240th G-View: Kantai Collection -KanColle-

Familiar concept of combining historical vehicles/crafts/figures of war with cute and sexy girls once more grace our monitors or Japanese TV screens in the latest entry of the concept known as Kantai Collection, aka KanColle. Keep in mind this review will only cover the anime adaptation.

Kantai Collection

Genres: Action, Sci-Fi

Themes: Moe, Military, Battleships, War, Yuri

Number of episodes: 12

G-Rating: 8/10

Plot Summary: A mysterious fleet known as “Abyssals” appeared from the depths of ocean and attacked randomly. Fleet Girls are the only one who can stand against the Abyssals. Together with Tornado Squadron and others, they set to counterattack. Upon seeing Akagi fought, Fubuki earned admiration towards her and aimed to fight with her.

Strike Witches - Operation Victory Arrow

2 things of note:

1: I will be making several comparisons of this anime with the Strike Witches anime because they share several similarities in narrative structure.

2: Again this is a review about the anime. I have not read any manga, doujinshi of the franchise nor played the browser game that started it all so whatever happened in those in comparison to this anime are inconsequential to my overall thoughts on it.

The simplest explanation/comparison of what to expect from this anime is Strike Witches on water. For readers who have not seen SW here is a detailed description. It is a show about cute and sexy girls representing battleships and other war crafts whose main purpose is to protect the world from an alien threat, in this show’s case the Abyssal. However, like SW KanColle is more character driven where most of the show’s time is spent watching the girls engage in casual activities, training for big battles or developing their characters. The Fleet vs Abyssal war is secondary and if only referenced when the plot calls for these battles. Let us go over all the parts I mentioned here by starting with the characters.

Fubuki's milk-stache

The show’s main protagonist is Fubuki, a classic adorable female anime lead who has no difficulty befriending everyone and also has hidden potential within her. The show dedicates part of its time showing her progression from a newbie to a major player in the fleet in a relatively acceptable manner. Also did I mention she is adorable and has an equally adorable love interest and a fetching senpai?

Kantai Collection Wallpaper

There is one minor gripe I have with the show concerning the characters that SW handled better imo. See, KanColle’s cast is HUGE and in a one-cour broadcast of 12 episodes that is simply not enough time to go through all the girls chosen to appear on the show…which is why a certain announcement was made. On the bright side the characters who did get enough screen time to shine were wonderful. Finding a favorite should not be difficult for viewers who are experienced in watching Girls Club shows.


The Abyssals do not do much other than serve as the major threat the ship girls must combat in order to maintain peace in the ocean. Best compliment I can give is that I like the (obviously) Black Rock Shooter inspired character and monster designs. They are the “actions speak louder than words” type of enemy similar to the Neuroi in SW.


Of course like SW and other shows where vehicles and/or historical figures are turned into cute and sexy girls each character in KanColle represents a real life ship that exists/ed in an important part of history, in this franchise’s case the First World War. Viewers are encouraged, if interested, to look up more information about the ships, their weapons and ammunition and even events depicted on the show to learn more about them.

Admiral's shadow

I initially did not feel it necessary to talk about this but I guess it cannot be ignored: The show’s “elephant in the room”. The Admiral, specifically the debate regarding Admiral’s gender. The Western subs claim it’s a “he” for the sake of mainstream otaku pleasure. However, Admiral’s true identity is “self-insert”, meaning its face is never shown, it never speaks and its gender is up to the viewers to decide. All Admiral does is give orders secretly and write letters. This is because in the game’s Admiral’s gender can either be male or female. This is also the reason the writers did not specify its gender. Let the audience fill the blanks. This is why during my episodic coverage one of my peeps referred to Admiral as a loli. There was nothing stopping this person from labeling Admiral as such. So that is the answer to the mystery, like it or not. Besides, it makes the fact of a certain fan favorite repeatedly gushing over The Admiral less painful for the Nation.

