Flip Flappers Episode 9: Being a Gay Yaya is Suffering

It’s that time of the season where a show with an important plot starts getting extra grim.

Enraged Yayaka.jpg

Yayaka had a really bad day.

Cocona and Papika arguing.jpg

PapiCoco having a lovers quarrel.

Readers who saw the pevious episode’s post-credit scene know why Cocona was angry at Papika.

Yuyu looking for Cocona's special fragment.jpg

Yuyu looking for Cocona’s special fragment.

During their latest skirmish in Pure Illusion PapiCoco ran into Team Yayaka once again. Cocona and the dolls, named Toto and Yuyu, were imprisoned while Papika and Yayaka duked it out on the other side. In the prison the dolls took advantage of Cocona’s kindness and tried messing with her feelings for Papika and Yayaka to get the special fragment in Cocona’s left leg..

Yayaka choking Papika.jpg

Outside Papika’s determination to save Cocona, meaning her love for her, enraged Yayaka the more she saw her pour her heart out. Part of her wanted to be in Papika’s shoes.

Young Cocona and Yayaka.jpg

We got a flashback showing us when Yayaka and Cocona first met and how Yayaka had been tasked with keeping an eye on Cocona, which of course resulted in Yayaka sturggling with her loyalty to the Woo Tan Clan and her growing love for Cocona.

Reunited again.jpg

Viewers could tell that seeing this sent Yayaka over the edge.


Yayaka’s rage got her the win but she was still struggling with her loyalty and her love. Love was victorious.

Yayaka taking a bullet for Cocona.jpg

Yayaka took a bullet for Cocona.

The dolls took it better than I thought they would.

Maybe next episode we’ll find out why Yayaka was so loyal to the Woo Tan Clan and that’s also when I’ll get into more detail on Yayaka’s replacement, who I’m sure will be a bloodthirsty doll that will influence the twin dolls to become even more ruthless.

Lastly Flip Flappers nowadays wouldn’t be complete without more post-credit yuri drama. We’ll see if we can get more information on Mimi next episode besides being Papika’s first girlfriend.

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24 Responses to Flip Flappers Episode 9: Being a Gay Yaya is Suffering

  1. Star Light says:

    I feel deeply sorry for Yayaka. I guess Yaya is just android as twin dolls, but she was the first generation so she got a bit issue her mindset program, I assume.

    I hope we have a happy ending for our triangle. Yeah, I do hope so.

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  2. Eerika Norja says:

    Now I’m really starting to wonder if I was right about Papika’s past with that post-credit reveal this episode. Was it really her that I noticed in the ep7 flashback scene, and the person who was fading away with a baby (Cocona?) in her arms is Mimi? (and a younger Dr.Salt obviously included as well) If so, this could get very interesting. Though hopefully not in the “let’s make the PapiCoco ship really awkward by revealing Papika to be part of Cocona’s family” kind of way. Papika being older than she appears and having a crush on Cocona’s mom (or romantic love for) I could still deal with, if that’s where the show is going. Even though if Papika really is older, it would probably make things a bit strange for them, at least for a while, and probably would mean something like a kiss is unlikely to be seen. Oh well. Maybe she was cryogenically frozen or something, or reincarnated into a new form, and is actually the age she appears (in body if not in mind/memories)?

    It could be even more interesting if it’s true that Mimi is Cocona’s mom (disappeared somewhere), Dr. Salt is really her dad hiding in disguise, scarred by the past, and Papika is her mom’s love interest…that must be a slightly awkward situation.

    I do hope Yayaka lives through this and finds a true place in the world. Seems likely the place she previously thought she belonged in was merely the villains telling her that to make her work for them, and not really a place she truly belonged in. The Yayas of the world need some happiness too! (Maybe not with Cocona however, unless an OT3 happens. But that would be okay too! Probably.)

    Cold, calculating villains with a mission to change the world and who have most of the stuff they need now, probably. And who might get even more cold and calculating soon. Oh joy.

    Uuh. I always end up writing quite a bit. I have many thoughts in my head. Thoughts that always want to come out and be shared when I have a chance to, I guess.

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    • Eerika Norja says:

      Also just realized: could this episodes’ PI have been the Twins’ inner mind? An empty, white expanse with nothing in it (no living things in sight, or any food or other sustenance). A cleverly hidden trap right where the fragment is (which only responds to emotion, meaning a trap the Twins themselves could not seemingly break out of), a test to try Yayaka’s loyalty. An empty, emotionless world of nothing but lies and deception.

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    • OG-Man says:

      A person falling in love with both mother and then daughter is not uncommon in fictional media.


      Yayas are cursed to suffer in the name of love, not die so I doubt she’ll perish.

