A Foretold Affair Kickstarter + Greenlight

I know I’m late promoting this one so I’ll make it quick. This is GB Patch Games’ A Foretold Affair.

A Foretold Affair Logo.png

Plot Summary:

Buffalo Seer is an eccentric Abnormal who wants nothing more than to use the magic ability within them: future seeing. However, even within their society where everyone has a special power, future seeing is considered dangerous and advised against.

Unable to be swayed, Seer finally gains permission to look into their own future, only to receive an unbelievable revelation. Not only have they left Abnormal society, they’re married to someone they’ve never met before.

With visions of happiness in their mind, Seer leaves everything behind and ventures to the part of the land fraction where those without magic live: Normal society. Seer is going to convince this stranger that they are meant to be together no matter what it takes, even if it means tagging along on an adventure.

In only a few days Seer will learn just how far away that pleasant future is.


A Foretold Affair is a steampunk-fantasy Visual Novel being developed by GB Patch Games. The project features one long journey with variations based on the player’s choices.

We hope to be preparing the full game for release before the end of 2016. The script is 70% complete already and half of that has been implemented into the game.

Full Version Features:

  • 145,000 word script
  • 3 romance-able characters (one male, one female, one agender)
  • Choosing the name and pronouns (he, she, or they) of the protagonist
  • Lite sprite and background animations
  • A variety of choices, all of which are worth selecting (there are no ‘incorrect’ options)
  • 20 beautiful CG images
  • 25 gorgeous background locations (complete!)
  • A lovely soundtrack with almost 40 minutes of original music (complete!)
  • Extra unlockable scenes

Basically a mysterious person whose gender is determined by the player can hook up with three people of different genders. So yeah, yuri route is there so it’s worth promoting.Also helps that the final stretch goal (game’s already been funded) is very close to being reached as of this writing.

  • If interested support the game on Kickstarter HERE (includes demo).
  • Vote for the game on Steam Greenlight HERE.
  • GB Patch Games’ Twitter
  • GB Patch Games’ Homepage.


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