Example of KanColle CG

Next is a controversial topic that has plagued the internet anime community for a long time since the mid 2000’s or so (possibly earlier). Japanese television CGI. For some, especially blu-ray collectors, it can make or break a show for them. I personally did not care as the ship battles were cool and that is what I was focusing on rather than the CGI but for viewers who pay very close attention to these kinds of details rest assured it is not as frequent or blatant as something like SeHa Girls. It is there so keep that in mind during the battles. The rest of the animation quality, solid. The cute girls are cute and the endowed women are glorious.

As for the OP/ED and soundtrack they too are all solid. Nothing extraordinary.

The character development aspect for the girls who do get enough time is well done. Nothing new is covered but the lessons learned are still valuable. Topics such as, believing in one’s self, never give up on one’s dream, the classic power of friendship (or in this case, friendship-love) and of course “there is no greater poi than Poi’s poi(s) in this poi-ful world of poi-dom”, poi.

Fubuki X MutsukiKitaOoiNagato X Mutsu

And now we get to the most important part of most of my reviews. There are many yuri pairings in the KanColle world and there are three in particular that won me over.

-The first one being Fubuki and Mutsuki. Even though from episode 1 it seemed Fubuki’s heart was stolen by Akagi-senpai it was clear Mutsuki was the one destined to become Fubuki’s soul mate.

-The second is one of the more blatant yuri pairings on the show, mainly because one of them is a legitimate lesbian who has a mad, possessive crush on the other, in Ooi and Kitakami. It surprised me that despite not getting an episode dedicated to the two they appeared at least once in every episode where Ooi was either singing Kitakami’s praises, snarling at others for interrupting her Kitakami time or getting near them Kitakami (pretending) to be oblivious.

-Third we have my pick for the best young adult pairing of the fleet in the sexy secretaries Nagato and Mutsu. This pairing consists of the stoic, serious, honorable, respectable and lovable Nagato along with her playful, calmer and devoted soon to be soul mate Mutsu. Think of this show as one-sided relationships getting ready to become much more.

Overall KanColle felt familiar but still managed to deliver a fun filled and occasionally exciting show starring ship girls. Not everyone got enough time in the spotlight but that will be remedied in the future. The CGI may frustrate purists and collectors but hopefully everyone else can enjoy the show without getting a hernia. Recommended to everyone who likes “mili-moe” anime.

For readers who paid attention in parts of the review then they figured out what I was leading to: KanColle will continue sometime in he future.

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83 Responses to 240th G-View: Kantai Collection -KanColle-

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I will forever support Fubuki and Loli admiral’s love. I still cant’ really see Mitsuki as anything but Fubuki’s best friend. Plus, she(Fubuki) is destined to be married to the admiral at some point.

    I also thought, that while at the start it was kinda low on content, Akagi and Kaga really pushed thigns forward.

    But it would be pretty hard to argue against those other two couples earning a spot in the top three. I mean, Mutsuki even gave her flowers at the end!!

    I’m looking forward to whatever is to come! That final battle was amazing!

    The way Ooi came in to save Kitakami was just….THE BEST
    And then the dialogue they shared just…<3

    The Op/Ed were pretty great too.

    Though, I’m pretty positive they’re based on WWI
    Not WWII


    • Overlord-G says:

      That joke is getting stale dood, If you’re serious…alright. I won’t stop you from supporting Fubu-Invisibo.

      You meant Mutsu. Mutsuki is Fubuki’s girlfriend.
      Yeah the second half solidified Akaga.
      I’m waiting for the subs (as of this writing anyway) to see what both couples had to say to each other. Of course we all know Ooi’s love for Kitakami increases her strength a hundred fold should her woman be in danger so her badassery during that scene were both unsurprising and epic at the same time.

      WWI. Alright. I’ll fix it later.


    • Faceless, voiceless, characterless, genderless(?), invisible person > Well-devloped, supporting character. 10/10 logico. I don’t think they’d troll us and slap so hard as for Bucky to marry Teitoku.


