Kannazuki no Miko: In Defense of Souma

Sorry that I missed this latest chapter of the KnM: Nova Chronicles. This time we take a look at the most polarizing character on the show, Mr Souma Ogami.

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Kannazuki no Miko is widely known as a yuri series, but it’s also been described as a bisexual love triangle. So the most important male character, Souma Oogami, tends to get some hate from some of those who watched the series only for the yuri.

(This post will contain spoilers for most of the series.)

I think this is undeserved, for several reasons, but let’s just start with this. We are talking about a series in which a character who had to choose between two love interests of different sexes chose the one of the same sex, and it wasn’t because there was anything wrong with the opposite sex option or because she suddenly realized she was only into girls. How many times does that happen?


I don’t think Souma’s good qualities not related to the triangle situation really need much…

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2 Responses to Kannazuki no Miko: In Defense of Souma

  1. yurimylove says:

    Well said! I watched KnM for the yuri, and I love Souma. As far as anime goes, Souma is MILES above a host of other male characters (notably all those loser “harem leads”), IMHO. You’ve already summed up his good points so I need not repeat here, but I will add that, any yuri fan who dislikes his presence in the series may have overlooked this point:

    his presence in this series actually servers to further illustrate how much Himeko truly loves Chikane — because in order to love Chikane she has to turn down such a great guy, who she knows is in love with her. In contrast, a girl who turns down a jerk for her girlfriend isn’t sacrificing nearly as much as Himeko in order to pursuit her true love, right?

    If only there were more Souma’s in anime and less Shirou’s and Touma’s I would be a much happier yuri fan…


  2. the_elevator_man says:

    Whew. This guy does his research well, and has a great view of Souma. And the fact that he’s trying to use research and logic into a show that really doesn’t flow with logic really shows his dedication. I was really impressed that he actually tried a defence of the mecha that was somewhat plausible – a first of its kind! That said, saying Souma is “the most polarizing character on the show” isn’t flawed logic…it’s flawed fact. I’d argue the opposite, and that because of Souma’s strong moral character and accepted status, he and his archetype are the most accepted, rather than polarizing…Tusk Yamato anyone?


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