. HOWEVER, I also hope this style of moepocalypse show does not end up becoming the new norm. I do not think my poor heart could handle rapid fire shows like this.


Love Live Sunshine!!

Love Live! Sunshine!!

I doubt anyone is surprised by this show making the list. Aqours had a rough time from the start establishing themselves. Not only did they have the scorn of diehard μ’s fans who decided to LOATHE them from the start but also the first half of the season having lots of μ’s references and repeated subplots did not help their case despite μ’s inadvertently playing a big part in the main plot. However, as the references were greatly lessened in the second half and by that point Aqours having that despite sharing similarities they are their own characters they pulled it off and delivered a performance worthy of the Love Live! name. Hopefully a second season will eventually be announced where Aqours can use the opportunity to further establish themselves as idol legends. I truly believe that, especially after this season’s conclusion that Aqours has only begun to show off their greatness.



Flip Flappers

I bet some fans of mine are surprised this is not my #1…though I imagine you also figured out which show is. Flip Flappers has it all, action, adventure, fantasy, creativty, unpredictability, beautiful animation and depth. It also had one of the most surprising and engaging love stories in yuridom. While not perfect it is still one of 2016’s best. I strongly believe this show will become a future all-time yuri classic.

And now for my #1 anime of 2016. As I said I am certain some fans have already figured out which one it is but for the sake of suspense.












Shuumatsu no Izetta

Izetta: The Last Witch

What can I say, this show blew me away despite its several flaws within its narrative and flow, all easily overlooked in favor of the grand picture. Let me put it this way. I do not watch fictional stories set during a historical event like World War 2 and DEMAND as much accuracy as possible but rather I am more interested in what the writers do with its setting and as far as I am concerned they did a really good job since it felt like the story was set in a war like environment and neither side was safe. Not once did it feel like “the good guys were safe from doom until the last quarter as is the case with most 12-13 episode anime”, as it should be in war stories. The show has the best soundtrack of the year, its animation is pretty good, the ecchiness is there but not TOO exaggerated and the characters all filled their roles ranging from likable to despicable despite some clearly having needed a bit more development. Still, it was great. Besides all that FineZetta’s romance is arguably one of the most beautiful I have ever since in live-action and animated media. It is so intimate and ovbious that these two were falling in love and it was not about platonic skinship and that is good enough for me. Lastly, two beautiful women, one badass princess and a badass witch, leading an army against Nazi Germany and falling in love at the same time. What more could I want from a story like this?

So that is my list. Share your thoughts on it or even which shows were your favs of 2016 down below.

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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39 Responses to OG’s Top 10 Anime He’s Seen in 2016

  1. Eerika Norja says:

    I’m surprised I actually agree with more of your list to be honest. It’s usually rare for me to find any list I can pretty much agree on, almost anywhere, so…it’s a nice surprise. Although, to be fair, I haven’t actually watched enough Sailor Moon, especially Crystal (that is to say I’ve seen season 1 of the original anime and none of Crystal), to say anything of it’s goodness, but based on what I know of it and the what little I’ve heard of the season (and what I know of the couples in there), I can understand the reason it’s there.

    Yay for someone remembering Koukaku no Pandora! CatMaidAndroidYuriLoli series apparently just don’t get enough love, it seems. ;_;

    My three personal favorites of the year probably have to go to Prisma Ilya 3rei as #1 (being the best season (so far) of my number 2 or 3 favorite part of the Fate universe (Fate/Extra is, and Fate/Grand Order may be, above it), and having one of my favorite meguca couples being amazing (especially Ep10, that Illya & Miyu reunion scene was just…tearful sobs of fangirl joy)) and Flip Flappers at #2 (Just amazing, wonderful, superb.) And probably Izetta at #3, being wonderful as well. Others after them aren’t in any real particular order, but include all the others of your list except for SM, for the reasons I mentioned, as well as some others.