  2. automaticimperfection says:

    Yay, I love KanColle.. I am curious as how it will end, I finally finished SW,I can see the similarities,awwwman I LOVED SW. I want to agree with the pairings,but hmm ,I dunno, all of it seems a bit one sided,well playing dumb may be the cause,why do people do that,why?! Matsu and Nagato should of have more time together to share with us, I love older girls couples. :3


    • Overlord-G says:

      Watch the ED subbed then come back. One-sided was the point from the start. They started like that and then got to snuggling. It’s a fact of life.


      • automaticimperfection says:

        Waiting for subbed… I kinda understood what happened,but I must, must know what Kitakami-san and Ooichi had to say, KUDOS on Akagi and Mutsu, I want flowers too lol. And yes, you are right, the best love is the one that grows slowly .


    • Overlord-G says:

      You must have found a subbed video by now.


  3. automaticimperfection says:

    What? it aired already? -runs to watch-


  4. the_elevator_man says:

    Said before, this is 2015 winter’s AnR to YuriKuma’s ST. Or more like the Strike Witches to Yurikuma’s Revolutionary. Great to see that the season 2 is greenlit.

    Kancolle has more characters, which means less depth than Strike Witches. However, that does mean that it has more room to grow, and S2’s exactly what they need. Get pumped.


  5. kitsu260 says:

    This show is now in the top popularity on the anime world we will continue see this fleet girls in the future, thats the lucky the have compared to Touhou and will inspired more similar anime soon


  6. automaticimperfection says:

    Yes!!! more KanColle ❤

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  7. Hazelnutpie says:

    Are you going to do an episode 12 proper, once it is subbed?


  8. Cytrus says:

    So, there was the possibility of this series being made into some fanservice feast, which was thankfully avoided and a reasonably solid series was made.

    I think the comparison to SW is proper and highlights what this show could have done better: more focus on fewer characters and such. (Btw, the Fubuki , Akagi and Fubuki Mutsuki relationships were basically entirely anime original, and they worked perfectly fine, so the anime could develop characters well when it tried to.)

    All the more reason to take things easy with a second season in view. But I enjoyed this part of the story and am looking forwards to where they want to go next :D.


    • Overlord-G says:

      That’s why I said the characters who did get time develop did so well. Even the loli squad got reasonable screen time to introduce themselves to the audience. Characters like the big breasted blonde and the secret agent near the end hardly got anything to do.

      More KanColle is a good thing. I want more snuggle time between the established pairings next time.


  9. Kantai Collection is based on a Japan free-to-play mmorpg although its story has some issues between core players and pure anime viewers. By the way, you can find some yuri-doujinshi in Comkiet 87 (Of course, these mangas are toward boys, not girls)


  10. saint07 says:

    I was just waiting till now to read the review as I first wanted to watch subbed episode. Well, safe to say KanColle delivered what I expected and hoped to see.
    Ooi and Kitakami were absolutely heartwarmingly hilarious, Fubuki and Mutsuki adorably cute and Nagato&Mutsu as my fav otp made me almost shed tears of joy.
    Very enjoyable show, I guess I will rewatch it very soon. Also, can’t wait for sequel ^^


    • Overlord-G says:

      Those three are excellent couples. NagaMutsu is a blessing for fans like us who like seeing young adult women getting together. The sequel will hopefully give us more from them and possibly other pairings


  11. fantasygirlkanna says:

    Fubuki is destined to be with Mutsuki, in my opinion, I already saw it in episode 1. Though an Akagi and Fubuki pairing isn’t bad either, I still vote for my first choice. I mean, Mutsuki and Fubuki really look great together. Nagato and Mutsu…well they were made for each other, they sort of remind me of Natsuki and Shizuru in Mai-Otome. While Ooi and Kitakami are the cute and funny couple in the series.

    The OP/ED tracks were both awesome but I like the opening song more.

