Sora no Method Episode 10: Shione no Baka

I have had it up to here with you Shione.

Noel downReacovering Noel

Noel collapsed because she was away from the saucer too long.


Finally everyone is aware of Noel’s true identity.

Loose hair Noel

Noel will never stop being adorable.

I do not want you to disappear NoelBingo was her name-oh

So yeah Noel pretty much revealed what some of us figured out two weeks ago. I feel bad for the people who did not.

Shione no baka

I tried really hard to blanket Shione’s actions as “She’s just a teenager”. Last week she went too far and now after seeing her moping her only one thought went through my mind: Shione, you are…

Kid KoharuOh brother

I’m sorry but all the “Now I get why Shione was so mean” thought Nonoka had does not excuse Shione’s stupidity. It does not. Kid Koharu rocked though. Also, really? Another “I’m moving away” melodramatic subplot? Yeah I know it started last week but GOH! This is another reason why whenever someone uses the “They’re great friends” excuse to combat subtext I scoff it off because there is NO WAY true friends go through this kind of crap and if they do…I feel sorry for the Nonoka character in the friendship.

Shione's rack

Look at ’em juicy titties.

It’s like I told Mr Vampiro all Shione had going for her in my eyes is her sexiness and the hopes that she was gay. Other than that I thought she sucked her first meeting with Nonoka.

Sora no Method Beach

That’s why I’m thankful this image exists because I doubt we’ll get a beach episode unless it’s a bonus OVA.

So yeah I wasted everyone’s time ranting about Shione because once again there’s very little to talk about in this week’s episode.

So yeah Noel’s leaving soon. By now most of us should have prepared for this inevitability and for those who have not yet done so…hang in there. I’ll try and hug you as you cry your hearts out. Who knows? The finale may get us all to cry a waterfall’s worth of tears. We’ll see.

Yeah I don’t feel like talking about the rest of the episode. Let’s just get to the finale and be done with this anime. I’m sorry doods and peeps but this episode annoyed me. I know it’s the classic/cliche “Everything falls apart” mood swing point of a story and I should be used to this kind of crap because the same thing happened in AnoHana but it still pissed me off.

 After a week of one somber episode after another I REALLY need Girl Friend BETA to cheer me up.

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4 Responses to Sora no Method Episode 10: Shione no Baka

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Shione really is one to get on the nerves. Thankfully we’ve still got 3 episodes to fix all of this. It’s funny how I was completely 100% against Noel leaving before, but now I’m completely ready for it. Sure, I’ll be crying my eyes out when it happens, but it’s time. There’s a point where you have to just move on, and Shione’s working way too hard against that happening. Heck, they could always be forward-thinkers, and start devoting their time towards studying ways to be with noel even outside the whole wish-granting business. Researching ways to actually reach the saucer and getting jobs relevant to that.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Exactly, although this is intentional because the writers want to hammer the fact that “a lot of teenagers are angsty” down our throats so they want to make the drama as trivial as possible. They could tell convince themselves to study up and become astronauts or space rangers and someday meet Noel again in space. Whatever. Hopefully the “making up” episodes will be better than this week’s intentionally crappy episode.


  2. yurimylove says:

    i’m trying to fight hard but this is one of those dreaded incidences where “subtext fatigue” is trying to set in. I have tried to not set any expectations so as not to be disappointed, but again I just feel like this series had so much potentials. At this point it seems like it’s just gonna be one big emo-fest over some “friendship” stuff for Shione and Nonoka. Much as I tried to glue on my goggle, there just doesn’t seem to be any substance there. I meant, the two of them spent WAY more screen time separate from each other than the tiny bit of interactions, most of which were actually via flashbacks… sigh


    • Overlord-G says:

      Plus Shione keeps on acting like an idiot. So much so that it’s becoming harder to even pair the two up via subtext. Like I said it’s AnoHana all over again, in which it’s an emo-fest. I predicted this would happen from the very first episode and I was unfortunately right.


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