    This year honestly had quite a few surprises in terms of amazing shows, to be honest. Quite possibly a lot better than the anime I watched last year.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Do check out the Crystal at least. The first arc is solid, the second is “meh” and as you read the third is excellent.

      It’s a shame Pandora didn’t get much love.

      Good choices for top three.

      Yup. 2016 had lots of welcome surprises for the Nation and even the Yaoi Republic and mainstream.

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  2. Rory says:

    Pandora in the Crimson Shell got an honourable mention for my top picks of 2016 from me, but I do have to say that it was an enjoyable ride. I might just start collecting the manga…
    I preferred Flying Witch to Amanchu myself, though both shows were just so laid back. Guess I just prefer magic to scuba diving – though Flying Witch’s Chinatsu was also a great character. The cats, Chito and Kenny, were great, too.
    Primsa Illya 3rei!! certainly had some great moments for Illya – seeing her Install different Class Cards was a treat – though it didn’t quite make my own top ten list because it’s technically not finished yet. I can’t wait to see what the film has in store for us.
    Out of the three seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal, I can see why it’s said that Death Busters is the best arc. I enjoyed the relationship that developed between Chibiusa and Hotaru as well as the introduction of the legendary tag team. Can’t neglect mentioning Sailor Saturn, either.
    You’ve pretty much covered all the reasons I enjoyed New Game!, so I don’t have much to add about that one.
    Keijo!!!!!!!! took a ridiculous premise (and a ridiculous number of exclamation marks) and just ran with it. The sheer absurdity of it had me laughing out loud on several occasions, yet it still managed to be one of the best shows of 2016.
    Magical Girl Raising Project introduced to a variety of characters and forced us to watch their lives being taken, and yet I loved it. I would love nothing more than to see the other light novels adapted into anime. I’m surprised to see you picked it above Keijo!!!!!!!!, though.
    Aqours may have had a shaky start, but I had no regrets sticking with Love Live! Sunshine!! We definitely need to see more from Aqours.
    What are you talking about? Flip Flappers is perfection in anime form! All right, it had some flaws but those had zero impact on my enjoyment of the show. As you already know, Flip Flappers is easily my top pick of 2016. I just adore everything about it.
    I’m not surprised to see Izetta as your #1, and it was certainly a great show, despite its flaws. Finé and Izetta are great together.
    There was just something magical about the relationships in both Izetta and Flip Flappers.
    People may have had their problems with 2016, but at least we got some amazing anime out of it.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Any acknowledgement of Pandora’s goodness is nice.

      Either FW of A! are great choices so it’s cool that you chose FW.

      Fair reason to not include Illya 3rei! I too look forward to the movie’s subs in due time.

      Yup. Season 3 was the best by far.

      Yay for Bikini MMA BAYBEH!

      What can I say? Magical Battle Royale of DOOM scarred me…in a good way.

      We definitely need more Aqours goodness. Their legend is far from over.

      Fli Flappers is as perfect for you as Mouretsu Pirates is for me, which also has its flaws yet I still see it as anime perfection. So of course it deserves to be #1 on a favs/best list of 2016.

      Yup. Both FF and Izetta had magical lesbian romances, both figuratively and literally.

      2016 was a good year for open-minded animeniacs.

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  3. Solid as always. Your top ten matches mine with some differences in rankings (especially since I would put Izetta as an honorable mention due to my issues with it and 3rei a bit higher on the list but also because I still have yet to finish Amanchu!, Magical Girl Raising Project and Keijo…yes I know I really gotta get on that soon lol), but overall I’m definitely on board with your picks.

    Yuri/magical girl and sequel/spinoff wise I seriously don’t have any complaints with this past year. Hopefully 2017 won’t be a disappointment this year either what with Kobayashi-san Maid Dragon, more Nanoha, Symphogear, and of course, Washio Sumi and Yuuki Yuuna season 2. There may be others I’m forgetting but I know those are the big ones really.