    The Abyssals are actually way cooler than the Neuroi in SW, despite not really doing anything. It’s probably because their “Black Rock Shooter” design. It actually surprised me when they suddenly spoke in the last episode.

    Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the sequel.


    • Overlord-G says:

      FubuMutsu is OTP. Let the fans have their Akaga. It got enough development to justify its large following.
      NagaMutsu is destined pairing. EXACTLY. They are KanColle’s ShizNat (Otome version).
      OoiKita is glorious.
      Sexy zombie ship babes FTW!

      Liked by 1 person

      • fantasygirlkanna says:

        By the way, who was the one softly saying “Give it back” at the end? Was it the Abyssal that Fubuki shot? If so, I kinda feel sorry her for suddenly being ignored. 😛


  12. I’m not a fan of CG as it doesn’t mesh well with 2D characters. For whatever reason many studios seem determined to shoehorn CG into shows.


  13. cookape says:

    Cheak out ONGAKU SHOUJO dame it’s some thing all girls and yuri soon to come!!!


  14. DrAnimaniac says:

    I will be doing my review shortly, but I’m in complete agreement with your review, even down to your overall rating. After the last 2 episodes I can finally say that I’m on the Akagi x Kaga ship. They are just too cute together and you can see their love very clearly. So with that I also accept the other 3 main ships of Fubuki x Mutsuki, Nagato x Mutsu and of course Ooi and Kitakami. I’m very interested in seeing what’s in store for season 2 so I’m glad they already announced it.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Yup. Akaga got enough development to justify the fandom’s love of the pairing.
      The other three are excellent pairings.
      We don’t know if it’s going to be a second season of movie yet. All we know is we’re getting more.

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  15. automaticimperfection says:

    Ok I had to wait till midnight, but I watched the subbed version.

    Nagato and Mutsu, they sky rocketed to the first place,it’s just more of what I’d love to watch, kinda adult women’s couples ❤ the flowers!!!

    Ooi and Kitakami, eh I HOPE Kitakami won’t be playing dumb anymore,now that she realized how much she needs Ooi,and I think not just in combat, awwww that was so amazing and wtf Ooi is super badass!!! I hope they and Mutsu/Nagato get more screen time on the next works. Although I was very happy that they showed up every single episode,still need one for them,or an OVA.

    Fubuki..hmmrr…that admiral…eh guess she has time to make her choice next season.

    ❤ It was all worth waiting,now all that is left is waiting for Yurikuma Arashi to deliver that freaking promised kiss and I shall be content haha.

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  16. elkat4kat says:

    Kitakami owes Ooi an apology playing dumb for so long.
    Now that the Abyssal threat is over (for now), looks like Mutsu’s ready to give Nagato something else to occupy her time. -_^
    Poor Yuudachi needs herself girlfriend so that she can go on double dates with Fubuki and Mutsuki.
    R.I.P. battle-scarred aircraft carrier Wu-Class Abyssal. You will always be remembered as the only mook to survive with a ghastly stylish battle wound (and be secret true final boss). Maybe you will get a successor in the sequel.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Kitakami owes Ooi a lot.
      Bonus OVA dedicated to NagaMutsu’s vacation.
      Poi will find a girlfriend of her own someday. She has an alluring body to work with.
      A worthy opponent she was.


  17. chikorita157 says:

    Not much to say since I want to leave it to the final review, but of course the show was enjoyable although it could have been a bit better in regards to the drama. It would have been a bit better if they develop Fubuki linearly than have things thrown out the blue. Of course, there are good amount of things that never got addressed.

    Flaws aside, it was an enjoyable adaptation and it managed to generate interest in the franchise…. except that they pushed the Vita game back to August 27th… also, I don’t feel like going through the hoops of setting up a virtual private network in Japan so I can play the game, so I guess it has to wait.


