Yuri Mother’s Top Yuri Anime Series Poll

Earlier this week I talked about a research poll in Japan to determine what Japanese Nation Members’ favorite yuri anime series were. It was thanks to a new comrade in arms, Yuri Mother, who noticed ANN’s article on it that I was able to participate in the conversation. Instead of just discussing the shows and determining which were or weren’t worthy like I did she chose to change their ranks to her liking. Check out what she had to say HERE.

Yuri Mother Logo.png

So one day Yuri Mother was like “I’ll host my own Top Yuri Anime Poll”. How to cast votes is simple. Click on the link below and fill in your Top 5 favorite Yuri Anime. This time it is not restricted solely to 12-40+ episode anime centered around or featuring yuri. It can be any animated Japanese media (Anime, OVA, Movie, Etc). The Top 5 can be whatever order voters wish. There is no #5 to #1. Just pick your 5 favorite shows. To make things easier I recommend filling in anime that aired up to Winter 2019 as Spring 2019 isn’t over yet as of this date. The goal of this poll is to get an idea of what the favorite yuri shows are of Western Nation members compared to Japan’s.

YuriMother's Top Yuri Anime Poll

The poll will be open for a week so by next weekend we’ll be back to discuss the results here and at Yuri Mother’s Temple.

To fill in your votes go…


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Alluna & Brie Now Available

It’s really cool how games like this exist, especially when they have more yuri routes than otome ones. Let’s take a look at what can be initially described as “Australian Persona” in Alluna & Brie, by Lached Up Games.

Alluna & Brie.png

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Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Coming to the West in Summer 2019

I shouldn’t be surprised the Meduka Meguca mobile game is coming to the West but there you go. It’s convenient as the game is getting an anime later this year.

Magia Record Cover.jpg

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Nurse Love Syndrome Now Available

The wait for the Nurse Love Syndrome Remaster (I called it a port at first but it is indeed the same game as NLS RE;Therapy) is over!

Oh. I forgot to mention this is the predecessor to Nurse Love Addiction. It’s set in the same universe.

Nurse Love Syndrome Logo

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Yuri Talk: The Akiba Research Institute Yuri Poll

Between February 26 to March 13, 2019 the Akiba Research Institute of Japan conducted research to determine which yuri anime/anime with yuri content were the most popular in Japan, up to the year 2018 of course. It was obviously in Japanese but luckily ANN (The site sucks but beggars can’t be choosers) translated the results and I am here to briefly talk about every single poll result.

Note: The following are MY OPINIONS. ME, YO, IK, MOI, AMI, EU, BOKU. Nowadays certain readers need to be reminded of this to avoid unnecessary complaining.

Citrus Cover

Take a wild guess where Citrus ranked at.

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