      The Woo Tan Clan’s dolls will be more dangerous than before after this episode.

      It’s cool. This show encourages speculation aand discussion like with Yuri Kuma Arashi last year.

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  3. ArcaJ says:

    This show keeps tying me in knots. I they’ve made it abundantly clear that Cocona is very much in love with Papika. Unfortunately, everything else is up in the air. Papika is still hung up on her ex. (proving that she, too is VERY GAY) I have a theory about Mimi, but that comes later.

    This was half Yayaka’s episode and did she ever deliver. Her struggle between her duty to gather amorphous, and her growing love for Cocona makes me wonder what Yayaka’s wish is. When Papika made her latest, and best, confession I could see the point Yayaka realized she’d lost Cocona. (being Yayaka is suffering) Papika’s fight with Yayaka was the first time we saw Yayaka really physically try to hurt either girl. Her desperation to stay by Conona’s side seems to me that she has based her entire being on Cocona.

    I said before that this show doesn’t give without taking. We finally got Cocona and Papika together and completely positive with their relationship. Unfortunately, the specter of Mimi still looms over everything. My theory is that Cocona is somehow related to Mimi. She may even be a reincarnated Mimi, which could explain Papika smelling her when they first met. I just hope the producers don’t cop out on the Queer nature of this show.

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    • OG-Man says:

      PapiCoco are both very much gay and it is GLORIOUS!

      It was like Yayaka had lost hope but deep down refused to give up no matter how much it infuriated her seeing her beloved with another girl.

      Yes. It’s far too late to pull the rugs under the Nation’s noses and screw us over.


  4. EasyO's says:

    The Yaya’s can just never catch a break can they? She’s just such a great character i can’t help but want her to get a happy end.
    Also just a teensy bit of speculation from this episode. From assuming that Mimi is Cocona’s mother and the baby in episode 7’s flashback is Cocona, and the shards are what Mimim literally broke into, wouldnt the amorphous children who were apparently born form the shards be Cocona’s younger siblings? It also helps that Yuyu started calling Cocona “Onee-chan” while in the PI trap that was connected with the victims relationships/feeling’s/etc.
    Ok that’s enough from me.

    tl;dr i love this show more and more every week.

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  5. LiteraryOtakuGamerGirlT says:

    Damn…my heart broke for Yayaka on that final confession moment, while squeeing at the same time in happiness. I’m seriously conflicted about it because I want Yayaka to be happy, but obviously PapiCoco is the only ship for me. I hope she’ll find some sort of happiness by the end. Being a gay Yaya is suffering indeed. As for the Mimi drama, I wouldn’t be opposed to it having been Coco’s mother or something, but no matter what it is, there is no denying that PapiCoco is real and are gay as F**k. Let the writers just try and pull that one from us, though I really don’t think they will.

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  6. vanquish123 says:

    Dammit! I just want them all to be happy! DX

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  7. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    LOL the mere mention of your ex’s name is definitely a NO-NO, that’s disastrous news for you 😛

    Anyway…Yayaka! Why?! Don’t die! T_T What’s with that cursed “Yaya” name?! Why must the girls with such name suffer in love and be emotionally hurt? T_T

    Darn it! I hope there’ll be more about Mimi in the next episode. Maybe she’s the creepy girl in Cocona’s dreams. And is Papika’s memory about her not permanent? Because she forgets then suddenly remembers.

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    • OG-Man says:

      The Curse of Yaya currently has no explanation. It just happens to be a thing all gay Yayas must go through.

      It gets triggered when Papika sees certain moments with Cocona, or something like that.

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  8. K says:

    Oh dear Yayaka. After berating Cocona for being such a softie, it turns out that the true softie is you.

    So Yayaka was a deep cover agent tasked with keeping an eye on Cocona who then suffered the fate that sentimental moles go through. Therefore, she chose her mark over her job. On top of that, she must’ve felt really bad beating Cocona up because she really didn’t want to do that. That’s also why she didn’t want Cocona hunting for fragments. Being Yayaka is suffering, indeed.

    That third amorphous child seems more expressive than Toto and Yuyu. She’s gonna be trouble, for sure.

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  9. x says:

    Yayaka please don’t die, you have a lot to get off your chest and I do mean a lot.


  10. Zuneko says:

    Man, being a ya is so sufferable.


  11. I’m starting to get apprehensive about the direction that this is going. Fingers crossed it doesn’t turn into another madoka magica or destiny of the shrine maidens.

    P.S. While reading I noticed you somehow made it snow on your site. Cool!

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  12. yurimylove says:

    So Cocona has made her choice. I am very happy as PapiCoco shipper, but i do feel very sad for yayaka. She fought hard for love, she has my respect.


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