    • Overlord-G says:

      SW did the drama thing better but nothing extravagant. Besides, the unanswered questions weren’t super deep duper necessary to know to fully enjoy the show.
      Poi’s evolution as you questioned in your own post has an easy answer. It was hinted she worked super hard because she was inspired by Fubuki’s awesomeness. Fubuki herself went through hardships so that’s how it happened. It happened suddenly to Poi because she had no idea what it meant to evolve at the time. There you have it.


  18. JimJiminy says:

    So Kisaragi’s hair pin (Yuudachi, you got in the way of Fubuki noticing it) showing up at the end to once again remind us of R.I.P. Kisaragi, but also brings up a theory that the game community has (abyssal are sunk ship girls). Don’t really like that theory and hope it doesn’t come true in the next season.

    Show overall was good, but I enjoyed the SoL more than the action. The last episode felt weird especially when fleet after fleet kept arriving and the entire battle stopped so one-liners could be said (that does not mean the KTKM/Ooi moment was not good, it was glorious). The way the battle went seemed weird as well but I’ll stop complaining about it.

    Nagatsu was a pairing I really didn’t expect or follow much but I can see it more especially after the anime. Kongou swooning over the Admiral all the time is something I enjoy, even if it is a self-insert position (possibly because she has that eccentric happy go-lucky personality). It would make for an enjoyable episode to have her try to find him an entire episode (not as the main plot of the ep but as a running gag).

    Overall I like that the next season was announced but I can wait for it and hope they change certain parts about the story.


    • Overlord-G says:

      One-liner fests are awesome.
      You not getting NagaMutsu is unsurprising since you play the games and it has a different narrative…or none from what I heard though until it gets translation it does not interest me.


  19. Hanneman says:

    After finishing it, i kinda feel drawn to watch (or start watching again) Strike Witches, to see the similarities.

    That ending tho, i didnt expected Nagato and Mutsu to be combat able.

    Awesome anime, not much i can say that hasnt already been said, but i guess it’s characters will get a considerable amount of space in you Hall of Fame, huh?


    • Overlord-G says:

      It won’t be hard to notice the similarities.

      They are the ShizNat or MioMinna of the series. Just because they’re the ones in charge of deploying units and battle strategies does not mean they can’t wrestle. They have excellent bodies for a reason.


  20. yurimylove says:

    excellent G-view for a highly entertaining series! The last 3 pictures, of your favorite pairings are well chosen too. I love them! Must save them to my “yuri pic collection” ^_^


  21. K says:

    The last battle felt underwhelming, to me. Despite the conditions required to take down the Airfield Princess and the infinite amount of enemies, the odds were not in the Abyssals’ favour and they weren’t really that threatening after Fubuki’s expected save. It was also kinda sad that Fubuki’s fight against that one-eyed Abyssal mostly took place off-screen and Akagi’s after-battle speech felt weird. Oh well.

    As for the review, it was fine. I may not have watched Strike Witches, but the comparison seems reasonable(can’t speak for the character dynamics, though). I liked the characters that got screen time and you won’t hear me complaining about your favorite pairings, of which Fubuki/Mutsuki is my fav and NagaMutsu got plenty of nods near the end. Overall, I’d say that it was a nice, average show.

    I wonder if the next season is going to explore this unknown force playing a hand in their lives and whether or not that certain girl will return…


    • Overlord-G says:

      For the battle to have fulfilled expectations it would have needed around two episodes dedicated to it rather than 12 minutes. Besides Fubuki and One-Eyed Jenny really didn’t build up a blood feud. They were more like “oh yeah, you’re the chick who scarred my eye”.
      That was one base, not THE Abyssal home world so I wasn’t expecting a battle for the ages. It was more a showcase of awesomeness.


  22. Funny that you should mention Strike Witches as I watched the first season this week and absolutely loved it.

    KanColle was hit or miss for me, though I haven’t finished it yet. I can’t explain what it is about it I don’t really like, but I think its just too many characters (some I don’t care about at all), some drama that could be executed a lot better and yeah…the CGI isn’t too jarring but its still irksome to me. I do love my Akaga and NagaMutsu though. And the music for the series is also quite good.

