White Violin Kickstarter Relaunch

After a bit of an unexpected snafu Purin Productions‘ The White Violin Kickstarter has been relaunched.

White Violin Cover

Brief recap of the plot:

The white violin. An instrument that hasn’t been finished with a soul. A device that only resonates with certain beings. Join Luna as she finds out the mystery behind the white violin, the people in the castle, and her own self.

White Violin preview

More info from Purin Productions:

This is our second visual novel. Our first one is Vision of Aurora Borealis (which is not yuri). This visual novel White Violin takes gothic elements, little bit of horror, and yuri elements. Music is not the main focus here actually. It has already passed greenlight, and we wish to add more art assets to the game through the crowdfunding campaign. The yuri scenes haven’t been drawn. It has been a year since the conception of this visual novel. The demo currently offers 2-3 hours of playtime with one ending and multiple routes to choose from. We plan to make 5 routes with 10+ endings in the final release.
The yuri seems to revolve around Luna and one of the three other main players mentioned in the character description. I meant only one of them, not there being 3 romance options.
The KS goal remains is $50000 Hong Kong Dollars, which is $6446.62 USD.
You can find most of the information available in the ks preview, including the trailer and demo:
Some other info on itch.io too:

Purin Productions Links:

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