Pretty Cure Pairings (ByRory)

Rory ranked the PreCure shows from lamest to coolest. Now my self-appointed PreCure analyst returns with his favorite pairings from all shows, including Mirai X Riko from Mahou Tsukai PreCure.

Rory Muses

So I’ve ranked Pretty Cure by season based on my own personal tastes, and I always mention how the main reason I’m watching it is for the yuri subtext. With that in mind, I figure a post to talk about the various pairings would probably be a good idea.
As you may have guessed, the pairings I will talk about will strictly be yuri – I know there’s potential straight pairings as well, but I have no personal interest in them.
This is just to discuss the various pairings, so I’m not ranking them or anything. However, I’ll probably mention when I’m talking about a favourite.
Also, the pictures featured in this post were found on danbooru (a NSFW imageboard, though the images in this post are SFW), and the caption for each image will have the artist’s name.

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1 Response to Pretty Cure Pairings (ByRory)

  1. I can see myself falling for HibiKana a lot (though trying to separate Suite from Symphogear will be impossible now XD), but I might go old school with Nagisa and Honoka because they are aesthetically the most charming to me. Nao and Reika also look really great together from the fanart (and doujin I’ve read hue) I’ve seen, and yes, I too am curious about Mana’s harem (though my friends seem divided on whether Dokidoki! is actually any good or not).

    Thanks for this little tidbit, it definitely gives me a better impression of what to expect as far as pairings go for each series when I finally get to watching them. I’ll probably be starting with the newest one, Maho Tsukai, soon lol.

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