Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai Episode 2: Battle for Onee-Sama (NSFW)

I will repeat myself one more time. All coverage of this anime on my blog will contain some NSFW screen grabs so do not blame me if you get into trouble with your boss.

Lucifer stabs Maria

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Hinako Note Episode 3: The Fifth Member Debuts and Protecting Hinako’s Innocence

We learned this week that Hinako’s purity and innocence must be protected at all costs. Also the fifth member of the troupe made her debut.

Happy Hinako.jpg

Protect her!

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Yuri.Media Promotional Site Announced

Yuri Media Logo.png

The time has come to announce the grand unveiling of Yuri.Media! To put it simply, think of the site as a Reddit for yuri fans where people are free to start yuri topics and promote their work such as comics, reviews, news articles, etc. There is also a forum page for said yuri topics. Promotion of yuri media from all mediums all over the world is welcome.

Here’s an excerpt from the site’s About Page, basically copy/pasting the description from one of the head honchos, Umedyn:

Yuri.Media is a group of creators and reviewers who make yuri, or lesbian themed work. This can range from Comics and manga, to games, shows and movies. We all come from a wide and various background all across the world.

Yuri.Media is first and foremost and site for people who like yuri and other lesbian works to find content creators and reviewers. Yuri.Media isn’t just for the fans of yuri it’s also for the creators and reviewers themselves.

Yuri.Media is also a group dedicated to supporting and helping to promote yuri and lesbian works. We support the other aspects of the LGBTQ+ community, of course, but our main focus is yuri.

If you are a creator or reviewer, you are already eligible to join the member section. A member doesn’t have to only make or review yuri and lesbian material, but the member does have to support yuri in some way.

We promote all of the member’s works of any kind, but we prefer your works to have at least some LGBTQ+ element in it.

Being a member is free, and requires no participation from you at all. The Member’s section of the Forum is for creators and reviewers to get together to support each other, by asking for reviews, critiques and help promoting a new project through various social media outlets. This area of the forum is exclusive to members of the Yuri.Media Group.

Other benefits of being a member, besides the community, include Having your blog, comic, book, movie, game, whatever, supported by the Yuri.Media community, we all will post it up on our Twitter, Facebook and other pages, sites and platforms.

Non-members can still interact and talk, we have a section for open discussion for everyone who registers on the forum, and even a section for guests to give comments without having to register. We ask, of course, that you be respectful.

So if this interests you in anyway, be sure to check out the Yuri.Media site, and join our community!

Other Yuri.Media links:

Special thanks to the two who brought this idea to light: Umedyn and Yurilicious. Let us also thank the world’s most adorable senpai The Yuri Canon.

Would be cool if other big yuri media sites could help promote Yuri.Media.

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Frame Arms Girl Episode 3: More Lily Action Figures

If this show ends up being the story of a girl collecting lesbian action figures then I have no problem with that whatsoever.


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Hinako Note 2 + BanG Dream 12: Finding Your Way

Both episodes had straightforward plots this week so I figured instead of two short posts why not combine them.

Little Scarecrow.jpg

Hinako’s scarecrow magic at work when she was younger.

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