October Yuri VN/KN Releases

Instead of posting one title at a time let’s instead round up all the visual and kinetic novels set for an October release. As soon as each title becomes available for purchase or a countdown is set I will update this post accordingly.

Catch Canvas Cover

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OG’s Fall 2016 Anime Picks


This post which I wrote months ago is here to remind fans that I’ll be going on vacation from October 10th to November 8th. Around that time I’ll more than likely not post anything but know that upon my return I’ll write halftime impressions for most of the shows listed here…which are A LOT!

The only one I may not write one for or cover afterward is Euphonium 2. I’ll think about it when I get back but most likely the plan will be to review it when it’s done.

Picks based on these two charts:

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Sweet Volley High Release Dates Announced

New West Games recently announced the release dates on Nutaku and Steam for their upcoming yuri (and one otome route) visual novel, Sweet Volley High.


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Yuri Tournament – Best Yuri Kiss in Anime History – Round 4

Round 4. The competition’s heating up!

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like it’s getting more intense with each round. Admittedly, I already experienced a matchup that almost felt like a good finale to me, tha…

Source: Yuri Tournament – Best Yuri Kiss in Anime History – Round 4

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302nd G-View: Ange Vierge

This next anime is best described as a “take it or leave it” kind of show. I will elaborate as best as I can in my Ange Vierge G-View.

Ange Vierge Poster

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301st G-View: Amanchu!

A show about lovely ladies going scuba diving was too good to resist. Question now is whether it is worth watching. Let us find out as we take a look at Amanchu!

Amanchu Poster

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300th G-View: Love Live! Sunshine!!

I could not think of a better anime to review on my 3ooth edition of The G-Views that aired during the Summer 2016 season than the one I am about to right now. This is Love Live! Sunshine!!

WARNING! This will be a review discussing whether Sunshine!! is a good idol anime, not a μ’s vs Aqours debate because bringing that up will accomplish nothing. Besides, there are numerous forum sites out there discussing that so go look them up if some of you absolutely need to talk about it. Just do not expect to get any of that here. μ’s will only be brought up for storyline and theme discussion purposes.

Love Live Sunshine!!

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