YMC #41: Wife and Wife

First of all, Merry Christmas to all my doods, peeps, friends, loyal subjects and fellow Nation members. Let’s celebrate this most joyous of holidays by reviewing a joyful manga about girls deeply in love with one another.

Wife and Wife


Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life, Yuri

Number of Volumes: 2. 18 chapters + several specials.

Plot Summary: Sumi and Kinana have just moved in together. This is the story of their everyday, love filled life together as lesbian newlyweds. Technically not married on paper but they don’t care.

This manga is fluffy, cute, cuddly, heartwarming and inspirational. Some Scrooges would call it cheesy but in this day and age, is that really a bad thing?

In the modern world of humans, people WISH they could have a romantic relationship as sweet and joyful as that of Sumi and Kinana. Of course real couples have quarrels that are far more intense than the ones these two, or the other couples in the manga have but the fact that all three couples find ways to comfort each other and continue sticking together is what put a smile on my face every time I read this one. This is, at heart, an optimistic and uplifting manga that is easy to understand and fun to read. Simple as that.

Three Main Fu-Fu CouplesDo not fret, few chapters are in 4-koma format.

There isn’t much to say about any of the three couples. There’s the leading couple who go through all the sweet (and sometimes juicy) stuff. Then there’s the second couple who consist of an easygoing big hottie and her shortie, tsundere girlfriend. Lastly there’s the gigolette and her soulmate. This third one is the more adult of the three…meaning they’re more ecchi but still sweet. Yes, Kinana has an older twin sister gigolette named Kanana.

Also as one can see, the art style is as simple as the manga. I do like the added touch of some of the girls having a certain accent. It adds to their cuteness. It’s like Iono-sama’s speech mannerism of staring most of her sentences with “Why”.

Sumi and Kina about to kissOverall, there isn’t anything complex about this manga series because it doesn’t need any complexity to understand it. A short review for a really good, straight to the point manga about a couple who took care of the “Falling in Love” thing quickly and the rest is all about their lives together as newlyweds. Highly recommended to all yuri fans who don’t mind reading something lighthearted.

And with that, enjoy the rest of your holidays everyone!

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14 Responses to YMC #41: Wife and Wife

  1. x says:

    this is a very good slice of life yuri


  2. rikuo06 says:

    Keep in mind that you likely have a global audience, so “Southerner” could be referring to completely different kinds of people depending on where you live. Though I’m pretty sure I know exactly what you mean.


  3. o0oghosto0o says:

    Bliss, contentment, blood loss,… those are the things that this wonderful manga made me experience when I read it. Truly, a life like that of those lilies are the ultimate dream of humanity, is it not (IMO anyway)?


  4. JC says:

    Then it was just me that felt herself disappointed with Kanana’s resolution? It is not that i wanted the ‘other’ choice (though it would have been more interesting) is that it was way too simple. I wanted to see more.
    Anyway, the lead couple was the best, i loved their love story. I wish i could be all lovey-dovey with a nice girl sometime soon.


  5. mutopis says:

    the type of yuri that can kill you if you read too much.


  6. yurimylove says:

    A most relaxing and enjoyable read! I checked into this after the “wife and wife” joke from Locodol, and i’m grateful it led me to this lovey dovey manga. Highly recommended.


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  8. 2dyuriism says:

    damn, how can i forget that this thing exist, this is one of my early manga that make me love yuri beyond sexual content…indeed a diabetus inducing story, but i liked it

    Liked by 1 person

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