OG Explores the “Adorably Twisted” Mind of ebi-hime

An idea born on a whim I decided to ask for an audience with the lovely ebi-hime because I wondered what was going through the mind of a talented visual novel creator. Thus this interview. Many thanks to the shrimp princess for agreeing to participate. So without further ado here is my brief interview with the adorably twisted one.


1: Origin of the username “ebi-hime” (roughly translated to princess shrimp-shrimp princess).

It was just a joke between a friend. I kind of wish I hadn’t written the name in Japanese, since it sounds weeby (and I don’t actually set all of my stories in Japan!), but it’s already too late.”

2: How did you get into the visual novel business?

“I have a friend who is very into interactive fiction (not visual novels, though – text only adventure games), and for his birthday a few years ago I decided I’d write some interactive fiction for him. I downloaded Ren’py to make it, since I’d made some silly Vocaloid fanVN with it a while before (which I never finished), and started to write.

The story ended up pretty long – like, 100k words – but it’s also all completely terrible, and I will never release it, ever, ever. But it was working on that that got me into writing VNs!”

Strawberry Vinegar Header

3: What is your inspiration when writing scripts for either serious or lighthearted stories?

“I get inspired by lots and lots of different things – other visual novels, songs, movies, books, etc. For Strawberry Vinegar, I was inspired by one particular episode of Card Captor Sakura (I think episode 38), where Sakura goes on a school trip to pick some strawberries. I remember thinking, after I saw that episode, that it was really cute, and I wanted to write something with a similar scene in it… So I wrote Strawberry Vinegar, partially as an excuse to write that one scene.”

4: What is it like working on VNs (Coworkers, schedules, work rates, advertising, sponsoring, etc)?

I try to work with as few people as possible because a) I have very bad organisational skills, and b) I’m kind of shy… I’m not into the idea of having a large team, with lots of writers and artists, I’d never be able to keep something like that together and I’d get too stressed out.

As for schedules… I don’t really have any schedules to keep, it’s not like I’m being contracted to make VNs to be release for a certain time period. And, because I don’t have any schedules, I’m pretty much like ‘do this, but only when you have free time’ to my artist and musicians. If they take a while to deliver assets for me to finish a project, I just start writing something new while I’m waiting for them to finish.

As for advertising and sponsors, Sekai Project handles most of that for me, because I have no interest in it! I’m such a shrewd businesswoman.”

5: What hobbies do you have when not working?

Since I have a full-time job, and then I do VN stuff on top of it, I don’t make much time for other hobbies when I’m doing 7 hours of work, followed by 7 hours of VN dev. I don’t do that every day, obviously, but since I really like writing, and I don’t like anything else as much as writing, I feel like I’m wasting my time when I’m doing anything else, and I get kind of depressed if I go too many days without working on some kind of project.”

The Sad Story of Emmeline Burns
6: Do you agree with the following sentence? “A project, be it written/visual/digital, can tell readers/viewers/players a bit about who the creator is as a person.”
I think it is definitely true, but I wish it wasn’t. I do put some of my own thoughts/opinions into my stories, and some of my characters are based on people I know, but… I don’t like it when people try to gauge what kind of person I am or what my interests are from my writing. It makes me feel uncomfortable… But it’s inevitable, so I’ll try not to think about it!” 7: What words of wisdom would you bestow upon readers who are interested in or are currently in the visual novel business?

“If they’re interested in making their own VNs themselves, I think the best advice would definitely be to start small, and don’t bite off more than you can chew, or you might not be able to finish your project. Also, for VNs, it’s a good idea to try to write with an eye on your budget, and try to reduce the amount of art assets and music you’ll need as much as possible, so you don’t over-spend.”
The Way we all go header
8: What was the most difficult challenge you had to face in your professional career?
“Trying to keep writing this really long fantasy otome game without giving up and thinking it’s terrible is a big one… Not because I think the writing is particularly bad, but because I dislike writing fantasy, or any genre that requires a lot of world-building and plotting. I prefer writing long dialogue exchanges between characters more than trying to create extensive lore or intricate storylines, it’s not as much fun.” 9: What is your proudest moment in your professional career?

“I feel brief moments of pride when I get things finished, but as soon as I finish something my brain tells me to start working on something else or I’m being lazy, so I don’t have enough time to feel too  much pride.” 10: To end the interview, what last message do you have for readers?

“If you plan on reading any of my VNs, I hope you enjoy them! <3”
Gunjo protagonists
Bonus question: Favorite yuri media (animated/drawn/written/visual/digital), if any?

“My favourite yuri manga would be Gunjo by Nakamura Ching, because it’s dark and unpleasant and I enjoy dark and unpleasant things haha ;; In terms of lighter things, I remember being rather invested into the Konata/Kagami pair from Lucky Star when I was 15 or 16, and I read a lot of fanfic for them. I have fond memories of getting really into one Konata/Kagami fanfic and staying up all night to read it, then going to school the next morning too tired to function, like a zombie. That was fun XD;”

“And, that’s it! I hope I didn’t ramble too much, haha XD;”
Thank you again for participating ebi-hime and I hope readers enjoyed this little trip inside your mind.
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7 Responses to OG Explores the “Adorably Twisted” Mind of ebi-hime

  1. Ebi gets depressed whenever he doesn’t write? Glad I don’t suffer from that, given how infrequently I post on my blog 🙂 I watched a few Lucky Star episodes recently. Yeah, Konata/Kagami would make a cute couple.

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  2. yurimylove says:

    nice interview dood! yeah this is definitely the most cheerful amongst the three titles published on steam. I’ve played all three, and I like them about equally as each of them has a unique charm to itself — yes even Asphyxia, despite its depressive/morbid atmosphere.

    Liked by 1 person

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