Flowers -Le Volume sur Été- Now Available at JAST USA Website


The wait is over ladies and gentlemen. FLOWERS 2 is now available for purchase at the JAST USA store! Remember, the story takes place after the events of the True Ending in FLOWERS 1 so there will be spoilers.

Get the game with a first week discount HERE.

Readers waiting for the Steam release will have to wait till July 25th.


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Hanebado! Episode 3: Ayano’s Woes

We learned why Ayano lost interest in badminton this episode.

Ayano's Mom.jpg

While this woman looks amazing for the time being she will be booed. Read on to find out why.

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Hugtto! PreCure Episode 24: Moonlight Swim

Yes newcomers. Even Pretty Cure has swimsuit episodes. It is a tradition even youngsters can enjoy.

Hana's Night Pool Hype.jpg

Hana hyping up the Night Pool.

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Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight Episode 1: Magnificent Theater

I have been informed by several Nation members to keep a close eye on this series. So I have. The wait for the English subs was a long one but they had finally arrived today. Let’s take a look at what awaited us in the premiere of the last show on my Summer watch list.

Karen and Mahiru Stretching.jpg

Good start.

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Happy Sugar Life Episode 1: Madness Returns to The Yuri Nation

We have already delved into the dark world this year with Magical Girl Site and to an extent Lostorage WIXOSS (WIXOSS 2). Now those brave enough to join me down the path to the realm of chaos once more are free to do so. As for the “EWWW! Yandere Lolicon Yuri” crowd, allow me to be blunt. I’m not concerned with your complaints. You know this show isn’t for you so don’t waste my time ranting about it.

Also, as always, no manga spoilers.

Dark Love.jpg

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