Frosty Ramen Camp Episode 3: Best Girls Running Wild

This was a week where two of my 3 Best Girls got to shine. Let’s find out how.

Shirase Distraught.jpg

Antarctica Show Best Girl, Shirase.

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Märchen Mädchen Episode 2: Hazuki’s First Week of Training

This episode cleared things up. It’s not an “isekai” but a magic school show. Most of us have seen enough of those to get an idea of what to expect. With that cleared up let the ones who wish to continue watching the show with me do so. Those who were turned off I await your visit in whatever other show peaks your interest.

Purple girl burning Hazuki old-school.jpg

Purple girl punishing Hazuki “old witch execution style”

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Mangagamer 2018 Licensing Survey

Once again we are here to make our voices heard Nation. More Yuri VNs getting localized is our goal in the annual Mangagamer Survey so let’s get to it! As usual I will share my top 3 picks and peeps who agree can help by filling in the same ones or if there are other yuri games you feel are worthy of localization then by all means fill in those.

Kotonoha Cover

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Yuri Talk: Yuri Night Edition 0 Special Event Coverage

Put simply Yuri Night (Edition 0) was a special event where various yuri artists/creators gathered to discuss interesting topics about the genre. The following are bullet points of the event compiled by @nacatfan. Please do enjoy. Special thanks to both Nacatfan and @AldreCV for keeping me posted on the event.

Note from OG: To not make the post a copy-paste wall of text some images were included, along with some “witty” comments from yours truly. Gotta strut my ego after all.

Yuri Night by Morishima Akiko.jpg

Image source HERE.

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Yuri Quickie: Aoba and Hifumi’s Excellent Adventure

From the maker of the “A Whole New World” rendition of FiZetta’s Magic Broom Ride comes a fan-sub of a fan-made video by TAKEFUMI on nicovideo. Source is in the Youtube video description and the vid itself I believe.

Enjoy Part A of “New Game!! Animation” where Aoba and Hifumi go on an…interesting adventure.


Irisu Ebina’s Youtube Channel HERE.

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