Yuri Talk: Comedy Lesbians

It has been a while since I personally brought up a Yuri Talk topic of discussion (Mainly I have been sharing interesting topics by other yuri fans). In this edition we will be taking a look at various comedic lesbian archetypes in animated/drawn/digital Japanese media. What I mean is not “lesbians to be laughed at” but “lesbians who are fun to watch”.

Note: Most of the archetypes discussed in the post can be found in the Yuru Yuri series but I will be referencing other delightful lesbians and ambiguously gay ladies out there who (usually) provide laughter to viewers.

Yuru Yuri Slumber Party

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Yuri Quickie: RE;Creators

This show is not heavy on yuri. HOWEVER, it is most certainly there.


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Mitsuboshi Start Episode 3: Bananas and Tama-les

Like I said I won’t be covering Takunomi. weekly because it’s a straightforward show as I predicted after watching the premiere. You either like the premise of watching cute/sexy adult women doing their thing and then coming home to chat about stuff and have some drinks along with tasty snacks or you do not. Simple as that. I’ll obviously elaborate when I review the show. For now let’s continue our weekly weekend coverage of Mitsuboshi Colors and Slow Start.

Colors responding to Mom's emergency.jpg

Colors responding to a distress call from Sat-chan’s Mom.

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Citrus Episode 3: Eye of the Lily Storm

I really think the anime is the best thing that could have happened for this series.

Harumin Smile.jpg

So beautiful.

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Toji no Miko Episode 3 + HakuMiko Update

Both our hero and opposing sides got new additions to their respective ranks and I’ll announce my plans for Hakumei to Mikochi afterward.

Yukina and the Elite Toji.jpg

Yukina and the Elite Toji.

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