    I still have three episodes left, but I can’t love this show like you did. Strike Witches was definitely a more solid watch. But that’s just me personally.


  23. Reblogged this on haveyouexperiencedshitsurakuen and commented:

    Funny that you should mention Strike Witches as I watched the first season this week and absolutely loved it.

    KanColle was hit or miss for me, though I haven’t finished it yet. I can’t explain what it is about it I don’t really like, but I think its just too many characters (some I don’t care about at all), some drama that could be executed a lot better and yeah…the CGI isn’t too jarring but its still irksome to me. I do love my Akaga and NagaMutsu though. And the music for the series is also quite good.

    I still have three episodes left, but I can’t love this show like you did. Strike Witches was definitely a more solid watch. But that’s just me personally.


  24. Rincewind says:

    Having watched the final episode, I can only say that I liked a lot this one. Maybe wasn’t perfect, but I enjoyed watching it a lot. And they delivered in the yuri aspect.

    Just love Kitakami and Ooi. The badassery of Ooi saving her girlfriend was just amazing!! Hopefuly in the second season Kitakami will stop playing dumb.
    Weekly lesbians forever!!

    And for the other pairings, Nagato and Mutsu are great. I love how Mutsu in the course of the anime went for stealing glances, to subtle confesion and then to full attack. That final scene with the flowers is beautiful.
    Bucky and Mutsuki are very cute too. Their relationship is very well done.
    And we need more Akaga in the second season. We got some nice moments here, but we need more!!

    My only complain is why we don’t get to see Kitakami and Ooi in the epilogue?
    My theory is that Kitakami was giving Ooi a very special reward for saving her… and for obvious reasons we can see that on TV. Well, Ooi for sure deserve it.


    • Overlord-G says:

      All the pairings performed wonderfully in the finale and throughout the show. Yeah KitaOoi not being present in the epilogue was odd. At least one scene of them together snuggling.


  25. Kai says:

    “there is no greater poi than Poi’s poi(s) in this poi-ful world of poi-dom”, poi.”
    Nano desu.

    I like KanColle, but unfortunately, I’m of the minority that I’m not too big on it. One thing that you mentioned about the large character cast, is one of the main gripes I had with the show, and think that the only way people can feel invested to the characters is for KanColle players themselves, since they obviously spent more time with the characters prior to the anime, as opposed to strictly anime viewers. But like you said, for the characters that did get proper exposure/development, they are great.

    And I guess the ultimate question is who’s the OTP? The three choices you mentioned are great, but I think I’m digging Nagato X Mutsu the most.


    • Overlord-G says:

      It’s alright. You made a valid point regarding the large cast. This would not have been a problem if it was clear which girls had big roles and which were side-girls. In this show most, if not all of the girls felt important so some of them getting little screen time was disappointing. Hopefully the sequel will rectify this.
      It all depends. Fubutsuki is the “hopeful” pairing, KitaOoi is the ” adorably comedic” pairing and NagaMutsu is the “sexy adults” pairing. All three have their charms. Obviously the other pairings I didn’t mention have their own appeals.


  26. Takadou Akane says:

    Hm…WWI ? You sure about that, OG? I know a lot of the ships that the girls are based on existed ever since WWI, but if memory serves, KanColle is based on WWII, not I. An obvious example is the final operation of this season, I am quite positive that the MI base stand for “Midway Island”, the place where the JPN suffered a serious blow that pretty much changed the tide of the war in the pacific, and this happened in WWII. If that was not enough… during WWI, Japan was the enemy of Germany (it was made official by the Japanese declaration of war on Germany on August 23, 1914). The Mere fact that there exist quite a number of German warships (and even submarine) among the shipgirls should explain the point I’m trying to make here.

