Clash of Lilies 2017 Yuri Tournament Round 2 (Closed)

Right then. Round 1 is in the books. Let’s find out who advanced to the next round and continue from there.

Round 1 results found HERE.

WARNING! There will be spoilers.

Voting Ended on February 20th, 2018.

Ange and Charlotte playing piano

Here’s how Round 2 will go:

The tag teams who got the most votes from their respective shows or Crossover Brawls of each season will face other to determine which team is the best of their respective season. Four teams will qualify for the finals held at the 2017 Yuri Anime Awards to face off in a Fatal 4 Way to determine the 2017 Yuri Tag Team Champions.

The Singles competitors follow a similar follow a similar format with one difference. The competitors who got the most votes will face each other to qualify for the final four and compete for the 2017 Yuri World Championship. The competitors who got the 2nd most votes will follow a similar route but for the 2017 Yuricontinental Championship.

With the explanations done let the tournament continue!

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Happy Sugar Life Getting an Anime

Was this one of the Yuri manga that got a lot of votes in that anime adaptation voting thing from February? Didn’t think the world was yet ready to see this get adapted but it’s happening so…okay then.

Happy Sugar Life.jpg

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Citrus Episode 11: Silver Dilemma

The Silver Twins Chapter/Arc continues. Let’s see if business picked up this episode.

Harumin after playing with Yuzu.jpg

Well to be honest the best parts, of course, featured Our Savior who thankfully got plenty more screen time this episode.

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Kuttsukiboshi Localization Survey


So some fine folks sent me a message talking about plans to localize the 2-part Kuttsukiboshi OVA and the followup doujins. They provided a link to a survey asking fans about format (physical and/or digital) and bonus goodies.

Take the survey HERE.

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Tachibanakan Triangle Preview

Tachibanakan Triangle

I say Preview because it’s not long enough to be a trailer. In any case it gets the job done in showing us what kind of show it’ll be. The show looks to be exactly what I and several other Nation members hoped it would be. I am all the tingle! Tachibanakan Triangle/Love to Lie Angle will premiere this coming April.

Update: According to this link episodes will sadly be 4 minutes long, meaning less than 4 minutes. You’d think two studios working on the show would have made SOME difference. Best we can hope for now is for it to be as fun as Inugami-san and Nekoyama-san and Morita-san wa Mukuchi were.

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Ongaku Shoujo Anime Announced For Summer 2018

Remember that delightful little short that aired at Anime Mirai 2015? That short about a blonde genki and a blue haired tsundere who ended up becoming an ambiguously gay idol couple? (Click HERE for a refresher). Well good things come to those who wait. My demand for more from that day will soon be met.

Ongaku Shoujo Poster.jpg

Yes. It’s an anime about the Ongaku Shoujo brand as a whole rather than the two girls from the short. It’s confirmed they will appear in the anime so let’s keep an eye out. Point is it’s another idol show…and we all know what to do when it comes to (female) idol shows, do we not?  As far as a possible male manager goes…we’ve been there before with idol shows like both seasons of Im@s and WuG so we’ll cross that bridge when the time comes.

Check out the source links below on details regarding the voice cast and more. Eri and Haru will be voiced by the same seiyu they had in 2015.

Ongaku Shoujo Swimsuits.jpg

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