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  4. EasyO's says:

    Pretty good list (as usual), 2016 had some hidden gems along with the more obvious good stuff. Personally i was much more picky this year so could only really create a top 5:
    #5, New Game!
    #4, Vivid Strike!
    #3, Izetta = #2, Koukaku no Pandora
    #1, Flip Flappers of course.

    Izetta and Flip Flappers in particular get extra merit for ending the year with a big one-two punch of Yuri, let’s hope 2017 can further impress.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Error says:

    I agree with your list OG, exept Izetta. This anime is typical anti-nazi form, only the little yuri has a positive bullet. I wonder who “ordered” the story… I have an idea. Who generates the WWII too…

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      I guess having Nazis as villains gets old for people who have digested a lot of fiction centered around WWII. Oh well.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Error says:

        Old and not true too. The whole WWII is a big mess in many heads. “The 3rd Reich = The Evil’s world”. Now this is a HUGE misunderstandig… 😦


      • OG-Man says:

        Reasonable. As I said though I didn’t watch the show while demanding historical accuracy. To me it was lesbian lovers leading an army against an evil empire who just so happen to be Nazis That’s it.

        Liked by 2 people

  6. I so admit, most of these animes, really made me happy for watching, congrats OG for creating a awesome list, i do agree with the animes that showed and that i ended as well. And thank you, for the last time i promise, for reccomeding so much wonderful animes 😀

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  7. MarkS00N says:

    Yeah, Izetta and Flip Flappers just take me (and I assume yuri community) by storm last year, never though two best yuri anime in 2016 will come at the last season…

    Fall 2016 in general is a solid season for yuri, and because I don’t watch Amanchu, Prism, and Magical Girl Rising Project, I have Vivid Strikes and Wixoss from that season…

    I also want to add Anne Happy and Ange Vierge, but it will be top 11 in that case, so I’ll give it to Anne Happy, because I disagree with how Ange Vierge plot going (still like it though)…

    Honorable mention goes to Mahou Tsukai Precure, because it is very gay (in “I have to mom” variety) but I think the episodes are too formulaic even for Precure and Haa-chan existance reduce the chance for Mirai and Rikko to have intimate moment (just like parents when they have to take care their kids)…

    Another honorable mention from me goes to Galko-chan, which unfortunately doesn’t have enough yuri moment, but the character interaction is unique enough for me to like it (plus it still has goggle worthy moment, just not as much as I want)…

    Last two anime I want to mention is Sansha Sanyou (doesn’t have enough yuri moment, still enjoyable) and Qualidea Code (interesting concept, canon gay, but bad execution and production quality)…

    Also, thank you yurination for blogging yuri anime throughout 2016, I rarely comment now but I always like your blog post…

    Hopefully 2017 will be a better and bigger year for yuri…

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Let’s check out your choices.

      -Mahou Tsukai PreCure hasn’t ended yet as of this post so I couldn’t include it.
      -Galko-chan and Sansha Sanyou are both good shows but not great.
      -Anne Happy didn’t make the list SOLELY because I could only include 10 shows. It is a GREAT Girls Club show.
      -I haven’t finished Qualidea Code.

      You’re welcome. I do my best and will continue doing so in 2017.

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  8. Reblogged this on haveyouexperiencedshitsurakuen and commented:

    Solid as always. Your top ten matches mine with some differences in rankings (especially since I would put Izetta as an honorable mention due to my issues with it and 3rei a bit higher on the list but also because I still have yet to finish Amanchu!, Magical Girl Raising Project and Keijo…yes I know I really gotta get on that soon lol), but overall I’m definitely on board with your picks.

    Yuri/magical girl and sequel/spinoff wise I seriously don’t have any complaints with this past year. Hopefully 2017 won’t be a disappointment this year either what with Kobayashi-san Maid Dragon, more Nanoha, Symphogear, and of course, Washio Sumi and Yuuki Yuuna season 2. There may be others I’m forgetting but I know those are the big ones really.

