Bloom Into You Episode 7: The Ballad of Sayaka

The long awaited “Sayaka episode” had arrived. Let’s take a look at what more there was to the life of the cursed one.

Sayaka's bad day.jpg

Sayaka’s bad day.

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The Muscle Maid(s) Show Episode 7: Muscle Maids

When we last left our heroines (and Misha) the plan to get Tsubame out of Misha’s house and into Midorin’s was set in motion. Let’s see how it all worked out.

Midorin ready to work.jpg

Midorin ready to work.

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Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san Episode 7: Vampire Summertime

I find it amusing that even this show got a swimsuit episode before Muscle Maid and Zombieland Saga.

Kyuuketsuki Akari and Hinata swimsuits.jpg

Akari and Hinata playing at the beach.

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Wataten Trailer

I’m going to announce this ahead of my OG’s Winter 2019 Anime Picks post. I’ll be watching this show and review it when it’s done. However, I have no plans on covering it weekly. Nor do I want to talk about it in any way. I just want to watch it quietly. Anyway, enjoy the trailer.

Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!


I don’t want lolicon yuri anime to become the norm…I’m cool with age-gap yuri but not when the younger love interest has yet to hit puberty. HSL was an exception because the age thing wasn’t important. Muscle Maid had a gorgeous leading lady and an equally gorgeous babe introduced in episode 6. Wataten may be surprisingly good but I don’t feel like covering another lolicon yuri show after Muscle Maid’s finished.

Check out this ANN link for the voice cast and some info on the leading ladies.

Ah yes. As some peeps in the comments have pointed out this series is like Ichigo Mashimaro buy gayer. That will hopefully mean my viewing experience will be a solid one at least.

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Akanesasu Shoujo Episode 7: Storming White Goat

The time has come to take the fight to White Goat. Were our heroines and alternate doubles ready up to the challenge?

Chloe and a Drone.jpg

Chloe and the delivery drone.

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