Sora no Method Episode 9: The Secret of the Show’s Padding Revealed

The secret is a simple one.

Reason explained

Even though one of my peeps worded my speculation last week on why Shione made a 180 better than I did it was simply because if the ultimate wish the group made seven years ago was granted Noel would disappear. Just as I suspected.

The theme of the episodeShione Packing

The majority of the episode was dedicated to the gang setting up the planetarium, hoping Shione would come and Shione getting ready to move back with her father because there are still a couple of episodes left before the series finale and the writers started relying on the old “Teenagers are angsty and do not like to discuss their feelings” padding material.

Shione loses her voice for a second

“I can’t properly explain my actions because teenagers love bottling up their true feelings and there are still 2-4 episodes left on the show before it ends. Instead I’m going to waste everyone’s time dragging this nonsense along for as long as time permits it. Also calling the saucer here seven years ago was MY idea, not Nonoka’s.”

Noel faints

Oh and Noel fainted because she went to the see the planetarium anyway and her being far away from the saucer too long was not a good idea.

Reviewing this anime when it ends will be very easy. I just have to copy/paste my AnoHana review and make some tweaks here and there. The shows are nearly identical.

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12 Responses to Sora no Method Episode 9: The Secret of the Show’s Padding Revealed

  1. kitsu260 says:

    So, aparently they can’t reverse the wish they Make inocently to Noel, or course they will choice Noel instead of the Meteor shower howewer is not in they hands anymore, aparently.


  2. cirno9fan says:

    Shione’s kinda…annoying. To say the least. She hasn’t been all that helpful from the start. And, her actions to “save Noel” are just killing her.

    I mean, honestly, Souta’s more likeable than Shione to me. But, man, Yuzuki ❤ I still have a bit of hope for NonoZuki by the end, but things aren't looking too strongly in their favor. I really think they'd work well together.


    • Overlord-G says:

      All I’ve wanted from Shione ever since she was introduced as “the grouch” of the group was for her arc to end with a love confession to Nonoka. That or mega subtext. As far as her characters is concerned all she has going for her is that she’s hot and little else.

      Whatever works. NonoZuki or NonOne is fine. I’ll take whichever.


  3. r0nkun says:

    I finally know how to summon Noel, time to gather some friends to help me.


  4. yurimylove says:

    no wonder MY wish hasn’t been granted yet — Shione’s been hogging Noel XD


  5. mutopis says:

    solution is simple, lesbian sex, that will solve everything.


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