An Interview with Ne no Kami Developer, Fenrir Vier

With the recent success of the Ne No Kami Indiegogo Campaign now was the best time to give both backers and other Yuri Nation members who are excited for this title a small taste of what we can expect from the second localized title from Kuro Irodoru Yomiji and some other neat tidbits. Sit back and happy reading!


Tell readers a bit about Kuro Irodoru Yomiji as a company.

Fenrir Vier: Originally, Kuro Irodoru Yomiji is based upon the world Fenrir Vier had thought up.  This world is brought to life in the “Ne no Kami” series.  Along with “Sacrament of the Zodiac,” we are beginning to create works that have the same continuity as “Ne no Kami.”

What was the motivation to (so far) mainly create yuri themed games?

Fenrir Vier: “Because I like Yuri!” is the obvious answer, but I felt like I could create it; the world, the characters, and the story.

What was the inspiration behind Ne no Kami?

Fenrir Vier: The inspiration behind Ne no Kami was to give the player a way to visit the world we crafted.  The stage is set in Kyoto, where I live.  Field work consisted of going to various locations there to take in the scenery, atmosphere and even the smell.  At times I talked to the locals, and nearly got lost in the mountains.
Ne No Kami Two main couples.jpg

Could you briefly tell readers what to expect from the relationship of the two main couples of Ne No Kami?

Fenrir Vier: Len and Uzume’s relationship is relative to each other.  At first, Len thought of Uzume as just a friend, where Uzume on the other hand felt that Len is the center of the world.  However, Uzume has a burden on herself…  Please look forward to the relationship grow from two who come from different stature and status.

On the other hand, Shinonome and Ruka start off in a relationship.  The two are similar to each other and are good friends.  However, Ruka carries a certain distress that will be a center plot point in the story.  Please watch over them with careful eyes so that they can continue holding hands.

Besides the blossoming yuri relationships, what else can players expect from the main story of Ne No Kami?

Fenrir Vier: For this game, the story does not just revolve around the main characters, but a trifold structure which includes hidden agendas of secret organizations, along with elements from Japanese and Norse mythology.  The main protagonist, Len and Shinonome, each have unique traits which conflict with those agendas of the organization, thus creating another cog in the story.

As the story progress the conflict enlarges, and the users are bombarded with thrills and excitement.  I feel that this kind of tension will win over the audience, and will surely not be boring.

Of course, the game does include a lexicon for the mythology references used in the game itself, so there’s no need for Wikipedia.  You can also return the reference book you borrowed from the library.
Sacrament of the Zodiac gameplay screen

In Sacrament of the Zodiac there was a gameplay feature where players could switch between perspectives of the two leading ladies. Will Ne No Kami have a similar feature or something else?

Fenrir Vier: For “Sacrament of the Zodiac,” we added the system that allowed the user to change perspective because of the proximity of the two heroines.  For this game, Len and Shinonome act separately, so we did not allow a real time change in perspective.  However, we utilized that system from Sacrament to show simultaneously the feelings of the couple during the erotic scenes; which cuts the hassle of switching between the two.  Also, the erotic scenes are rather cute, since they display in speech bubbles like a comic.

Will Ne No Kami have branching paths?

Fenrir Vier: For part 1, there will not be any.  In part 2, there will be a moment where you can choose paths between Len and Shinonome.  The endings will converge into one, as if someone planned it from the start.

Should Ne No Kami prove to be successful, what is next for Kuro Irodoru Yomiji, or rather, what other ideas does the staff have for future projects?

Fenrir Vier: There are a lot of things I want to do.  In terms of game development, I would like to do a renewal of the prequel to “Ne no Kami,” and a continuation of “Sacrament of the Zodiac,” with more content and story.  As well, there are still projects still in my head that I would like to get out; surely they’ll be impactful.

In terms of our circle, we are still unsure of what to do; as if we are at the entrance to a lightless mountain path and unsure how to go about it.  However, we would eventually like to reach a point where we can make “Ne no Kami” into an animation; that is the light at the end of the path.

To end the interview, do you have a last message for readers?

Fenrir Vier: Thank you, we appreciate your support.  Each individual voice is our sustenance that guides Kuro Irodoru Yomiji towards that light.  We would like to make art that is only possible in Japan.


I would like to thank Fenrir Vier of Kuro Irodoru Yomiji for their time and Sekai Project for organizing the interview. Hopefully this helped ramp up the already present hype for this title.

There is still for readers who would like some extra goodies besides the two games. Drop by the Indiegogo campaign and check out the offers.

Ne No Kami: The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto Part 1 is scheduled for a July 2016 release while Part 2 is planned for October 2016. Censored version with a later uncensored patch is coming to Steam while an uncensored version will be available on Denpasoft’s site.

Vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

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  1. dithyramb8 says:

    Fenrir sounds very nice; and the hype builds for Ne no Kami… by the way, the JP twitter account says that an art patch will be released with updated art.

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  2. is there any news on when part 2 will be released?


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