Clash of Lilies 2017 Yuri Tournament Round 2 (Closed)

Right then. Round 1 is in the books. Let’s find out who advanced to the next round and continue from there.

Round 1 results found HERE.

WARNING! There will be spoilers.

Voting Ended on February 20th, 2018.

Ange and Charlotte playing piano

Here’s how Round 2 will go:

The tag teams who got the most votes from their respective shows or Crossover Brawls of each season will face other to determine which team is the best of their respective season. Four teams will qualify for the finals held at the 2017 Yuri Anime Awards to face off in a Fatal 4 Way to determine the 2017 Yuri Tag Team Champions.

The Singles competitors follow a similar follow a similar format with one difference. The competitors who got the most votes will face each other to qualify for the final four and compete for the 2017 Yuri World Championship. The competitors who got the 2nd most votes will follow a similar route but for the 2017 Yuricontinental Championship.

With the explanations done let the tournament continue!

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Märchen Mädchen Episode 7: Comrades Aplenty

This episode takes place a few days before the Hexennacht tournament revolving around Team Russia. Let’s find out what kind of group they are.

Maria with a purple potion.jpg

Comrade Maria with a purple “potion”.


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Seven Days With The Ghost Coming February 23rd, 2018 (NSFW)

A surprise tweet sent by Denpasoft announced that both they and Sekai Project will be releasing the upcoming NSFW Yuri title Seven Days With The Ghost on February 23rd.

Seven Days Logo.png

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Lonely Yuri Coming to Steam

A delightful little kinetic novel is coming to Steam very soon.

Lonely Yuri Cover

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Blossom Detective Holmes Mini-Series Kickstarter

Better late than never to bring this one up. So the main reason I’m promoting it is the usual, cool female leads. The catch is this project is led by Steve Ahn who worked on the first four seasons of Voltron: Legendary Defender and The Legend of Korra Books 1-4. I know it’s a stretch buuuuut…

Blossom Detective Holmes Poster.jpg

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Dizzy Hearts Voice Acting Project Kickstarter

More Lupiesoft goodness to promote, specifically their long awaited magnum opus. The “Wrestlemania” oftheir visual novel archives basically. That being Dizzy Hearts. However, this Kickstarter campaign is not to fund the project. That’s already taken care of. Rather it is for the voice acting and in a project this big you have to go in guns blazing.

Dizzy Hearts VA Cover.png

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