    One more point is that battleships are warships, but not all warships are battleships. To simplify, battleships have “big guns and heavy armor”, a concept that seemed very intimidating at the time but have long been made obsolete by modern technology.

    Enough about reality, I think. Overall I had a good time watching this anime, it was one of the few that I picked up in this season due to…reasons.
    I have no problem with the CG, but we all know how the hardcore fans are…
    The OP and ED was pretty well done, they got me hooked for a whole week (yep, a whole week just listening to those two albums only).
    The Scarred Abyssal Wo-class Aircraft Carrier is one of my fav in this season, but you know this already.
    I simply considered the Admiral as female. I mean why not? The creators did this on purpose and it’s just stupid to call the Admiral a “he” just because that’s how the Admiral is portrayed most of the time.
    My fav couples are quite biased because I’m already affected by the doujin and fanarts,etc. My most favourite couple is Akaga (Akagi x Kaga), next is NagaMutsu (Nagato x Mutsu) (it’s thanks to this anime that they jumped to 2nd place for me. The rest, well, I will just stop here before this comment become a wall of fangirling-text…

    Good day to you, OG.
    Akane out.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I honestly stopped caring about which Wold War it covers. One said it was II now you say it’s I. Screw it. It’s a world war. Thanks for the history lesson though. Much appreciated.

      It was an enjoyable show.

      Whatever couples you favor is fine since the series gives a lot to work with.


      • Takadou Akane says:

        I know you don’t care, but I just wish to be clear. I never said it was WWI, I said it was WWII. That’s all, don’t bother replying to this.

        Good day to you.


      • Overlord-G says:

        I wasn’t trying to be be mean and if I sounded mean my bad. After all you took the time to explain why the ships are from WWII.


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  28. Man, the (Advertising) community is always all over:
    Strike Witches
    Girls und Panzer
    Kantai Collection (despite some of them saying these girls shame the original sea-warriors)


  29. Kantai, I didn’t ASK for feels! Jeez man, they went Madoka on me. >_< 😦
    Yo but that music is a 10/10 tho. On episode 4 now.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. “Best compliment I can give is that I like the (obviously) Black Rock Shooter inspired character and monster designs.” Thank god I wasn’t the only one who noticed that. Gonna watch Arpeggio Blue Steele next, people say it’s better. I heard it has actual, heavy-metal warships. Kewl. Can we get some non-faceless enemies in an anime for once? And am I the only one that felt bad for the Midway Princess when she died? And I shamefully admit this anime has sparked some more interest and appreciation towards naval ships. But those fearless angels and demons of the sky will forever be on top (pilots).


  31. Expecting USN Iowa Class master race; glorious Yorktown with strong, durable US Navy Air Force bombers; The mighty Bismarck and it’s 38cm guns; And like every Royal Navy ship, idk, they’re all equally kickass with tea and biscuits on board; and Russia’s…Umm…http://i.imgur.com/VVJSxjA.jpg


  32. Don’t you think It’s a little strange my interest came from cute, sexy, anthropomorphic, lesbian, anime ship-girls?


  33. kracen says:

    This sat on my to watch list for far too long, I should have watched it much sooner than I did… So much Yuri… and a few which may as well be canon…
    Ooi and Kitakami are too obvious, one side being far more dedicated than the other, but still, the evidence in the final two episodes showing that these two should never be apart.
    Nagato and Mutsu was a bit more subtle and built over time, but as far as I’m concerned, the build up plus the moments in the final episode, and even the flowers scene during the final song moment make this canon as far as I’m concerned.
    Also, confirmed movie and second season…. gonna be good.


  34. TM says:

    Thank you for this great review! This show was so kawaii and had such sweet yuri moments that it was very hard not to enjoy 🙂 Ps: I love Nagato and Mutsu, they just make the sweetest pair 🙂


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  36. Crimson Crusader says:

    And now we have an English dub of the series courtesy of Funimation, with the first 2 episodes now available for streaming.

    Here’s the full Funimation English cast:

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