Love, Tears & Sand Kickstarter (NSFW) 1 Week to go.

We don’t often see yuri light novel Kickstarters around here, especially an “Age 18+” one but here we are with Love, Tears & Sand by Push Publication. Let’s check out what it’s all about.

Update: Sticking this to the front page to help get it funded since it’s $3000 away from succeeding. Also new tiers have been added to sweeten the deal. Check them out by going to the KS page HERE.

WARNING! One preview pic is NSFW

Love, Tears and Sand Cover.jpg

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KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 33: New Babyface and an Old Evil

We got an amazing episode last time with some neat revelations and happenings. The following episode was a calm aftermath of sorts that also introduced a new threat.


The Crystal Animals and all their cuteness. They serve the role of “We’re adorable to have around” merch selling characters.

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Symphogear AXZ Episode 12: Extreme Birthday Blowout

The show left us with quite the cliffhanger last time. So many questions on what to expect from this highly anticipated 12th episode. Let’s find out what the writers had in store. SPOILER ALERT! I had to pause the episode the episode MANY times.

Divine Cocoon

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333rd G-View: A Centaur’s Life

Very important note before we begin. The following series is one that requires the viewer to have a very specific knowledge of what it is about: This show is primarily about world building. The world it is set is the most important character. There is a cast of characters but they all contribute to the world’s ongoing development. The interested can get more detail on what I mean as we take a look at A Centaur’s Life.


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332nd G-View: Princess Principal

Cute and sexy spies doing spy things and looking cute and sexy while doing so in a steampunk 20th century England. Need I say more? This is Princess Principal.

Princess Principal Amazon Cover

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331st G-View: Battle Girl High School

A growing trend I noticed recently was anime adaptations of “combat girl” mobile games. I think this is the third one I saw in less than two years. Question is what did this show do to stand out from its peers. Let us find out as we take a look at Battle Girl High School.

Battle Girl High School Cover

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