Pretty Cure, Ranked (By Rory)

Rory McAllister returns with an updated PreCure ranking. See which ones went up and down after Go! Princess PreCure. Rory promises to update the list once more after Mahou Tsukai PreCure next year.

Rory Muses

So back in October 2015, I posted my thoughts on the Pretty Cure franchise as a whole which included a list based on how I ranked each iteration of the magical girl anime. Since then, Go! Princess PreCure has finished airing, and there are some slight changes I want to make to the list. This list will group together the iterations that got two seasons, and will go from worst to best. Oh, and this is all my own opinion, so feel free to share yours as well if you so desire. The way in which I arbitrarily rank this seasons of PreCure is based on yuri subtext, story and characters – or something like that. With that said, let’s go.

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