Yuru Yuri 10th Anniversary OVA Announced

To commemorate the series’ 10th anniversary a special OVA was announced.

Yuru Yuri 10th Anniversary OVA.jpg

No release date yet.

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Magical Girl Site Episode 3: Butt Apples

It’s time again for some more hurting.

Magical Hunter in a coma

Former Magical Hunter in a coma.

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Fatal Twelve Review

Note: Review Code Provided by Sekai Project.

Originally I planned on saving this game for later down the line after covering other titles on my game review log but then some most reliable compatriots dropped by and said “DOOD! You gotta check this VN out. It’s amazing!”. So I was like “Alright then. Guess I’ll check this one out sooner”. Question now is whether it lived up to the hype surrounding it from when its Kickstarter was announced. Let us find out as we take a look at Fatal Twelve by aieuo Kompany. The developers that brought us Sound of Drop – Fall Into Poison.

WARNING! While not a very bloody or gory story there are scenes, subjects and themes that are not suitable for all players. Viewer discretion is advised.

Fatal Twelve

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Comic Girls Episode 3: Thursdays are KAOSDAY

This episode was nothing short of wonderful.

Poor KAOS, again.jpg

KAOS cannot catch a break.

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Amanchu! Advance Coverage Cancelled

It’s Euphonium 2 all over again.

Amanchu Advance Poster

It’s happening again. It’s the same reason I avoided covering the 2nd season of Euphonium. I get the message doods. I’ll stop covering the 2nd season of Amanchu! I’ll review it when it’s done instead. All this panicking over events in the manga drained all motivation out of me to continue talking about it. I already deal with enough pessimism being a wrestling fan so doing so while talking about a show where fans are consistently dreading a yuri ship sinking is no fun at all.

So yeah. OG’s weekly Amanchu! Advance coverage has been cancelled.

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