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  9. chikorita157 says:

    While I won’t share my thoughts since there there are some titles that on my list. I do agree that Kumamiko was disappointing and plan to write a post on that eventually. Apparently, it seems that the creator didn’t seem to like how the anime production handled the ending.

    Love Live Sunshine only made it on my honorable mentions list. I felt that the constant references to muse and copying the plot from the original kind of made me have mixed feelings even if I enjoyed the characters. If they developed Aqours without any references to muse and copying the plot from the original, perhaps the show would be even more enjoyable. I agree that the second half was better. Hopefully the second will be better in that regard.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      I’ll check out your list then.
      That’s fine. The references and recycling in the first half were a bit cumbersome but thankfully Aqours did their own thing and dominated the 2nd half. Now all we need to do is wait for the 2nd season and see them shine like they were meant to from the start.

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  10. themarrowbook says:

    For me, the summer season 2016 was especially great as it had 2 of my favourite anime of the year (New Game! and Love Live! Sunshine!!).
    Glad both made it in your top 10 list!
    Hopefully both New Game! and Love Live! Sunshine!! would get season 2 soon, as well as the other shows you picked for the top 10 list.

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Zuneko says:

    I have finished all of the shows except for the drama ones like Magical Girl Raising Project and Sound! Euphonium and ones I haven’t watched the previous season to like Illya and Sailor Moon. The drama ones I haven’t watched mainly because I have enough drama in my life and for the other the reason is obvious. I might watch the ones I haven’t watched when I have the time though!

    I really need to finish Izetta: The Last Witch now. And seriously, Pandora In The Crimson Shell really is an underrated show…

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  12. LuzeriP says:

    We have the same list on top three! Except Flip Flappers is my number one and then Izetta. Thou both shows are equally awesome. LL Sunshine also my number three, because I say it again, I love idol anime.

    As for #4 and #5 it’d be Ping Pong Girls and Amanchu. Koukaku no Pandora, Keijo, New Game, Vivid Strike, Fate/Kaleid also on my top ten list. I picked Flying Witch and Stella no Mahou on my honorable mention. I haven’t seen Magical Girl Raising Project yet. I know it’s good, I just thought i have to mentally prepare for this kind of anime. And also you mentioned Crystal, I think I’m gonna check that one too.

    Looking forward to 2017, i know it’s going to be a good one.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Very nice.

      Yup. Do not go watching Magical Battle Royale of DOOM without being mentally prepared.

      You can either watch all of Crystal or go right to 3. Either way is fine as the first episode of 3 briefly summarizes what you need to know about 1 and 2. Either way is fine.

      Liked by 1 person

  13. yurimylove says:

    if I had made such a list I’m sure it’d closely resemble yours here, with Izetta at #1 but New Game at #2. Never forget the legendary “yuri broom ride”!

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  14. Keijo’s quality has surprised many people. Even reviewers who dislike fan service seem to have complemented it. Shame that the Blu Rays in Japan have sold poorly. That will hurt its chances of another season.

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  15. LiteraryOtakuGamerGirlT says:

    Very great choices! It was a good year, let’s hope 2017 will bring us even more yuri goodness. So far, it’s off to a nice start.

    Liked by 3 people

  16. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    I thought Shuumatsu won’t be on the list 😛 It’s my #1 too it’s the best…if ever I’d make a list of my own too 😛 I’ll have probably similar choices but on different numbers but Shuumatsu definitely number 1 😀 2016 brought us great shows and hopefully 2017 will do the same 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  17. Marina says:

    I’ll have to give Pandora and Flip Flappers a try since you did such a good job talking them up 🙂 They just never made my radar for some reason! Thank you for writing up this list–I obviously agree with quite a bit of it, with New Game! and Amanchu! both hitting quite high on my favorites for 2016.

    Liked by 3 people

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